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About: Nurx is a healthcare services company and telehealth platform covering all aspects of birth control,
STI testing and treatment, and more.
Headquarters: San Francisco, California, United States.


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1. We prescribe and deliver birth control, migraine care, herpes treatment, PrEP for HIV prevention, home testing for STIs and HPV, and emergency contraception—safely, discreetly, and on your schedule.

2. You’ll receive judgment-free quality care, and as a Nurx patient you can message our medical team any time with questions about your medication or tests.

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Product Details and Description of Nurx - Healthcare from Home

The Nurx app is the one of the most convenient and affordable ways to take care of your personal healthcare needs. We prescribe and deliver birth control, migraine care, herpes treatment, PrEP for HIV prevention, home testing for STIs and HPV, and emergency contraception—safely, discreetly, and on your schedule.


1. Share your health history, at your convenience

2.Nurx medical team reviews & prescribes, if appropriate

3.We deliver to your door for free, in discreet packaging


• We bill insurance for your medication or tests, and offer transparent pricing for those without insurance.

• Get birth control starting at $0 with insurance or $15/month without insurance.

• Medical consultation fee of $15 ($60 for migraine care) includes unlimited follow-up messaging with our medical team, and prescription adjustments if needed.

• Save on transportation and time away from work. We provide care at your convenience and deliver medication for free.


“Nurx is like your sexual health fairy godmother.” -InStyle

“A game-changer for birth control”-ELLE

“Telemedicine provides a powerful and meaningful solution to reach people who suffer from headaches” — MobiHealthNews

“These days, you can get just about anything delivered to your doorstep...and now you can get an at-home HPV screening kit.”-Bustle


Get a birth control prescription anytime, from anywhere. Our medical team prescribes online, then we deliver to your door. Refills are automatic and delivery is free. Choose from 100+ formulas—pill, ring, patch, or shot.


Connect with specially trained medical providers for diagnosis and/or treatment of migraines and other chronic headaches. Share your health history and submit a short video exam directly into the app, then a provider will review and (if appropriate) write a personalized treatment plan with prescriptions delivered to your door. Our migraine treatment includes one year of care, with follow-up assessments and prescription adjustments if needed.


We prescribe and deliver the highly effective antiviral medication valacyclovir to people with oral or genital herpes who have already received a diagnosis. We offer prescriptions for outbreaks (to lessen the severity of symptoms and shorten the duration of the outbreak) or for daily prevention (to reduce the chance of an outbreak occurring).


Our home test kits let you check yourself for common sexually transmitted infections in multiple areas of the body, or screen for cervical cancer. Once results are in, a member of our medical team will be in touch to walk you through them. If you test positive they may prescribe treatment or connect you with in-person care.


Nurx is the most convenient way to order PrEP. Do the required testing from home, no lab visit required. We make PrEP affordable by connecting you with payment assistance.


The “morning-after pill” prevents pregnancy when taken up to 5 days after sex. We’ll help you get emergency contraception — Plan B or Ella — delivered by mail or fulfilled at a pharmacy near you.


Everyone on the Nurx medical team is certified and licensed in the applicable state. You’ll receive judgment-free quality care, and as a Nurx patient you can message our medical team any time with questions about your medication or tests. Nurx is HIPAA compliant to protect your privacy.

Nurx is currently available in these states: AL, CA, CO, FL, GA, KY, IA, IL, IN, MA, MD, ME, MI, MN, MO, NJ, NY, NC, OH, OR, PA, SC, TN, TX, UT, VA, WA, WI, District of Columbia, and to the Armed Forces. Nurx is only available to people age 13 and older, depending on state law. Home tests not available in NY, herpes treatment not available in WA, migraine treatment not available in GA.

Top Nurx - Healthcare from Home Reviews

  • By Hykrye

    I don’t usually review but

    Okay so I’ve like, never reviewed an app, but this app made my life SO MUCH BETTER. I take BC for extremely painful periods, I take a certain kind (I tried a few different kinds previously), they had my kind, when they run out of stock they send me an appropriate off brand with the same active ingredient so really I’ve yet to notice the difference. I live very rural and it’s a pain to get prescriptions at the pharmacy but with this it comes right to my house and I don’t even have to remember it. The bad reviews seem to be from people who have no idea what they’re doing on the app. And yes, it auto renews (I saw bad reviews about that? For me it’s nice bc I don’t have to think about it anymore). Also, customer service has always answered me in a timely fashion and been super awesome (I saw reviews about that too so thought I’d share my experience). The only time I’ve had issues with this app is when I myself did something wrong (changed cards and forgot to update my billing info; then it took a while to get my new shipment. Which makes sense if you aren’t entitled.) Every month they also send me a card that explains I have a right to speak to a dr about my birth control which I like. I dunno, I just really like the app. 10/10 recommend.

  • By Sneepert

    Convenient and easy, I can just forget about it!

    This app is a lifesaver and I mean that almost literally! I have PTSD resulting from a medical malpractice issue after my OBGYN nearly killed me during a minimally invasive surgery a few years ago. The reason I had that surgery in the first place was to investigate causes of debilitatingly painful periods. It’s hard for me to go to the doctor now, even for something as simple as getting birth control to lessen the pain of my periods. Nurx has changed my life by allowing me to get medicine without reliving my near death experience. I’m able to go to work, see my students, and have a much higher quality of life because they were willing to work with me to allow me to skip my periods (which usually have me down for the count for a whole week or longer each month). They bill automatically and just send the medication to my door once a month, so I don’t ever have to worry about it. If there’s ever an issue, they’re easy to contact and quick to get it fixed. Nurx has honestly improved my quality of life so much and I recommend it to anyone and everyone who wants birth control from the privacy of their own homes.

  • By Bre0751

    Skeptical at first, then blown away!

    I came across an online ad for Nurx roughly 6 months ago, read every online source regarding it along with reviews and decided to see for myself what the hype was. Needless to say, it has been better than when I would go to my OBGYN! The online medical staff really paid close attention to what I was searching for, since the pills were on were only good for regulating my flow (which is why I was put on)— the cramps were unbelievable, the acne- terrible, and don’t get me started with the mood swings/depression! They took the time to evaluate my concerns and were very understanding to my situation as well as being open to other brand/options if one didn’t seem suitable for me. If I could give them 10 stars, I would. I thought I was going to have to take myself off BCP for good and just live with 2-3 periods a month— this team is just fantastic and I will continue to do business with them as long as they keep up the phenomenal job they’re doing!

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