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Rating 5/5 | 136 Votes | 2020-01-07

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Neighbors is the new neighborhood watch. Get real-time crime and safety alerts from your neighbors and local law enforcement. Millions of Americans are already using Neighbors, so download the app and see what’s really happening in your Neighborhood. Neighbors is more than an app, it’s the power of your community coming together to keep you safe and informed. Safer Neighborhoods start with Neighbors ---- We love hearing from our Neighbors and we're always looking to improve the Neighbors app. As always, feel free to send your feedback to [email protected]

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  • By Bradleyhe

    Police app

    This app allows me and my neighbors to monitor suspicious activity in and around the neighborhood in which I have lived for 5 years with my loved ones , people from all over could come here not to work but to steal and they may not have proper paperwork or they may have felonies but there is always a way to make money legitimately through company’s and through asking people if they have choices they need completed but stealing and criminal activity is unacceptable and is to be reported which this app allows the neighborhood citizens And police and military personal to report crime anonymously to protect our property and neighborhood from criminal activity so it’s a great app , if people aren’t breaking the rules then they have nothing to worry about

  • By mike996

    very good but some users dont understand benefits

    Like it very much. First used to report car taking photos of homes in area. neighbor took photo of cars tag number. driver got mad about that. claimed he was taking photos for insurance I was applying for which was totally false. reported to police who said he may have been casing houses for burglary. Several neighbors complained about my posting, saying photos are perfectly legal! Several other postings about finding lost dogs, trying to find owners. All dogs got returned to owners because of posting on neighbors app but several Ring neighbors posted reocurring complaints, saying app is "not for lost dogs!" Need to advise users that ring/neighbors app can be used for more than just crime related issues.

  • By fuve1

    The ring of neighbors

    This is a very cool app to have. High tech neighborhood watch. When is doubt about what’s going on in your neighborhood the ring is just a click away. Delivered to your cell phone even if your not at home. This is your guard dog. Always when your at home never answer the door unless your expecting some one. The ring will always have your back. The video that’s recording of suspicious suspect’s is the best weapon to have. Welcomed always to be uploaded so your neighborhood is on the lookout for all of us. I’ve used this app and so has many many other’s. I believe that this app will save lives if it already has. Thank you to the company that invented this, The Ring is making a difference.