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Rating 5/5 | 1 Votes | 2019-11-06

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About: PAIR Finance is building an automated and data-based solution for claims management.
Headquarters: Berlin, Berlin, Germany.

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REP is a marketplace where brands and influencers can connect and collaborate. Brands: Use our proprietary tools and access profile analytics to help execute your marketing strategies. Influencers: Earn money, win getaways, prizes, products, and more! The possibilities are endless and we’re continually updating the tools to provide you with more opportunities and ways to increase your ROI! Features: OFFERS Post a product you wish to have promoted and have influencers apply to Free, Paid, or Pay Per Click collaborations. You’ll be provided all the analytics you need to execute your strategies. Alternatively, you can hire individually by sending an influencer a Direct Offer. RAFFLES Have your product featured before thousands of influencers who eagerly await the opportunity to engage in hopes of winning it! ANALYTICS Brows by categories or use our filter to search through the users; see analytics such as engagement rate, audience interests, and more! PAYMENT Send and receive payments safely and effortlessly through REP.

Top Rep - Influencer Marketing Reviews

  • By Shimaazandii

    Really helpful for new influencers

    This app is absolute supporter! With one text and less than a minute they respond to any kind of question you have! Which is awesome! I already had 2 brands collaboration and I’m enjoying it! Try it if you are a new influencer! And do the payment part for bigger brands if you’re a known one! :)

  • By Dancerwiz

    Perfect for both!

    This app is amazing! However, I’m both an influencer and brand owner. I wish there was away to switch back and forth between the two accounts instead of deactivating one and starting as the other! Will there be away that this could happen more smoothly?

  • By staceysaucedo1

    Pretty good

    Im new right now, but so far it’s easy to learn. I’m just waiting if I get accepted to any offers. Somehow I am having trouble with my profile where It states it’s private even after I JUST changed my Instagram account to public and restarted everything. Other than that, everything is good so far.