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About: Gain the skills, work experience, and industry relationships you need to get hired. Entirely remote.
Always free.
Headquarters: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.


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1. - Shape the next generation of marketers and change lives by giving hard working people from around the world a start in their dream career! - Integrate a marketing apprenticeship program into your business, gain managerial experience and have a pipeline of motivated candidates to accelerate growth.

2. In exchange for marketing knowledge, mentorship, and real-world experience, Acadium apprentices work unpaid for up to ten hours per week over the course of a three month remote apprenticeship.

3. Acadium is the platform that connects business owners and marketing professionals with motivated aspiring digital marketers eager to launch their careers.

4. SKILLS FOR EXPERIENCE: Acadium offers a unique win-win where the time and skills of apprentices are exchanged for mentorship from experienced business owners and marketing professionals.

5. The more you complete, the better your chances of winning! For businesses: - Exchange your marketing knowledge and mentorship for ten hours of help per week on your marketing tasks, allowing you to scale your business faster without breaking the bank.

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Product Details and Description of Acadium: Courses, Mentor, Jobs

Acadium is a free e-learning app which provides online digital marketing courses and enables you to seek three-month online apprenticeship opportunities with industry experts and expand your work experience with free digital marketing certifications and reference letters from mentors. Acadium is a one-stop networking solution which provides you an opportunity to learn the most sought-after skills in the digital marketing industry with online courses and on-the-job training under vetted mentors from leading businesses, entirely for free. What’s more? At Least 55% of apprenticeships offered by Acadium lead to a hiring relationship. We offer free online upskilling marketing programs that are in-demand and delivered by experienced professionals in the field. Our free courses help you expand their theoretical knowledge while learning the latest tips and techniques before utilizing them in the disruptive real-world business projects with their mentors. Acadium brings both business experts and apprentices together on one platform. While you learn new skills working alongside mentors, the mentors can achieve their business goals as apprentices provide unpaid work for up to ten hours a week for a period of three months. Acadium connects people from different walks of life and diverse backgrounds, enabling a productive exchange of innovative ideas and creative solutions. Most apprentices and mentors have a great experience working together. As the apprenticeship ends and the business grows, the apprentice possesses all the technical knowhow and becomes employable. In most cases, such mentor-mentee relationships turn into a lasting professional relationship. Acadium is the leading remote digital apprenticeship platform which allows aspirants and professionals achieve their goals by working together, remotely. Our application combines state-of-the-art technology, pedagogy and assistance services to provide a holistic learning experience. Our rigorous apprenticeship programs and free online courses are both engaging and industry-relevant. What opportunities do you get with Acadium? - Acquire specific skills and expertise - Make professional connections with industry experts - Access free courses to expand industry knowledge - Get certified after finishing courses and apprenticeships - Intern with companies and get hired - Use our productivity tools and get support from our team Our membership success team is dedicated to ensure you have a seamless learning and apprenticeship experience. Reach out to our membership team for all your queries and get instant support and assistance. Fast track your career with Acadium’s free online courses and apprenticeship programs to scale greater heights in your career. Tap install and take the first step towards your professional journey!

Top Acadium: Courses, Mentor, Jobs Reviews

  • Amazing Engaging Education for young Entrepeneurs

    I love this app! As a possible future Bachelors in Internet Marketing Major, this app has taught me so much valuable info about businesses, social media marketing, etc. The courses are engaging and fun to take, and I take them when I am on the subway or want to learn something interesting. Public school was difficult for me in terms of the style of learning, but this app is amazing for people who work well independently, in their own time, and have a thirst and passion for learning about how to make money and be your own boss in the future. Plus, the apprenticeship aspect of this app is amazing! I can’t wait to start my first three month apprenticeship with a company, learning about instagram marketing, PR, etc. This is more on track with how the public education system needs to be, and I believe that with all of me. Highly recommend you download this app, warning: it may change your life for the better!!! Tai

  • By TheFatherRabbit

    Helped me get into my dream career

    I think this app is hit or miss if you're not going to spend the time to carefully discuss with business owners and try to pick the right apprenticeship. However I think it's an incredible opportunity-builder if used the right way. It's important to also work on the training as well as find an apprenticeship and I would encourage people to complete some training before looking for an apprenticeship since your progress reflects on your profile and can help you get better opportunities. It's easy to skip through the training modules and just redo them until you get them right but I suggest paying attention if it's something you're new to because it's completely free training that will work even for beginners. This app opened a lot of doors for me.

  • By alexp1674


    I discovered this application early in February. As of then, I successfully completed two courses offered by GenM as well as finished a digital marketing apprenticeship in June. The apprenticeships varies in a variety of fields thus giving more options. I truly enjoy the opportunities it offers and strongly encourage anyone to engage in this application in gaining more experience and knowledge in the marketing field.

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