Zap Surveys - Get Paid Cash Reviews

Zap Surveys - Get Paid Cash Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-25

Companies all over the world need advice… your advice! They need your opinion
and we will pay you to share your opinions through fun surveys! Earn $6.25 now
on your 1st survey! **Take Surveys for Cash** We offer guaranteed surveys every
day that tell you the exact dollar amount you are...

Table of Contents:
1. Reviews
2. Is it Safe?
3. Is it Legit?
4. App not working?
5. Report Issue

Zap Surveys - Get Paid Cash Reviews

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    Great App that Really Pays!!

    If you’re looking for an app where you can make money then you have come to the right place! This app really does earn your money, not incredibly quickly, but they do pay out cash to your PayPal once you’ve earned enough to cash out. It’s up to you how often you’re eligible to cash out it just depends on how many surveys you take. Again this is not something that is a get rich quick app but you will definitely make money if you use it right! So far I have cashed out twice on this app and I’m very pleased with how it runs. I’ve noticed that with the new update and surveys available That I stick with the “Take Surveys” section. Rather than going with the “Value Surveys” section. I have yet to qualify for a survey under the “value surveys” section so I would stay away from that even though it seems like you can make more money faster. I end up wasting more time in the “value surveys“ section trying to qualify than I would’ve if I just stayed in the “take surveys” section like I was to begin with. However, This app has also helped me get into more online focus groups which in the end have earned me more money. It just depends on what time and effort you’re willing to put into it as to what it will end up paying out in the end. Hope this helps! Good luck everyone!

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    Might get rewarded, might not

    Several surveys just end up loading forever when you finish and never give you the cents you are owed. I’ve finished a few but usually get less than the amount they advertised for each survey. One survey says ¢30 but after you finish you’ll get 19¢ for example because it’s based on your answers. I’ve taken other apps’ surveys and despite what your answer is, if they say they’ll pay ¢50 they pay 50¢ guaranteed. I dislike how some surveys just lead to more surveys that lead to more surveys and it’ll say 10 mins but take waaay longer due to surveys leading to what seems like never ending surveys. Some have progress bars to let you know how far you are but some don’t. It’s frustrating when I think I have 10 mins to spare while I wait in between running errands or taking a break at work but the 10 min ones never actually take 10 mins, more like 20 or more mins to complete. I have my location set to on but it never gives me any surveys based on my locations while 2 of my other survey apps already give me location based surveys. I do like how many surveys they offer at once, but half of the ones I’ve taken I never finish because they end up stuck on a loading screen or took way longer than the predicted time limit that I didn’t have time for so I end up backing out.

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    Several ways to earn but most of them are pretty awful. You can earn a couple cents each day by signing in and clicking the daily button. You can supposedly collect money for doing that every day but it keeps resetting. I had a streak going and I absolutely logged in yesterday but I’m back to zero now. That’s the fourth time it’s happened. So don’t even plan on getting that. Then there’s daily tickets and supposedly you can win at the end of the month but I don’t know what the odds of that are. Probably very low. And they have surveys and occasionally there is something decent but almost all of them are Incredibly low payout. So probably the only worthwhile thing is to click the daily button and get an easy couple of cents. It also doesn’t give you any log of your activity so I don’t know if I actually got six dollars for the first survey I did, like they promise. Plus they never respond when you try to contact them. It would be a far better app if your daily streak didn’t get reset, the Surveys paid much better, and the amount to cash out was much lower. Then I would be really happy with the app. — and… it happened again. Even though I clicked the daily Login and received two cents Yesterday I am now back to zero days. It would be a decent app if it worked right.

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    Pollfish Doesn’t Work

    Ive had a great experience with this app and survey opportunities and is one of my favorite apps as far as surveys are concerned. TapReserch is usually good, but I’ve completed surveys on multiple occasions that will not provide a reward which is a waste of time. PeanutLabs works well besides giving surveys that I’ve already entered or are closed. Unfortunately, Pollfish doesn’t work and has never worked since I’ve downloaded the app. It won’t open Pollfish and won’t give a response besides a temporary loading banner. I can’t reach the goal of earning 50 more cents from Pollfish if it never worked in the first place. it’s disappointing because that’s the section I was most interested in. Also, CAPCHAS are very difficult for me as I’m visually impaired. When I press the headphones button to hear instead, it doesn’t let me and locks me out from surveys which is frustrating. It’s a wasted opportunity and wasting time (which I can’t get back). I love this app and can’t wait to see its next development. It does have issues that doesn’t make the survey experience as enjoyable. If anyone can contact me about the CAPCHAS please let me know. I don’t want the app thinking someone else hijacked the account when in reality it’s just difficult to see/hear the CAPCHAS. Thanks!

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    Takes time but you do make money

    Took me 4 months, but you do end up actually making small amounts of money. Would be a good way to create a small savings and redeem after $100 or so for date nights or what have you. I finally redeemed $25 after 4 months of not really trying. I’d check in every day and also redeem ZAPS, plus take surveys here and there, maybe once a day when I got up to $15 and realized I was closer to actually earning money. If you took surveys every day you would definitely make money faster than this but you can only redeem after $25. Some people get dissatisfied when earning takes so long, but honestly it’s a fun little way to make a few extra bucks here and there when you get bored or have free time. One thing I dislike, a lot of the surveys stop working and some don’t give you points due to the app crashing/surveys not working. Still, I would recommend. I had Surveys (still use as well) for like 3 years and only made $45. This definitely earns you money in a shorter amount of time. Fun way to earn meter money. lol

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    Daily Pick’n Win

    This app is great. I’ve cashed out 3 times this year I’ve qualified for a lot but the only issues that I find really annoying are the following: 1) Pollfish never works for me when I tap on it, it doesn’t open up like the way Tap Research and Peanut Labs would. 2) After I would submit my answers and it load it says page error or some other kind of issue. 3) I hate that you don’t get a notification if you’re one of the 15 winners for “Daily Pick’n Win”. 4) I hate answering about what work industry or company I work in. My work is In-Home Supportive Services (caregiver). So, Please Make caregiver an individual answer on its own instead of me wasting time trying to figure out if Caregiver belongs in the healthcare field or medical etc. 5) The Captchas are really difficult because every time I pick images(buses, bicycles, traffic lights etc ) that are clearly inside the square In the middle area. I Tap “Verify” it says “Please try again “ when clearly I chose all the images that appear until none are left. I tend to skip a lot when I see parts of a bus or whatever is shown half in one square and the other half in another square. I would be very happy if all these issues gets fixed asap.

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    If you are looking for survey apps that are going to pay you hundreds of dollars , your living in a dream world . Apps that pay LLC offers a small variety of apps that pay you money to answer a few short sometimes very long questions . Zap surveys is my favorite ! Most surveys can be short or lengthy and pay between $0.30 - almost $2.00 a survey , it takes time to make a lot of the app , but your first survey guarantees you about 7 dollars and you can only cash out at 25$ . Only look me a week to get to 25, I log on whenever I have free time at work and after a few weeks I was almost at 100 dollars ! Don't expect to make 100 right away , you need to qualify and take the time to answer these surveys . I transferred my funds to PayPal and didn't see it go through for a day so I contacted support and Rona , their account manager got back to me ASAP and said it takes up to a week , but next day they were in my PayPal ! If you got free time , need some extra spending cash , this app will come in clutch in the long run ! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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    Logging into my account

    When I started using this app I loved it! I was doing the daily login 45 day challenge. I was in the 30s & did surveys also. I always did them in the mornings. But about 2 weeks ago I went to open it & it would not let me’ And I still can’t access my account! I’v sent a number of emails to costumer support but all I get back is they have received my email & will get back with me. But I’v been waiting quite awhile now! I really enjoy the app & I like that it pays right into your PayPal account. Very few that I’v found does that. I’v downloaded quite a few as I am counting on what I make to buy Christmas presents for my grandchildren. I live on a very small fixed budget & was very excited to find away to make extra money that I can actually do. As I am disabled & can not work part time even. So can someone please tell me how to get back in my account? Or update it to the latest version? Maybe that will help get me in my account? I will be grateful for any help at all, thank you for taking the time to read this & for any help u can over. If I could get in my account I would have gave a 5 star rating. When it’s working it is definitely a 5 Star to me. But since I can’t get in I gave it 2 Stars but that will change if I ever get back in.

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    Disqualifications after spending lots of time

    The app is wonderful and I love how you can get zapped for going to certain stores and you can earn free cash for doing surveys. However, what has now happened, plenty of times, is that I have been robbed out of my money after I am already 60-70% of the way through a long survey, for either a reason i don’t know of, or because I accidentally fill out the wrong age by 1 year. I put a lot of time and thought into these surveys and do not rush through them and then something as stupid as putting my age as 21 for the second half of the survey, when my age is actually 20, will get me disqualified and all my hard work and time spent is just down the drain. I should get credited for whatever i have completed, for instance if it is a .40 cent survey and i completed half of it, i should get .20 cents. Waste of time at this point, I would recommend not using this app, just because the 30 minutes I waste filling out these super detailed surveys, only to get F’d over by the “quality check”

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    Just try it— it’s legit

    I was a little skeptical at first about this app. I always here about money apps but I have yet to cash out on one. I think the app itself is pretty easy to navigate and the surveys are not mentally exhausting. you can choose between the different types of survey links. I was originally going to give it 4 stars due to some issues with glitches in the beginning. My first few days I started having issues earning my daily reward. This was a little aggravating because those check ins add up! I also realized that I will take the time to complete a whole survey, only to be redirected back to the main page without any money earned or message stating I didn’t qualify. Seems as if the developers fixed this, I haven’t been having any problems. I also like how you can earn by being near a local market or store that features sale. I just cashed out my first $25 and it went to my PayPal account. Just try it out, you have nothing to lose.

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    So I downloaded this app with good intentions. At first it was weird, however. It said that I was already signed in so I clicked the button to sign out. Then I’m sent to a sign in screen. I sign up with my email and a password. Everything was normal...until I finished and got accepted into the app, immediately logging in. That’s when a screen popped up saying that this app uses location services to quote on quote “find the best surveys relating to my area.” I was a little skeptical since no apps like this have ever really made me do that for literal surveys that shouldn’t even vary based on location (other than for language or something, but you should be able to put that into the app, not have them locate you!). That wasn’t even the worse part...I clicked the button to allow my location, but I chose the OPTION to click “only allow while using the app” since I always do it for stuff like this and the app usually does not mind. NOT THIS ONE!!! It then said that “for best results, it needs to ALWAYS KNOW MY LOCATION.” Then it forced me to change it in settings or else I wouldn’t be able to use the app! I quickly deleted it and am still scared. Do not get this app if you wish to say safe!

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    It’s good, but...

    I’ve had this app for a few months and getting super close to my first “cash out.” I’m literally like a dollar and a handful of change away. But it seems like now that I’m so close the surveys are SO limited now. And the other day I finally made it through one Pollfish survey without getting kicked out halfway through and I have yet to see any reward? If I did get rewarded for it it was small and I just overlooked it. This is the last thing, Peanut Lab pays pretty well and I’ve made it through a good bit of surveys, but like 85% of the surveys, the first qualifying questions asks what industry do I primarily work (healthcare) and it ALWAYS kicks me out after that. I get that they have certain people they like to take their surveys and maybe healthcare workers aren’t what they’re looking for but it would be nice not getting kicked out of 85% of the surveys I attempt. Otherwise I do like this app and overall if you’re bored and need a little extra change, this is the app for you.

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    I would recommend it for people who would dedicate a lot of their time to this app. For everyone who wants to earn some money quickly I don’t. Even though you can actually earn money from this, it’s really difficult and glitchy. You have to have $25 to “cash out” and each survey gives you about 20 cents each, and that’s only if you finish them. Most of them you’ll get 3/4 of the way done and spend maybe 25 minutes doing them and then it will tell you that you’re not the type of person it’s looking for, or it’ll glitch and go back to the home screen without giving you any money. I stopped trying to waste my time with the surveys and decided to just get ads every now and then. It’s a lot easier to make money from that but almost half of the times that I get an ad and wait for the money to load, it still never even gives me the money. I would have maybe $2 more if all of the ads actually gave me all of my money instead of glitching. I’ve had this app for about 8 months and I’ve only made $5. I only recommend to people who tho k they would be very dedicated to making money with this app everyday

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    New,day 3

    Basically made 75 cents in three days. Not even gonna count the six they start you off with on the first day to keep you interested. So yeah I figured I'll give it a try and earn 19 bucks and cash out. I like the daily check ins so far. My problem is there isn't much of anything to do. I've been doing surveys for decades now and enjoy it but Tap has none. Pollfish just keeps sending me all over the place and I cannot stand peanut labs. Bad pay and hardly ever qualify. Of course no location rewards available. Sooo, nothing to do on this app for me. I like the layout and will keep it and try in my spare time, for awhile but I'm disappointed so far. 6. Got one survey and am up to 7.80, still no Tap surveys and nothing to try but peanut labs and can't get a survey and pay is terrible. Update...down to one star. This app stinks! I'm not keeping it just to get cents for signing in.. only thing available is peanut labs.. I highly recommend you use something else. Qmee is good and you can cash out any amount you want straight to PayPal or Swagbucks.. forget this. Unless it's fixed,I won't be back. Seriously need to get some surveys! Grrr. Don't fall for the six bucks,what a waste just to drag you in.

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    Great interface- not for you if you get offended easily

    I am recovering from a illness and stuck on the couch. I felt like doing something purposeful with my time and I happened to stumble upon this app. I was so excited at first as I was making a few cents that was going into my nieces piggy bank or to charity..a clever way to earn money for your insights which sold me on signing up. The last 24 hours I have spent 20-30 mins on 4 surveys and get close to the end and then I am told I’m not qualified or there is a overwhelming response and recommends another survey after taking my 50+ answers. Then proceeds to pay me 0.02. I have notified support. Also- if you are in a certain field or make a certain amount of money, you are kicked out early on but get the 0.02 which is fine by me..def save me the trouble before getting 20 mins in. Big pro for me! For others it might feel like discrimination based on your household stats or feeling you can contribute because of your familial status. Just a heads up. Once support gets back to me I’ll update my review. Hoping it’s a glitch.

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Is Zap Surveys - Get Paid Cash Safe?

Yes. Zap Surveys - Get Paid Cash is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 104,723 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.4/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Zap Surveys - Get Paid Cash Is 25.0/100.

Is Zap Surveys - Get Paid Cash Legit?

Yes. Zap Surveys - Get Paid Cash is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 104,723 Zap Surveys - Get Paid Cash User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Zap Surveys - Get Paid Cash Is 25.0/100.

Is Zap Surveys - Get Paid Cash not working?

Zap Surveys - Get Paid Cash works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 1 Comments

By Nicole
Nov 21 2020

This app is ok but pretty glitchy. It keeps resetting my daily log in even tho I have checked in every day. I made 2 purchases in the app and the reward was in pending for about a good 4 months before it was removed and I never received the promised reward. Also, the ZAP option to scan items in a store to earn a reward does not work at all. The page either freezes or the part where you scan an item turns black & wont allow you to do anything. The absolute worst part is the lack of customer service. I’m pretty sure the emails that are sent to support aren’t even opened because they never reply or fix an issue.

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  4. If you are a Zap Surveys - Get Paid Cash customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Zap Surveys - Get Paid Cash.

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