Fitonomy: Weight Loss at Home Reviews

Fitonomy: Weight Loss at Home Reviews

Published by on 2020-12-31

Fitonomy App is designed to help you become healthy & fit, achieve your body
goals with weight loss training. Lose weight, build muscle, tone and sculpt with
our customized legs, butt, and ab workouts. PERSONALIZED WORKOUTS Fitonomy App
generates weight loss workouts and tone & sculpt...

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Fitonomy: Weight Loss at Home Reviews

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    Add On: I’ve noticed people complaining about money issues with this app. Apple deals with the subscriptions, so if you’re trying out the free trial, as like I, & you apparently don’t like it, you would need to cancel through your settings on your phone all before your trail is up. This app won’t notify you about trial ending because it is your responsibility. I’ve struggled with my weight ever since I graduated High School(3yrs ago), & struggled even more once I got married. I use to weigh 132 and gained 40 lbs. It’s really hard to get back into my exercising routine & Fitonomy really helped. fitonomy has pushed me to achieve my daily goals & show so many positions that are super easy yet intense. Also this app shows the muscle you should focus on when it comes to a certain position, & starts you off with easy mode, let’s you know the amount of calories you’ve burned, and has options from weight loss, to yoga, to improving flexibility, strength & balance, cardio workouts, pregnancy workouts, & if you have a bad posture/feet that turn in or out etc.

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    It’s okay, could use some improvements

    For the price, I put up with all its deficits but there are a few things that would be nice if improved. 1. I like that I can listen to my own music but I’d also like to be able to manage the music between sets or during the rest period, that way I don’t have to mess with the music during my workout. 2. I’ve noticed that sometimes the amount of reps or seconds don’t match up with the workout I reviewed ahead of time. 3. It would be convenient to be able to switch from seconds to minutes while running. Not everyone can run 15 minutes right out the gate, I like to break it up into run/walk intervals and the seconds kinda screw me up. But my biggest complaint is that I got all the way to day 23 and the app reset itself on me, so I started back at day one...Frustrating to say the least! but I figured I was probably going to do it again anyway, so I’m giving it another chance, but If it does it again I’ll move on to another app. Other then that I think it’s an okay app that keeps me moving. I combined this with running/walking and have lost 10lbs in 60 days :)

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    Hands down the best app to start your fitness journey!

    I seriously have downloaded wayyy to many fitness apps they were all lacking something but that is not the case with fitonomy. Since I am a beginner it is hard for me to know how each exercise is performed and many apps would just assume I know everything which is very frustrating for me. The other problem is in knowing how many calories I have burned and what to eat and fitonomy provides both ! I am also able to share my progress with real people in the community which makes me feel more secure about my self. As I always hated people judging me at the gym. But not any more. I can now freely share my pictures and the only thing I get in return is love and inspiration! I was lucky to take advantage of the one time offer but I would happily pay the full price if I had to. Worth it! Love you fitonomy for the opportunity to start my fitness journey with you! Can't wait to achieve my goals :) xxxx

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    Fun, challenging, practical and results-oriented!

    I am feeling stronger, more balanced/supported and more flexible since I tried Fitonomy the first time a month ago. My girls told me about the app after seeing an Instagram promo. There is a clear expert foundation in the design of strength training, active stretching and slow, controlled movement with a time factor and visual cue. Every day is a push, but just the right amount. I like how they ask you to reflect on the day being too easy, just right or too difficult and allowing you to modify. I do change a few exercises slightly like burpees to be gentler on a past joint injury. I use the 360 degree views at times to double check form. I also find useful the practical exercise + diet/recipe combo. I’m staying challenged, am hooked, it really fits my needs! Consistency is everything and I find myself looking forward to the daily workouts and the surprise they bring. It’s fun. And it works!

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    Long review but includes problems.

    I wish this app work properly cause I’d rate it a 5 if I didn’t have so many issues. This app is awesome for workouts and exercise ideas to target specific muscles. I love that it shows you how to do each exercise. Problems I’ve encountered include: 1. if you pause the exercise it throws off the next exercise. 2. I am unable to sign in using my original login where I have a weeks of progress(I reached out and hopefully it’s resolved) 3. it keeps getting stuck on the same exercise replaying the same exercise unless I select next exercise (auto play on or off) 4. when needing to do 1 side and then another it doesn’t play the second set it moves on to next exercise and then plays that same exercise again so I only did left arm and not right. 5. Lastly when pausing or skipping at all during the workout it didn’t allow me to finish. Just kept playing same exercise with 0 tome remaining on the workout. Please fix these bugs or prevent them from happening if I skip exercises or pause the workout!

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    In my opinion the best!!

    The app is an absolute beast!!💪🏼 Must have for everyone! Beginner or Pro you will find here the best workouts that you will fall in love with! I am saying all of this based on my own experience on this app... started as a beginner now I feel like a pro :) They keep updating regularly and adding new features which is amazing! To the negative comments I say what the hell is wrong with you! When I started my free trial I read exactly how much I was going to be charged and when I was going to get charged so there is no excuse for you to say bad stuff and push someone who needs this app away just because you did not read... The app is better then having a personal trainer and costs several hundred dollars less!!! Finally I want to finish my review by thanking the developers! Changed my life and I will be forever grateful!❤️❤️❤️

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    This app is GREAT! It works in all muscle groups, even the ones I don’t work on in the gym. With some exercises I wish they gave a preview too before actually doing the work out. Like a quick glimpse on how to do it. Love the meals but just feel it would be better if you can log in what you eat. Also the calories you burn... it’s like how do you know I’m actually burning these calories or it’s just an estimate on how many calories I burned after doing the work out. I feel like there are minor things that can be changed but over all the app has potential 🤗

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    Do not download

    DO NOT DOWNLOAD this application will STEAL YOUR MONEY There is no way to recover your money! You make the automatic charge for more than a month without prior notice, tells you that you will be charged after 7 days that is free and without worrying you will pay for 70 dollars, did not want to put a star or deserve not one. I contacted the support team and was basically told that I was stuck with the service, so use the application or lose your money. He automatically charges you $ 70 and there is no refund available and they do not respond until it is too late for you to cancel it. This application is not for me. I tried it, I do not like it, I prefer to pay a personal trainer who can show me and help me do the exercise instead of trying it myself. I need more than a voice in my ear and someone to let me know if I'm doing it right. Support response: the payment you made is processed by Apple iTunes and we do not have any access

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    Do Not Do The Free Trial!!!!!!!

    There’s no way of getting your money back! I contact the support team and they basically said i am stuck with the service so use the app or lose your money. Automatically charges you $70 and there’s no refund available and they do not reply to you until it’s too late for you to cancel. This app is just not for me. I tried it, i don’t like it I rather pay a personal trainer that can properly show me and help me do the exercise instead of blindly trying it myself. I need more then a voice in my ear and someone to let me know if I am doing t right. Support Reply: payment you made is processed by Apple iTunes and we do not have any access over it. Which means we are unable to issue you a refund. And Apple iTunes has a No Refund policy for all subscriptions. That is why we highly suggest you get to use Fitonomy and give the workouts another chance to make the money you paid worth it.

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    Great to get in shape, however for those w/ injuries...

    I just started back exercising w/ cardio since summer outdoor swim is over. This workout was tough but I feel great! However, w/ my old dancers injuries (2knee & 1 back surgery) I modify any jumping and pushing off left leg to be careful and keep my alignment and abs engaged because I do push myself. My goal is a stronger core for abs to engage effortlessly when moving about my daily activities. It’s a constant mental focus for years but I’m getting and hoped add some moderate running and more. Small steps. Looking into Fitonomyworkouts for core & back strengthening and post workout lengthening stretches targeting hamstring, glutes & periformis muscles that maintain the spine and keep me on track!

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    Needs a lot of improvement

    I have been using this app for only a few days but I am already starting to notice where it lacks . Not all recipes have the calorie count , what’s the point of having them available if we don’t know how many calories we are consuming . Also the manage your subscription tab doesn’t give me any information about my subscription only one button that said restore purchases and when pressing on it it’s trying to make me buy the subscription again which is very shady if you ask me . For the money I payed this app is really bad from the layout , to the way recipes are presented to the way the actual exercises look they couldn’t even use videos you are literally looking at a picture , it’s very disappointing I would give it 0 stars if I could . Save your money and download another app .

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    Does not tell you when free trial is over

    Like most, honest apps, they will tell you that your free trial is up and how you can cancel within the app but THIS app does not do that. I tried the free trial and woke up to a charge of $65 dollars to my account, when I tried to look the charge up in the app, it doesn’t show it. Usually, you have a account on the app but in this case, no such thing. The only way I could cancel it was to go to iTunes help and go to manage subscription in the iTunes Store, which I couldn’t find that on my own. After you locate your subscriptions, you can then cancel. So to those that still want to try this app *BEWARE* and have nothing attached to this app, disconnect any cards or accounts you may have with iTunes. Nike has free apps that work just as good if you are seriously looking for a good workout app.

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    Use it people!!!

    App done very well with precise explanations and a fairly motivating social aspect. The workouts are not easy but they slowly bring you even better results starting from a modest physical form. Do not expect the app to do everything for you, your constancy and your motivation will be essential, but having programs sewn on to follow the letter helps a lot. Already after a relatively short period I see good results on all muscle groups, I feel better with myself and amazed at being able to squeeze certain workouts from my little body. No excuses, people :)

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    Brilliant Fitness app

    The exercises are brilliant and always push you hard. I always had a problem finding exercises when I have to travel or don’t have access to the gym, this covers it all. The only small problem I have with it is that I sometimes accidentally end the workouts because there’s no verification step before ending the workout. It’s a small gripe but can get annoying after a while. So that’s the one thing I’d say the devs should definitely look at fixing. Everything else is brilliant and I can’t ask for more

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    I Was OK with the cost But

    It was really not something I would use. The visualizations of which muscles you are working is a joke. When you choose ab exercises, the entire ab section is lit for every movement regardless of whether it targets your left oblique or lower abs. There is no shift when certain areas are firing and others supporting and they don’t change on the rest vs the contraction. So, basically if you choose ab exercise, the entire ab muscles are highlighted for EVERY exercise = Duh. I’ll save you money and tell you that if you choose a flute exercise, you’ll be working your flute muscles. If you choose an ab exercise, you’ll be working your abs. Also, it looks like the model has a horrible arch in her back which is wrong form and can cause injury. Extremely disappointed.

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Is Fitonomy: Weight Loss at Home Safe?

Yes. Fitonomy: Weight Loss at Home is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 2,401 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.0/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Fitonomy: Weight Loss at Home Is 65.3/100.

Is Fitonomy: Weight Loss at Home Legit?

Yes. Fitonomy: Weight Loss at Home is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 2,401 Fitonomy: Weight Loss at Home User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Fitonomy: Weight Loss at Home Is 65.3/100.

Is Fitonomy: Weight Loss at Home not working?

Fitonomy: Weight Loss at Home works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 1 Comments

By Analyn Fuglestad
Mar 01 2021

I cant log in to my account today! Have reset my password, entered my email address yet no email received! My email address is [email protected] Please fix the problem.

Analyn Fuglestad

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