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About: Monkey is a social networking app where like-minded people meet.
Headquarters: Los Angeles, California, United States.


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1. How does it work?
2. What is Monkey?

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1. And last but not least, an all-encompassing space where you can collect bananas and redeem exclusive merch - for free.

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Product Details and Description of Monkey

Monkey is about making friends and having fun. A social app where you can share who you are and meet like-minded people in seconds. A community that celebrates individuality and embraces self-discovery. And last but not least, an all-encompassing space where you can collect bananas and redeem exclusive merch - for free.

≈ Post a Moment ≈

Express yourself and be heard with short videos

≈ Video Chat ≈

Engage in authentic conversations with cool people

≈ DM ≈

Say hey after your video chat or you like someone’s Moment

≈ 2P Chat ≈

Group video chat with your friends

≈ Text Chat ≈

Low-key chat with video and text messages

≈ Redeem Merch ≈

Collect bananas and redeem exclusive merch

≈ FAMOUS Mode ≈

Create convos with your favorite celebs and share with friends

≈ Banana Culture ≈

Earn bananas and unlock bonus features

For merch drop announcements follow us

Snap @monkeyapp

IG @monkey

Twitter @monkey

Questions? Contact us at [email protected]

Top Monkey Reviews

  • By Exile the rapper

    Falsely Banned!!!!

    Hi monkey developers so I hope you get to read this because I am a long time user of monkey and a huge fan. I love the app and all the new features but incidentally I have been falsely banned and I am very upset on the matter, I have never broken any monkey rules or done anything appropriate, I refused to show some girl my private and she said she will report me if I don’t and I still refused and I come back an hour later to my monkey only to be banned, I am very upset and flustered, please take note of this complaint and unban me, it would be greatly appreciated. It is not fair to me a completely innocent person to get banned for something I have no control over and to be falsely banned at that.

  • By panda said woof

    This app is ok

    This app is perfectly fine sep for... girls/guys start making fun of other raise. Also I feel like you should kinda lower down the bananas for which gender we rather talk to. I decided to talk to all males, but it only gave me 10m, which is fine but I decided to talk to someone and as soon as we where done talking it said it was out of time. I feel like it should only give us time when we are not talking to someone and just waiting. Also another, I sometimes send moments, but some guys who are like 18+ text me “hey sexy”. Yes I would ignore them but then they start to text me more and more. Also I feel like we should customize which ages we shall talk to you, I am 13 and I get 18+ guys. Also when I was scramming around on here, there are some people who are faking their ages and turn out to be like 40-50 and higher. Also anytime when someone is being respectful to me and others and being very sexual, I would block them, and nothing would happened. Also last and more least this app would show exactly where I live and what town, stead of what country I live in, this makes me feel very uncomfortable and unsafe. Boy other than that this app is pretty cool and sometimes fun, I have met some people that is very trust worthy and still talk to them this day. Of and sorry I forgot I think that we should be able to change our nick names on this app when ever we want stead of waiting for 50 days. Now I’m done :)

  • By jaionna🤪💕💍


    This app is good for what it is or how much it tells you about the app,,,but the only thing I would change is ,”me not having to spend my “hard work”🤣😭 bananas 🍌 just to change what gender I want to talk to”,but there isn’t any other problem for me “REPLY BACK IF U CAN CHANGE THE WAY WE HAVE TO SPEND OUR BANANAS 🍌 JUST TO CHANGE WHAT GENDER I WANT TO TALK TO”😬,,,this app IS GOOD,,,but if u hate people ,then u might don’t want to download this app o an aka SOME PEOPLE ON THIS APP IS RUBE,RACIST,and some of them people Will sexually harass you,,,,,,,”THIS APP IS FOR PEOPLE WHO DONT CARE WHAT PEOPLE SAY ABOUT U AN FOR THE PHONE WHO ARE BASICALLY PARTY ANIMALS🤪🤘🏽,O AN LOOKING FOR SOME DISTANCE RELATIONSHIP OR A NEAR BY RELATIONSHIP🤷🏽‍♂️🥰,,,,o an another aka ,,,this app should really be only for 18+ even tho I’m not 18+...anyways this app is inappropriate because people lie about their age an it’s inappropriate because their this old man lying 🤥 about their age,,there is 40-80 years old men on here lurking around.,,the last thing I am goin to say is “BE SAFE AN HAVE LOTS OF FUN AND DONT LIE ABOUT YOUR AGE”byeee🤦🏽‍♂️💀

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