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Anatomist is the #1 Anatomy quiz app! Why are we the best?

– 3,500+ anatomy identifications including ECGs and Pathology photos!

– 24 areas of the human body to master your anatomy skills!

– Compete globally with other anatomy and medical students via Facebook!

– World Health Organization Essential Medicines quiz (sorry only available in English right now)

– Designed by anatomy and medical students, for anatomy and medical students!

– No internet connection needed to practice your anatomy skills!

– Have fun while practising anatomy, pathology, and physiology! :)

We're so proud to bring Anatomist – the best anatomy quiz app on the market – to 6 total languages now! If you are an anatomy or medical student and wish to see Anatomist in another language not yet available, please contact us and we'll see if we can add it!

Top Anatomist – Anatomy Quiz Game Reviews

  • By xDynastyHDx

    Great study tool

    This app is a great tool for reviewing material for medical school! I would highly recommend this app for anyone that is interested in becoming a doctor or another advanced provider. It is cheap for the knowledge that it reviews. The only problem with the app is the frequency that it crashes which gets annoying. However, I heard this was being fixed so I can’t wait till the new update!

  • By Jeconda

    There’s a bug! Help!!: Update

    I love this app! I think it’s wonderful but I downloaded it on the my other device but it’s not working! I tried to submit the problem but it’s not letting me click on any options. Please help! Update: Hello, did you receive my email?

  • By alicerayne

    Just some suggestions

    I love this app so much, but I’d like to see some patient positioning as well. For example Fowler’s, lateral, and prone. Also, maybe add the functions and the answers could be the the anatomical structure. Once you get those this app will cover everything!

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