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1. How does it work?
2. What is Patient Gateway?

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1. Use Mass General Brigham Patient Gateway to view health information and communicate with your doctor.

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Product Details and Description of Patient Gateway

Use Mass General Brigham Patient Gateway to view health information and communicate with your doctor.

With Mass General Brigham Patient Gateway, you can

- Review test results

- Manage your appointments

- Message your doctor

- Renew your prescriptions

- Pay your bill

Top Patient Gateway Reviews

  • By Phan-


    I recently downloaded the app. I found it very useful: easy to check appointments, test results, pay bills. The lab test results are displayed in a visual and easy to understand way. I have 3 suggestions for future improvements. 1) Enable each lab results to be displayed longitudinally, so patients can see the changes across time, same as checking stock price by weeks, months, years. 2) Add BMI. 3) Automatically generate a list of all physicians and RNs patients recently visited and enable email access so patients can send email to their providers if they have follow up questions. Thanks for making access complex EHR information efficient and helpful!

  • By J-Lowe

    A valuable tool.

    This app is an invaluable resource that gives access to test results, clear channels to correspond with healthcare providers and updates scheduling as well as on bills/payment. It’s well laid out and provides most of the functionality of the full web portal. Not really sure why it gets so many mixed reviews it has been nothing but useful for me.

  • By Mrlemonjello2000

    iOS 13 reinstall

    Didn’t work when I upgraded to ios13. Deleted and reinstalled. Now it works properly. If you are having issues, delete and reinstall. That should solve your problem.

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