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About: PRIO distributes and markets liquid fuels, has a tank terminal in Aveiro.
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1. Principles in Action is a free app that brings to life Ray Dalio’s best-selling book Principles: Life & Work by guiding you through interactive videos of actual cases of these principles in action at his company Bridgewater Associates.

2. It is based on the principles that produced Bridgewater’s success and were explained in Ray’s book Principles: Life & Work.

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Product Details and Description of Principles In Action

Principles In Action is a free app that brings to life Ray Dalio’s best-selling book Principles: Life & Work. It combines the complete text of the book with behind-the-scenes video footage and interactive case studies of the principles in action at his company Bridgewater Associates.

Ray is one of the world’s most successful investors and entrepreneurs, and he’s sharing the unconventional principles that helped him create unique results in life and business because he believes they can help any person or organization better achieve their goals.

In addition to the book and supporting cases, the app also includes:

* Daily principle from Ray to help you get more out of life

* Highlighted case-of-the-week and related principles

* Search function across all content in the app, including the full set of principles

* Digital “Coach” to help you easily find the appropriate principles for specific situations you face

* Dedicated section in the app for you to highlight, favorite, develop and record your own and others’ principles

* Additional content from Ray including studies on economics along with regular long form articles published on social media

Principles: Life & Work has been recommended by numerous leaders from all walks of life such as Bill Gates, Arianna Huffington, Marc Benioff, Mark Cuban, P. Diddy, Mike Bloomberg, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kevin Systrom, Jamie Dimon, and many others.

Top Principles In Action Reviews

  • By joej4098

    Love the content - App is very buggy

    This is great stuff but it is marred by the fact that many of the diagrams don’t show and the other multimedia features (videos etc) of the app just don’t work. Also I can’t save ”My Principles “. Lots to fix here. Also the app should lend itself much better to group reading where sone have the book and others have the app. The book’s principles are numbered and in the app they aren’t. Lots of fumbling around to get on the same page when some have the app and others have the book.

  • By Ed35684

    Makes Material Convenient

    This really makes digesting Ray Dalio’s lessons convenient. The app remembers where you left off in the books (which also contain extra media) you also get case studies for these principles as if you were a Bridgewater employee. Honestly, the five star rating really goes to the Coach feature included. I’d say that is the most valuable tool as the app can personally give you principles that would help you gain clarity and resolution to your most pressing problems. Fantastic stuff, I am extremely grateful.

  • By Davidrocks1992

    Fantastic value!

    I have been following Ray Dalio for several years now and read both his books. When I heard about this app I right away downloaded it and have been amazed how much solid value I have received from it. Thank you Mr. Dalio for sharing your lifetime of experience with the next generation. I am a business owner and your expertise is a valuable part of my long term strategy. I recommend your book and app to all of my friends who are hungry for learning!

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