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About: Myssy is a farm-based design company .
Headquarters: Haveri, Western Finland, Finland.


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1. DIGITAL DIVE LOG: Log dives for Scuba, Freediving, Extended Range or CCR from the SSI’s Dive Spot Database, or add new dives with your device’s GPS.

2. Earn free recognition cards by logging dives and completing training requirements – Specialty Diver, Advanced Open Water Diver, and Master Diver.

3. SSI NETWORK: Access to the latest industry news, immersive 360° videos, Dive Center/Resort finder, and the SSI Event Calendar, which keeps you updated on events in your area.

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DIGITAL TRAINING: Get 24/7 access to your Digital Learning materials in 30+ languages. Track your progress and access free SSI programs like Try Scuba, Snorkeling, Try Freediving, and Scuba Diver. DIGITAL CERTIFICATION: All your digital certifications, accident and travel insurance(1*), and dive professional liability insurance1 in one place. Log your dives and training in-app to earn free SSI Specialty Diver, Advanced Open Water Diver and Master Diver ratings. DIGITAL LOGBOOK: Log your Scuba, Freediving, Extended Range and Rebreather (SCR/CCR) dives fast with SSI’s Dive Spot Database and QR codes. Add new dives with your device’s GPS and download your dives from selected dive computers(2*). DIGITAL GEAR: Save important dive gear details, including serial numbers, photos and invoices. Enter maintenance dates to track when your equipment needs servicing. ACHIEVEMENTS: Receive and collect SSI Awards for reaching milestones. STATISTICS: Share your best dives and epic wildlife encounters with friends in the this app app. SSI NETWORK: Get the latest industry news and upskill with immersive how-to and skills videos. Connect with SSI Dive Centers and Resorts worldwide. SSI EVENTS: Keep up to date on events in your area and dive more with the this app app Event Calendar. 1* Currently available for DiveAssure. 2* Currently available for MARES Smart, Smart Apnea, Smart Air, Puck Pro, Puck Pro Plus, Quad, Quad Air and GENIUS.

Top MySSI Reviews

  • By Nik27#

    Great App

    I love using this app! I love having all of my cert cards in one place that I can easily pull up no matter where I am. I have been using the dive log for about a year and I absolutely love the map feature. It is so cool being able to look at all the places I have been able to dive. The PSI end field does have a glitch but hopefully it will be worked out soon. I would like to see some new features or changes. I think it would be awesome if I log a dive I should be able to share it with my buddy. All they would have to do is edit the dive details to match their dive. I would also really like to be able to add dive pictures to the sites I have dove or my dive log. Kinda a virtual scrapbook. I look forward to future updates!

  • By Divedoug68

    Best in the Industry!

    Digital scuba learning is made easier by the this app app. Start on a phone or tablet and switch to a computer and maintain your place. Add to it the ability to log and certify dives and you have the dive industries best app so far for learning and recording your dives. Another great feature is maintaining your free certification cards in the app. No other training agency has met the “App World” with anything better.

  • By Justin @ WDC

    Updating is getting better

    They are constantly updating to get it better and if you see and issue send a feed back so they can fix it and it should be getting fixed as soon as they can after that. Since I have started using this app it is getting better.

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