The Athletic: Sports News Reviews

The Athletic: Sports News Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-19

Experience unrivaled sports coverage across every team you care about and every
league you follow. From breaking news and expert commentary on developing
storylines to in-depth analysis and exclusive articles, get all the sports
stories that matter with The Athletic app. How does it al...

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The Athletic: Sports News Reviews

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    Paid more than a month ago, still no access...

    I paid them for a year subscription July 4, 2019. Their site took my money but hung and didn’t give me a login. I have contacted them by phone and email over a dozen separate times starting July 4. It is now August 10 and still they have not helped. It takes them up to a week to reply in any fashion and when they do, they do not make any effort to actually resolve the issue or deliver what I paid for, they send the same email over and over, clearly not reading my emails to them or listening to voice mails I leave them. It’s amazing great journalists like Sam Amick, Shams Charania and many more put their names on a brand with the worst customer service department I’ve ever encountered. I wonder if these authors know this is the way their work is being used, to get people to pay for something they never receive? It’s a shame. I’ve been getting rid of most of my subscriptions because my wife has been fighting cancer but I decided with the big July 4 sale for 60% off and the fact that I love the authors who cover the NBA and WNBA for TA that I’d go ahead and subscribe. I definitely regret it now that they have wasted hours of my time and I STILL haven’t got what I paid for. Plus I missed all the free agency coverage that was a big part of what I wanted. I hope whoever owns The Athletic will take responsibility, apologize to me and clean this up so it never happens to anyone else

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    My take

    You are getting a very solid reputation among knowledgeable sports fans. As a dual cynic—a former sports writer and English teacher— I’m very critical of grammatical blunders and careless writing. I see little of that with your site. I yearn for advanced baseball analytics information. WHIP, FIP, swing plane, bat speed, exit velocity, spin rate as it pertains to pitch speed and sideways and vertical break, arm slot, etc., as well as path to ball, distance covered, percentage of catch probability, glove to hand exchange, and dozens of other defensive metrics. They exist; I want to see articles about them on a regular basis. I suggest you hire some young hotshot grad from a big-time school to write a regular column. If you don’t, another site will. And anyone who writes about an All-American” athlete who isn’t referring to Andy Hardy (Google it) will get an angry response from me reminding them that it’s “All-America.” Keep improving!

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    Great app, but podcast functionality needs work

    I love the writing, sports coverage and the content of the podcasts, but the podcast playing functionality is lacking. It has no CarPlay support even though listening to podcasts during a commute is very common. It requires too many taps to get to a favorite podcast (one must scroll to the bottom of the podcasts page to even see one’s favorited podcasts). This work is fine while walking or standing still, but while behind the wheel it is prohibitive as it requires attention and precision on something other than driving. Finally, on multiple occasions the player will show that I am midway through as episode, but when I press play to resume, the player starts back at the beginning. When paused through progress bar reverts back to the original midway point until play is pressed again. This combination of errors and difficult playback makes my favorite podcasts almost impossible to listen to when I have the most time: during my commute.

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    Die hard sports fans, get this now

    If you’re a die hard sports fan this is what you need. Everything is click bait now with meaningless articles. I would read something from some pretty popular sports sites and think “I learned nothing and just wasted my time.” This is my first review I’ve written on any app or anything but I feel that passionate about The Athletic. If you’re constantly reading sports articles or reading fantasy info, this is what you need. The Athletic doesn’t care about clicks, or ad money. They care about writing quality sports articles that are informative, un-biased, and real. I’m addicted to the articles and as they grow it’ll only get better and better. After reading a few articles, you’ll start to see how garbage some of these sports sites are. Please keep it up and you’ll have my subscription for life.

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    Love The Athletic

    The Athletic is the ONLY site I read for sports coverage.... I don’t need to go elsewhere because they have every major sport covered by ELITE journalists and reporters. Particularly the NHL coverage. There are certainly other sites that have hockey news and articles, but The Athletic has every team covered and they do it all year round. Even during the summer or “off-season” there are constantly new articles about player/team projections, forecasts, opinions, one-on-one in-depth interviews, etc. On top of the coverage, the app and website are very user friendly and easy to navigate.... most importantly, THERE ARE NO COMMERCIALS OR ADS EVER!!!! In my opinion that is reason alone to justify the subcription! I will always be a subscriber to The Athletic and have recommended several individuals to sign up for your site. Thank you for the awesome coverage!

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    I thought I would see better articles

    I can only rate this 3 stars. I thought I would see more exclusive articles. I am subscriber and some of the writers are truly great like Tom Reed. It’s great to see Jayson Stark has joined The Athletic. There are some really talented writers and that’s why I will renewal my subscription. The overall roster is good but not great. I still get emails about Chicago sports yet I’m in the Ohio market. I don’t understand that. My hope is the Athletic expands into the mid size markets and covers all levels of sports and when that happens the Athletic will truly become a great app. The Athletic customer service support tries to be helpful but still needs to strive for better service. Renewing my subscription has become more of an ordeal than necessary. I would suggest contacting a customer at least 2 weeks in advance to make the process smoother. I look forward to another year of the Athletic and watching and hoping for growth and improvements.

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    Great content, podcast UI/UX lacking.

    Love all the content on the Athletic, but am disappointed by the app interface when it comes to podcasts. Jade + the Count the Dings crew were the reason I subscribed to the Athletic in the first place, but the UI/UX makes it more difficult to enjoy the great pods being produced. Some features I would love to see implemented in a future update: 1.) Delete pods with a left swipe. 2.) Have pods remember where you left off in case you dont have time to finish. 3.) Have the app remember your playback speed preferences instead of having to change it for every pod. 4.) Make the athletic app compatible with pause commands via headphones. This has been very buggy for me, often opening my Music or Podcasts instead of just pausing the Athletic If y’all could make this happen I would gladly give 5 stars. Love the content and happy I subscribe. Just wish a bit more love and attention was given to the podcast side of the app. Jade’s work deserves better. Update: Currently only lacking a good “Mark as Played” or “Delete” function for podcasts. My fake ocd hates seeing all the podcasts I subscribe to pile up despite having already listened to them. Not a dealbreaker in any way, still great content. Thanks for continuing to update and improve.

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    Worth every penny

    The Athletic isn’t free. You can’t just hop on the internet and read article after article without paying a (small) price. For some that might turn you off to their work, but for those smart enough to realize the quality of writer/reporter The Athletic employs, it is an insignificant price to pay. The Athletic offers team coverage that is second to none, and league coverage that’s at the same (if not an even higher) level. Their Philadelphia reporters for every team (Charlie O’Connor for the Flyers, Bo Wulf for the Eagles, Derek Bodner for the Sixers, Matt Gelb for the Phillies, amongst other great writers) are fantastic, and big names like Jayson Stark cover league wide topics with incredible stories that often go beyond the games being played. The overall point of this rant is very simple. TL:DR - ITS WORTH IT.

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    A Class Act

    Kirk Ferentz is one of the classiest coaches in all of football. The blend of competitiveness, cerebral prowess, and humility make him unique. In the realm of chest thumping, ‘look at me’ actions (after the player made a tackle immediately after the play before when he blew a basic coverage), and failing to act like you’re the biggest thing to hit the end zone since William “the refrigerator” Perry, Coach Ferentz is a true leader. The realization that to be successful, Iowa Football must put an emphasis on developing talent and teaching character in-sync is a very apparent foundation of his philosophy. Iowa will likely never be an Alabama, Clemson, of Ohio State, but as long as Kirk Ferentz is at the helm, many a fan can be proud and aspiring young coaches can do well to emulate the example he has set and to which he holds true.

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    False Ad, free doesn’t mean you can read articles

    “Free” 7 day trial yet you can only read one article. I was so interested and wanted to see how they write their content but after loitering around, the app will not even let me read other articles I am interested. I can only access one article and that’s it. The rest of the article would have a banner that says “View our plans, 20% off” something along those lines. (I would have pay this app for Warriors & Klay Thompson yet they want me to read about Jimmy Not James Buttler). How can you judge an magazine type of app by its content when you don’t really have “free” trial to check things out. And limited to one free article? I don’t mind paying $$ to read my sports I just want to ensure that I am reading contents with good material and substance. Many free article online lack substance and poorly written. In the end, I ended up deleting the app in less than 30 minutes) as I was so frustrated that I can only read one article. I saw the app on the internet after an article about Klay Thompson - it says download the free app to read. So I did, sadly, the free seven day trial won’t allow me to read the article that brought me to this app (weird, right?). Do I recommend this? Definitely not. There’s no way to confirm if the articles here are substantial in content during the free day trial. I wasted my time navigating their non-user-friendly interface. Don’t do the same.

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    Worth it

    I’ve seen too many people complain on Twitter and elsewhere that they have to pay for The Athletic. That’s dumb. I have no issue paying for quality content. And The Athletic is the definition of quality content. The writing is very good. The articles are in depth but not overly long. Just having an app without ads is a breath of fresh air. The interface is very simple and easy to use. I’m glad they didn’t try and make it overly complicated. My only issue so far is that there should be the option to switch to a night mode, white text on black background for the articles. That’s easier on my eyes, especially if I’m reading in bed and my fiancé is trying to sleep. Other than that, simply fantastic app and service

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    Best sports news around - app good too

    If The Athletic has rolled out to your favorite sports city, you will LOVE this. The tech features of the app are good, especially the opportunity to build your own custom feed. Not just for cities, but which sport(s), or even writers. They’ve been hiring great established writers, who now are free to write what they want, not constrained by newspaper restrictions (such as topic or story length). Subscribed to follow Michael Russo (MN Wild). Liked him before, love him now, as he’s mixing in some fantastic freeform features with familiar newsy stories. Have noticed other cities writers doing much the same thing. Roster of coverage seems to grow every week. Very happy with my purchase. Quality is worth paying for, and it’s not all that much for what you can access.

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    This is worth the money

    If you are a a sports fan and want to enjoy some great coverage and well written articles by some great writers then this is the site for you. I am so glad that I have signed up. I have now reduced my subscription to the newspapers to just the weekend. I am still able to access the papers website with full access for only the weekend subscription. The Athletic keeps on growing and adding more staff writers in the markets that the teams play in. So you are not just getting stories written by someone who only watched the game on tv. So sign up for the free trial period and give it a read. When that ends you will be signing up to keep on reading the great stuff that they add to the site daily.

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    Great formatting, minor feed request

    I love the layout of this app for the most part, everything is streamlined and easily accessible. My only minor issue is how content is added to my feed. It would be great if I followed a specific team but also the whole league, if only team-specific articles from my team were in the feed, and then any general content for the league. For example, I follow the Reds and MLB. I really don’t want to see daily Cardinals-specific articles in my feed (which happens now) but I would like to see an article written about a specific Cardinal, if there was something noteworthy and generally interesting to all MLB fans, such as a great pitcher or MVP candidate. Hopefully that distinction is clear. Otherwise, it’s a really nice and great service, well worth my money!

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    Good content, but lacking functionality

    I like the articles. They have some talent on the staff, and it shows in the writing. Unfortunately, that does not make for a great sports app. Where are the live scores? Right now, you can go in the app and it shows game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals as “upcoming.” Seriously, that’s basic functionality that should exist in anything calling itself a “sports app.” The English Premier League? Nonexistent, according to The Athletic, and the same goes for the UEFA Champions League, Formula 1, and other basic necessities. The rationale for the paywall is that ad-supported models are unsustainable, but it’s hard to pay for a sports app that can’t even give you score updates and is completely missing major sports.

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Is The Athletic: Sports News Safe?

Yes. The Athletic: Sports News is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 139,747 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.9/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for The Athletic: Sports News Is 49.0/100.

Is The Athletic: Sports News Legit?

Yes. The Athletic: Sports News is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 139,747 The Athletic: Sports News User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for The Athletic: Sports News Is 49.0/100.

Is The Athletic: Sports News not working?

The Athletic: Sports News works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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By Dave
May 26 2021

Stay away from this application. They have deceptive billing practices. Also, information obtained in the Athletic can be found by doing a simple Google search. Stay away from the Athletic, and save yourself 67.00

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