K Health | Telehealth Reviews

K Health | Telehealth Reviews

Published by on 2021-11-23

24/7 ACCESS TO DOCTORS AND TRUSTED HEALTH INFO Doctors that fit in your pocket
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K Health | Telehealth Reviews

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    Great for people with anxiety

    If you’re like me, you search on google when you feel anything different, and then google tells you something horrible, and it’s a constant spiral downhill to thinking you’re about to die. Well, this app does the exact opposite. This app will tell you the most realistic and likely possible thing you have. That means if you have chest pain, it will tell you that you probably just have anxiety. Now, if you do put in symptoms of an actual emergency, it will tell you that you need to go, which is great, but all the times I was worried about having something terrible, it just turned out to be nothing, or just anxiety. This app has really helped me when I’m worried about a pain or weird feeling in my body. It is also very helpful and very accurate when giving diagnosis about general stuff like colds, allergies, ear infections, and normal stuff like that. It will tell you the most likely, not the most terrifying like google. I definitely recommend this to anyone with health anxiety and also for anyone that doesn’t want to go to the doctor for something small.

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    Good but to a point

    I feel like this app is good to let you know if you don’t have a life threatening illness or injury. The way the app the works is that you start by telling the app about a symptom that you have (for example, a headache). The app then asks yous series of questions to narrow down your potential illness or injury and information about that injury or illness that you have. The potential illnesses that the app gives tells you you might have are based on percentages of other people’s questionnaire. For example, if you initially put in “headache” as your first symptom. The app will ask you a series of other related questions , such as “how you had any vomiting?” or “where is the headache mostly focused?” The app then tells you a list of illnesses or injuries and the percentage each illness or injury. E.g. “80% of the people that had similar answers to yours had a migraine. 40% had something else.” Etc... However, I noticed that the app doesn’t delete your past survey/questionnaires so it will ask you how your doing after you brought up a symptom to the app. I’ve been getting scam calls for the past few weeks and I haven’t been answering them. But when I decided that I would answer one, a telemarketer confirmed my name and address and advertised me a product that had to do with a past symptom that I asked the app. I made the connection and then deleted my past symptoms from the app.

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    It was extremely easy

    Ok so many make doubt this awesome app but I don’t I downloaded then deleted I downloaded it again because after taking some pills that I thought were good for me and I ended up being pretty sick and through the app I figured out I was suffering nausea and pain because I was very dehydrated. I really enjoyed using this app better than going to the doctor because I hate the doctors I’d rather get it checked out before going to the doctor so I won’t have to have blood test and shots and everything like that. which if I was OK would be very unnecessary. I also live a long way from doctors so it would take me about two hours to get to the nearest doctors office to get checked out and then two more hours to get back home which is a waste of my time. While I can just download K Health and get help without waiting in line. I would recommend this app to everybody and anybody. it’s great download it now

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    Truly helpful and quick.

    I’m one of those annoying guys who worry’s about everything especially because I google every symptom I have and it always tells you the worst. But not anymore i downloaded this app thinking its prolly bad but in reality it’s amazing. It met my expectations and then went over them. Great app. Every symptom I have I tell K and she ask me loads of questions about how I feel or if I’m having this happen or that happen and then she relates it to other cases by men same age is me and will give me a percentage of what that is and what I need to do to treat it at home or go to the doctor. And she logs every symptom of issue you have had into your profile and checks up on your days at a time to see if your better or got treated. Amazing app right here and I give it a huge 5 stars. Recommend to anybody.

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    Save yourself from frustration

    I wish I could give this app 0 stars. I have used other telecommute medical apps that are far better. The app seems fun and informative, but the questions it asks are highly annoying. You can only choose symptoms in their very limited list. That right there will definitely not give you a correct diagnosis. Both times I have spoken to a physician, they have requested photographs which it makes you take through the apps camera. There is no way to use flash to take say a photo of your own throat. Also both times I spoke with a doctor, I was told I needed to go in and see a doctor in person. Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of the app? Now that I have used the free trial and realized this app will not work for me and I definitely do not want to pay for it, it is basically impossible to cancel or even get in touch with a representative from the company. I have emailed and called their 800 number. Haven’t been able to get in contact with a single human being. Now they have charged me. Talk about frustration. Save yourself and don’t even waste your time with this app. Doctor on Demand is 100% better.

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    Really Nice Service, but a couple recommendations

    Overall I’m pretty happy with this service/app but I’d definitely give it 5 stars if there were a couple improvements. When sending a notification that you have a message from a physician, if it’s actually a chat request/message, please call it a chat request or chat message so we don’t leave the physician hanging. Also, I was waiting and waiting and waiting in the “chat” when I got a notification of another message but there was no update “in” the chat at all. I ended up closing the app thinking the physician had left but when I checked on it later, there was in fact a new chat message. By the time I was responding, the chat closed and I had to reconnect with a physician again (still waiting) and I had to re-write my entire message all over again. It would be nice if we could “see” that someone is typing and real time chat updates

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    It’s pretty good

    I love this app and it’s awesome but I have a few questions… 1) can you please make it so kids can use it to? I feel like you should bump the age up to about 12 (I’m 13) A lot of kids in my age group a) don’t want to tell there parents or b) there parents think there being dramatic. I think we can handle it! What’s the worst that could happen? 2) Can you maybe give one free chat with a doctor to everyone? Since they said I probably had who knows what and I kinda think they were right. I want to feel better again but I have no clue how to treat it on my own. I know you have a free trial but you have to enter your credit card information and 9 times out of ten I forget to cancel it so... guess I’ll be waiting here until I get a $70 apple gift card… Other wise it’s a great app

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    Great Service

    Excellent idea and great execution. Understand it’s entirely AI and don’t expect 100% accuracy. It is about as good as it can be for what it is, a quick easy way to talk to a robot doctor. I do think the percentages need to be adjusted and more minor health issues should be listed. The app is mostly focused on diagnosing serious conditions and might scare you when it says your description matches 70% for cancer or something. Not a 70% chance you have the condition, 70% of symptoms match. It falls into the same trap, though not to the same extent, as WebMD and Google, forgetting that minor temporary health hiccups are more common than serious underlying conditions. Great app overall. I’m sure it’s saving lives and I recommend all my friends to answer a few questions here when they’re worried about their health.

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    Surprisingly spot on!

    I was very skeptic about this app. I mean, who can replace a doctor's diagnosis? My immediate action whenever I feel something is even slightly wrong is to go to the doctor. This app actually saved me the trip - by entering my symptoms I was able to learn that I have something completely different from what I suspected. Now I'm going to try something else (humidifier, for example) before I go to the doctor so that way I know I've tried few things before coming to her (and I may not even need to go to her if it works). The app works with you thru leading questions to come up with an accurate diagnosis (as much as an app can do). Set up was easy. Navigating was intuitive. Extra bonus - it was actually fun too! Worth a try as a first step to diagnosis a situation.

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    10 ⭐️

    Okay I’m VERY impressed. I was very skeptical at first and was like yeah right this is going to work but decided to try it out this morning. Just got back from urgent care and it was spot on. I kid you not. I told the doc what was going on my symptoms and she said you have gastritis which is exactly what this deal said I had. Well it said 92% gastritis. But still holy crap man. My hubby will be very happy I have this to use now that more accurate than webmd. He hates I go to webmd every time I’m sick. Anyways I know this app doesn’t take the place of a doc but it’s nice to know what I might have before going to see the doc to see if it’s serious enough to stay home or go. In This case go so I can get meds to help with the gastritis. Well done with this app!

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    Almost Perfect

    THANK THE GODDESS OF WHOLE DAIRY MILK FOR THIS APP! Lately, I’ve been having painful cramps in my upper legs. Not sure why, but yesterday, they became extremely painful when I was in the car. I look everywhere on the internet, but not much help. I saw an ad for this app and decided to give it a shot. It listed some things that may be the issue. Sometimes, these cramps feel like blood is clotted in my legs and it becomes unbearable. I begged god for forgiveness to be relieved of this cruel punishment, but my prayers were never answered. The only problem I have with this app is it recommends seeing a doctor. I have healthcare, so visiting a doctor wouldn’t be a problem. HOWEVER; the doctor would make me sit in a waiting room and make me read old magazines. I saw it in an underwater documentary once. Receiving lollipops from the doctor is propaganda and I shall not fall for it!

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    Serious Lag Issues

    I purchased the $39 plan as a telemedicine project to review for my college degree. Once I hit submit to pay, it showed problem and asked me to submit again. Instead I checked my account first and the money had been taken out so I hit the back button. Next, I attempted to chat with a doctor. I have 5G and it timed me out and signed off the physician from the chat within fifteen seconds of my submission of my phone number verification. I am in Indiana and the physician was located in NY. It showed a difference of fifteen minutes from the time she requested my phone number until I responded but it was less than fifteen seconds on my end. After I signed out, it kept showing an error when I tried to sign back in. Also, although information for the application stated help 24/7, it is inaccurate. Response is not 24/7.

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    You know that moment?

    You know the one right? Out of nowhere something is happening that hasn’t before. A stabbing neck pain, a weird pricking pain when stepping heavily into your big toe while walking. When you don’t have the time or money to see a doctor, this app comes in handy. An app wont cure the random aches, & pains of everyday living (yet), but it is helpful when wanting to know what might be going on in your body. After finding the answers you need, khealth will check on your current condition for any improvement. But it is up to you to do further research on the results given, and the necessary steps you need to take to better your condition after the khealth consultation.

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    Works great

    I had fallen a few days ago from a flight of stairs but I just got back up and nothing really hurt so I didn’t think of it and pretty much forgot about it unit the next day when I was having awful headaches and I felt dizzy all the time and even had to throw up and so I went to the doctors and they checked me out did a few tests and I found out I had a concussion and they were telling me how I have to take it easy and can’t do any physical experience for atleast 2 weeks, when I got home I was bored and looking for something do to and I already had the app and I tried it out and to my surprise they actually got it right.

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    So I wanna start off with the obvious disclaimer: this app isn’t a substitute to going to a doctor and such, and you shouldn’t use it to self-diagnose serious stuff yada yada. That said it is really handy and helped me out a lot when I felt like total crap in the middle of the night :p you go through a series of basic questions to figure out symptoms and get recommendations from there as well as logging your answers for fellow users. There’s also the option to chat with certified doctors through the app, which is especially neat and I can see helping a lot of people with getting things checked out they might have otherwise ignored.

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Is K Health | Telehealth Safe?

No. K Health | Telehealth does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 15,360 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.5/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for K Health | Telehealth Is 16.5/100.

Is K Health | Telehealth Legit?

No. K Health | Telehealth does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 15,360 K Health | Telehealth User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for K Health | Telehealth Is 16.5/100.

Is K Health | Telehealth not working?

K Health | Telehealth works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 45 Comments

By Vas Blagodarskiy
Aug 08 2021

Khealth is a scam of the highest caliber. I paid $23 after contracting covid-19, hoping to get a vitamin D prescription. I specifically told them the reason for my contact. They told me in no uncertain terms to drink water & sleep. I could have done that for free using advice from Google. When I asked them to re-assess, they told me “ our doctor provided appropriate first line care that reflects our medical policies.” Avoid like the plague, no pun intended.

By Robert Maulding
Aug 04 2021

This is a scam it's just a bot after they took my money they looked at a picture I took for them and wouldn't even prescribe me any antibiotics for dental pain said it was so severe I needed to be seen in person. I went to urgent care and they told me that it had to be a scam because I just had a mild abscess and prescribed me some amoxicillin.

By Laura
Jul 15 2021

K Health started out as a great affordable option for Urgent Care however, they've now added nurse practitioners. I did not have a choice to pick who I wanted my telehealth session to be with and unfortunately, I got the most incompetent nurse practitioner (Monica Webb) that I have ever come across. She asked me questions for over an hour! There were huge time gaps in between questions as if she was also seeing other patients at the same time and I immediately felt that I did not have her full and undivided attention. Maybe she was a new graduate and hadn't spent much time treating patients because her clinical skills were quite lacking. Anytime in the past when I was being evaluated by a physician via K Health, the session never lasted more than 5-10 minutes. The strange thing was that most of what she was asking me was already listed in my profile so that made me question her capability of effectively utilizing the K Health format. She wrongly assumed that my condition was chronic (which it was not) and refused to prescribe a short course of steroids for my acute allergic sinusitis. She claimed that she was following treatment guidelines which did not include steroids. I was furious because any time that I have had this issue in the past, I have always been prescribed steroids and an antibiotic which work like a charm. Treatment guidelines are just that...guidelines. Not every patient is the same and sometimes you need to use your brain and step outside the box. I question Ms. Webb's competence in accurately assessing a patient's symptoms, accurately reviewing the documented medical history, medications, and allergy profile, and her ability to actually come up with a proper plan of care. At least my $19 fee was refunded. I've tried calling customer support in order to contact a medical director but every time I call, I get a prerecorded message that there is no one available to take my call. I will never use K Health again. There are much better options available now. And by the way, I used the telehealth services through my insurance provider later that evening where I was evaluated by a physician and was given an Rx for steroids and antibiotics. The telemed session lasted less than 5 minutes and after three days, my sinusitis is almost gone.

By Joe
Jul 09 2021

This felt like a scam. I never got to speak to a human being. I was in a 'Chat' with a doctor. The process of actual chat took 46 minutes (I timed it) and the chat consisted of mostly canned responses, all copy and paste. It was like going to a software help desk where the helper is helping 12 other folks simultaneously.

The symptoms you can pick don't get you anywhere, the follow up questions are silly and lead to a very wrong diagnosis.

Having been through it once, and having read the positive posts here, I would be willing to be the positive posts were paid for their writing. I would not recommend this service. I have not used another online doctor service, but next time I will use whatever random one google sends my way rather than coming back.

By Thomas
Jun 20 2021

Great app. Has potential. Paid $19 only to wait 2 hrs to finally type chat with a doctor (they dont call you). Only took a few minutes. Did not like the wait time though and the app doesn't do a good job with telling you the wait time or how many people are in front of you in the queue line. Sent a picture of my injury and was recommended to take a bunch of pills for the pain. Did not follow the doctor's recommendation though. To be honest, I feel like the doctor was in a rush and did not take their time to really think about my injury. I got a letter from the doctor to send to my insurance company to get accident reimbursement. Also got some advice from the doctor which was nice. But was it worth it? Eh.....I dunno. I took one motrin pill for the pain and the pain went away. Didn't need to take a bunch of pills.

By Derrick Bass
Jun 10 2021

Paid $19 never even heard from a doctor. Once I posted an image of time stamps showing them it had been two hours since they told me the doctor was reviewing my case, another person “took over” and immediately blurred out the image in the chat then said I was being redirected. (That was five hours after I originally started.) Have not gotten anyone on the phone.

By Nathan
May 26 2021

They were terrible!!! The first clinician I saw said they looked at my results - go to a lab and get testing they "hung-up". I provided details regarding the fact that testing had been done 2 weeks earlier by my girlfriend and I had this issue over 2 months. Her results all came back negative. I try to get something for a yeast infection but they won't even listen to anything I said.

By Gena Phillips
May 25 2021

This service is complete quackery. Don’t waste your money. They do absolutely nothing. I just wish there was a way to get the word out before people waste their money. I doubt that doctors are even who are texting with you judging from the bogus questions they ask. I will contact my bank and the better business bureau.

By Angela
May 24 2021

I have had nothing but a great experience with this app. I am disabled and I don’t drive. On top of that I just moved and I am waiting for my insurance to assign a new Primary care doctor.

If they say they can’t refill your medicine it’s probably for safety reasons. Or maybe if you see someone in person once then they can.

I did this by finding a free clinic. I went to the free clinic in March and was given one refill of my medicine. However, the free clinic took hours to get to on a bus.

So I tried Khealth in April and I was able to get a 3 month supply. If I had not seen someone in person ( a PA at the free clinic, they probably would not have been okay with the refill because my last appointment besides the clinic was a year ago. But if I can sort out seeing someone in person with emergency-only insurance and very few transportation options, almost anyone can.

It’s not quite fair to get upset if a teleservice won’t refill something if you have not seen a dr in person for ages. They want to protect themselves and protect you

By Joe Warkoczewski
May 12 2021

I just spent 1/2 hour trying to refill a prescription. Finally, after all the time, it says "cannot refill" "must see primary doctor". I do not have a primary care doctor. Why did you not state what your criteria was at the beginning? I have a health problem which is high blood pressure. I just need a renewal of the medication I have been taken for years. Not a run around. You could have asked me the medication and last doctor visit up front, before I gave you my personal and credit card information. I have a health problem and you are taking advantage of it. You are delaying my care and collecting my personal information which you are not using for my care. This is dishonest and unethical. Delete my account and all my personal information. I want nothing to do with your company. I tried to contact you by phone. Again, more delay and then "says we are not taking phonbe calls right now" Really, in the middle of a weekday?

May 01 2021

This is a scam. Took my money and didnt get anything. I had to go to a walk in the following day. I have emailed them several times and I have not gotten a response. However, they say on their website a response within 24 hours. All I got was an email saying they have limited staff. I find them very shady and not legit

By Sarah
Apr 29 2021

You pay for them to lie to you and get your personal information. Don't trust this site. I'm pretty sure they are just pulling Dr names but no one there is actually authorized to do a doctor's job.

By wendy fisher
Apr 19 2021

Scam! I’ve never had worse service or a worse experience with a company before! Curious as to what they are doing with all of my info since it’s clear these folks aren’t legit.

By Marlene P Schade
Apr 05 2021

K health was a big mistake. Wasted 19 dollars. Now they have my credit card infor and the info on my drivers lisence. Sounds like a set up for identity theft to me. I had an infected tooth and was hoping to get a script for an antibiotic until I could get to a dentist. Instead I stupidly tried this horrible app. This scam operation should be shut DOWN.

By Erica S.
Mar 24 2021

I was denied antidepressants that I have used and been prescribed before. They said "I was TOO Depressed"! It's hard enough to ask for that kind of help or find time time to get it and be able to afford it with no insurance. Deny the wrong depressed person and you will have a suicide/lawsuit on your hands! Another kick to the nuts! Insult on Injury! Complete HORRIBLE waste of time! Still needing help through some difficult times and still have no medication! THANKS FOR NOTHING & MAKING PATIENTS WORSE THAN THEY WERE BEFORE!!!

By Erica S.
Mar 24 2021

Complete waste of time! Denied antidepressant medication that I have taken and been prescribed before for "being TOO depressed." Deny the wrong depressed person and you will have a suicide/lawsuit on your hands. It's hard enough for people to ask for help or find time. That's another kick in the nuts. Insult to injury! Thanks for NOTHING! Having difficult times and still have no medication.

By Freida
Mar 23 2021

This is a SCAM . Do not put in your credit card number you can’t delete it. Had to report fraud and have my credit card account closed.

By surin poommai
Mar 19 2021

Your K health service was not a realistic help customer. Nothing but lied and take the money. I am very sorry about my money paid online without anything but wasted a lot of time typing the answer to IA automatic web. I spent $19 for nothing. It was a ripoff website. I will not recommend anyone to waste money here your website should be shut down for lied people.
Stop do it.

By Quinn Conrad
Mar 18 2021

I want the refund that I was promised. I want my Drivers License and credit card erased from your fraudulent server!

By Rachel Davis
Mar 16 2021

Please refund my money i didn't talk with no doctor. Some kind of way I got disconnected from the chat.

By Kayla
Mar 16 2021

Horrible. Wish I had read reviews before hand. Spent almost 2 hours waiting for a Dr to text with me only to be told I had to submit a picture of a med in order to get it prescribed. I had clearly stated I had run out and my dermatologist was not seeing “routine” patients for roughly 3 months due to COVID. A waste of my time and money. If you do use the app expect to wait a long time before a “doctor” texts with you. While I was waiting I tried to look up customer service for K Health and found it was surprisingly difficult. No phone number, didn’t respond to email for 20 minutes. Will not be using again

By Lisa Larson
Mar 13 2021

I tried to talk to a doctor for an entire evening but never got through to one. After going to the real doctor, I contacted customer service requesting to get refund. They just told me that the chat in the app was ready for me to talk about my medical issue. I feel ripped off and waisted my time. I will never try this sort of app again!

By Suzanne Leake
Mar 07 2021

I was in excruciating pain from lifting something way too heavy for my back when I got the app. I wanted Ibuprophen and it was like pulling teeth. Two doctors on different days told me 800mg was too much and would not be safe. They both suggested I go to the store and buy 200mg ibuprophen and take 4 of them. That is a whole different set of ingredients than prescription ibuprophen and a real doctor would know that. It isn't safe. I ended up getting 3 seperate prescriptions on different days. First, 400mg for a few days, 2nd 800mg for a few days and then 400mg for a few days. When I got the 3rd prescription the doctor told me I had gotten multiple prescriptions already (the previous 2) and said not to call back to get another. They only give you enough to take 2 a day also which isn't enough. Each doctor asked for a picture, too. It was really frustrating, especially being in such pain and having to reason with these people.

By Marilyn L. Crowley
Mar 06 2021

This is a total ripoff. You have to install their app and fill in a lot of questions and, of course, make payment, and then nothing. They say to reconnect to the message on the app but there is no message. After going through the machinations, I got nothing after lots of wasted time and a lot of frustration. A total scam.e

By Lacey Luke
Feb 28 2021

You people are total rip offs. Once you get our money then you do nothing. I'm reporting you to everyone I can find that will listen. Con artist is all you are and you can bet your ass I'll get my money back and do everything I can to get you shut down. Nothing but a scam so everyone BEWARE

By James lum
Feb 26 2021

All I want is a prescription for hydroxychloroquine (Plaquenil). I have had both covid-19 vaccinations, but the covid virus mutates like any flu virus does. Since I am 82 years old, and undergo dialysis twice a week, and I do not want to catch the covid virus, especially if I end up on a ventilator. I want to use the hydroxychloroquine tablets along with zinc to control the virus and avoid going on a ventilator. I have heard that the hydroxychloroquine tablets is an anti-viral and wards off the effects of the virus and has been used successfully in todays world.
Hydroxychloroquine has been used successfully for the past 50+ years with no ill side effects. It used to be freely available until President Trump used it and then the FDA changed its status to require a prescription. Lately there has been more tests and its positive effects have been realized.
All I want is to be granted a prescription for hydroxychloroquine so I can get a 90/120 day supply of these pills. What is the problem for me to get such a prescription??? These pills do work!!! Do I need to be infected and really sick??? ....and then get the pills??

By Rashaan Simpson
Feb 21 2021

I’m having a acute gout attack doctor prescribed indometacin which side affects could be heart attack or stroke told her I’m given prednisone for this and she wouldn’t prescribe it for me

By Cynthia Roberts
Feb 18 2021

Nobody ever answered!

By Mary Carter
Feb 15 2021

They took payment, did not render any service. Contacted bank to stop payment ant report fraud

By Charlotte Strother
Feb 09 2021

I paid the $19 charge and no one ever got back to me I will dispute these charges. Please refund my money and remove my card from file.

By Alyson Bahr
Feb 02 2021

Total scam. It's a loop that gives you no more onfo than you'd get from a Google search. My gut feeling said "scam" but I stupidly posted the $19. Luckily my cc immediately removed it. Just Google your problem. They claim to be able to prescribe meds. I was only looking to renew my bc pills during covid. They're taking advantage of people.

By Michelle
Jan 30 2021

Total scam. It’s the equivalent to talking to an I.t. Person who asks did you turn the power on then off. I woke not have come to this “doctor “ app had I not been doing over the counter meds from my ear infection and swollen lymph nodes. I needed antibiotics and the dr logged me off every time I asked for care. I’m not seeking drugs I am seeking sick care. Do not waste your money. Later in the day I was pinged someone trying to login to my google acct and steal my info. Coincidence?! I think not. Do not waste your money or time on this scam.

By Audrey Steakley
Jan 30 2021

Wasted about 3 hours of my time & got no help. Doctor refused a scrip for antibiotic for what I know is a kidney infection. I thought I would be able to actually speak to a doctor but it was nothing but messaging. I don’t know if it’s a scam but it sure feels like it. Beware.

By Heather M
Jan 27 2021

Run! Literally go anywhere else. It was all a scam to get my credit card information. I have spent the day disputing over $1000 in attempted purchases on my Discover card including one just down the street from their NY office.

By Sam
Jan 10 2021

They horrible!! Never got a diagnose. And they did was text and it took 40 mins for nothing.

By Paul Masters
Jan 08 2021

We're disputing the charge right now. Waited 2 hours for a Dr, nothing, got billed twice. Credit card merchants should cancel your plates for medically frauding people.

By Sarah abbott
Jan 07 2021

I have an impacted wisdom tooth that i have put off having pulled simply because dental procedures are the worst and given the covid situation i didn't want to to have to deal with the possibilty of getting sick and trying to heal at the same time. Due to my procrastination my tooth has become infected. I used this app hoping to get some antibiotics to clear it up before my dental appointment. I made it through thd mile long questionnaire and was asked to submit a front and back picture of my drivers license. It seemed odd. I have used other telehealth apps before and have never been asked to do that. That should have been my first red flag. Nonetheless i submitted it. I waited approximately 2 hours for a doctor to contact me. The first thing he asks for is a picture of my tooth. I don't know about you but even having someone else take a picture at the dentists office is a challenge in itself it is an insurmountable task alone. Especially when using the low resolution camera on the app because it wouldn't let me attatch a photo from my phone for some odd reason. After 5000 different angles and multiple texts to try to get the doctor to understand basic human language he disconnects from the chat. Now i am 20 dollars short, in terrible pain, and will have to do this all again tommorow with my pcp. Don't waste your money or your time with these cracker jack box doctors and subpar app. You will get RIPPED OFF! Teledoc may be more expensive but it is less of a headache!

By Theresa D
Dec 04 2020

THIS IS A SCAM - THE DR'S do not offer anything and will just refer you back to your primary care dr. I bought the plan to get a prescription for a herpes outbreak, I've had herpes for about a year now and never had any problems getting any anti viral to treat it ..... until now. The dr I talked to literally said "follow up with your gynocologist " and when I asked to speak with someone else that was denied because it is "against policy" and told me they couldn't prescribe anything without "proof" of herpes and then she wanted me to send a picture of my vag which I declined - this thing is a joke DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY OR TIME ON THIS

By Kristin
Nov 29 2020

I just purchased the 9.99. The dr left me in pain with no solution. I want an immediate refund. And I waited hours for the nonsense.

By Kristina
Nov 21 2020

K HEALTH is awful charged me money for insufficient help. The doctor letter given was ridiculous and not excepted in the medical field. Therefore because I didn't get any answers or treatment I had to go to Urgent Care an spend more money just to get the help needed. I would not recommend this to my worse enemy. This site is AWFUL

Nov 19 2020

K Health App and Services are horrible. The company uses false advertisement in stating that it will provide customers with antibiotics to treat illness. This is not true. They only take your money and do nothing to assist you with your illness!!! Wait times are two hours or more. Horrible Customer Services and Medical Doctors that are incompetent exist to solely take your money. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS APP NOR ITS SERVICES!!! BEWARE!!! IT IS A SCAM!!!

By George A
Nov 07 2020

Dont waste your time and energy. If you think u will be prescribed the medications that you are using then you are wrong. Save your money.....

By Patricia Dame
Oct 04 2020

Horrible just took my money then nothing !! Be aware this is total waste and good reviews are fake check it out

By Deborah Hrris
Sep 10 2020

I signed up for the $9/mo plan and never could get anyone either in a chat or by phone. Now they are saying I own $27. I wan to cancel this account ASAP. Please cancel this for me!!

By Jj
Aug 25 2020

khealth is a scam dont even get hooked up to this app.its worthless and you get charged for nothing its a fraud

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