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About: Dolphin Computer Access specialist software house developing solutions to suit all types of reading
Headquarters: Worcester, Worcestershire, United Kingdom.


How it works

1. "New EasyReader app from #Dolphin is a breath of fresh air in accessing #RNIB Talking books and Newspapers and magazine for blind and partially sighted people.

2. EasyReader is a FREE accessible reading app for readers with dyslexia, low vision or blindness.

3. Or copy text from anywhere on your phone & hear EasyReader read it back to you.

4. There's never any blurry text or fuzzy fonts - your books' words are always crystal clear and always easy on the eye.

5. Or for text only titles, EasyReader can add a human sounding voice of your choice.

6. The best thing of all is that it is FREE! This allows my students to read the highlighted text, stop & start it, & bookmark text.

7. A login is required for the majority of the accessible book libraries that EasyReader connects to.

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EasyReader offers convenient access to your favourite accessible book libraries and talking newspaper stands, in one place. Neurodivergent readers – especially readers who have dyslexia – can customise their reading experience with dyslexia-friendly fonts, adjustable colour schemes and word highlights that synchronise with audio. Designed for accessibility, EasyReader enables blind and partially sighted readers to read with magnified text, with audio, or a combination of both - where each word is highlighted on screen as it’s read aloud. It also links to braille displays for braille readers. EasyReader is fully optimized for use with iOS VoiceOver and iOS supported Braille displays. EasyReader Features: Open a World of Accessible Books EasyReader provides global access to millions of books from accessible book libraries around the world. Log in to your favourite library to read accessible versions of classic books, the latest bestsellers, non-fiction, school textbooks and children’s storybooks. Customise to Read Your Way Text magnification in EasyReader is easy to adjust. Simply pinch in and out on the screen to find the text size that’s best for you. With EasyReader the text is always sharp and visible on screen. It’s an exceptional experience for readers with visual impairments. Read in fonts that work best for you, including dyslexia-friendly fonts. In EasyReader you can customise the colour of text, background colour and contrast. Adjust letter and line spacing to make your reading experience even better. Audio Books & Text-to-Audio Listen to narrated audio books or listen to text-only books and newspapers, which EasyReader converts to human-sounding synthesised speech. Audio perfectly synchronises with on-screen text highlights, so you can read along as you listen. In EasyReader, you can modify pronunciation, choose the reading voices you prefer and adjust reading speed and volume. Read a Range of Formats EasyReader reads a wide range of book and document formats, including: • HTML • Text files • DAISY 2 and DAISY 3 • Microsoft Word (DOCX only) • PDFs (with RNIB Bookshare) • Any text copied to clipboard Easy to Navigate Access your favourite libraries, then browse and download books easily, with intuitive navigation and accessible controls. In EasyReader you can move around books quickly. Skip forward or back when reading and skip to any page or chapter. Type keywords in the search facility to quickly find the information you need. Add Bookmarks & Notes To help navigate books, readers can bookmark favourite pages and sections. To help with study or reference, readers can also add text notes. Libraries & Talking Newspaper Services in EasyReader Global: • Project Gutenberg • Bookshare UK: • Calibre Audio • RNIB Bookshare • RNIB Newsagent • RNIB Reading Services USA & Canada: • Bookshare • CELA • NFB Newsline • SQLA Sweden: • Legimus • MTM Taltidningar • Inläsningstjänst AB Europe: • Anderslezen (Belgium) • ATZ (Germany) • Bookshare Ireland (Ireland) • Buchknacker (Switzerland) • CBB (Netherlands) • DZB Lesen (Germany) • DZDN (Poland) • Eole (France) • KDD (Czech Republic) • Libro Parlato (Italy) • Luetus (Finland) • NBH Hamburg (Germany) • NCBI Overdrive (Ireland) • NLB (Norway) • Nota (Denmark) • Oogvereniging (Netherlands) • Passend Lezen (Netherlands) • Pratsam Demo (Finland) • SBS (Switzerland) • UICI (Italy) • Unitas (Switzerland) • Vereniging Onbeperkt Lezen (Netherlands) Rest of World: • Blind Low Vision NZ (New Zealand) • LKF (Russia) • NSBS (Suriname) • SAPIE (Japan) • Vision Australia (Australia) Please note: Membership is required for most accessible libraries. It’s easy to set these up on the library websites. To help, we have listed all of these in the EasyReader app. You can apply for membership with your diagnosis of a print impairment - which includes dyslexia and other neurodiverse conditions, vision impairments and other physical disabilities.

Top Dolphin EasyReader Reviews

  • By ReadwithMaryMc

    Really Great App

    I love this app! My students are beginning to see its value and are now using it more! (You know how high school kids are!) The newest version which allows you to access bookshare reading lists is now so much easier to use. If you know how to choose a voice on your iPhone/iPad - “Alison” is a good free voice to chose, you can adjust the pitch & speed so that it almost sounds like a real person. Even the “paid” voices are relatively inexpensive. You can copy written material, say from a google doc, or from your safari reading list, and read it with this app. This is a great tool for struggling readers. I hope that the developers will next allow us to take a picture of written material & have the app read it too. (Like another app does.) The best thing of all is that it is FREE! My students won’t buy a reading app & the state sponsored app isn’t always available for enough students. We only get so many licenses. This allows my students to read the highlighted text, stop & start it, & bookmark text. I just love it. 10 stars!

  • By Cloverblack44

    Great Book Reader

    This is a very good book reader. I have impaired vision and this book reader is very good for reading books. This has a good zoom function and pages switches fluently. Really great reader if you have disabilities.

  • By Saifine56

    Love it except for one problem

    I’ve been using this app for a while and really like it. However, for the last few months I've been having a problem whereby the app would crash every 10 minutes or so. This only happens when I use the app's screen-reader voice. I've seen that someone else also has this problem so I hope it'll be resolved soon. Ps. I’ve also been trying to contact The app developer but cannot, so I hope you will see this review.

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