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1. As a family who value education and having a good time, they wanted to make sure that their children were able to enjoy mobile and tablet technology in an enriching and educational way without taking away the fun gameplay elements that kids find so appealing.

2. Ideal for kids 2-5 years in age, it is an amazing learning game to raise awareness about the environment in preschool and kindergarten.

3. “My toddler loves to imitate the noises the rabbit makes through the game, and my preschooler has started asking questions when we’re out and about that are linked to what they’ve learned in the game” – Carlos C.

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Toddler games for 2,3 years old is an educational game for kids 2-5 years old. Preschool games to boost creativity and language skills for kindergarten kids. Kids games to discover the natural world. Our kid’s apps are designed for boys and girls. Learning games for little kids to explore the natural world. In a 100% SAFE and ad-free environment your preschooler will discover all the fun activities he can do in nature. Ideal for kids 2-5 years in age, it is an amazing educational app to learn vocabulary in 4 languages. The app has the following fun and educational games for little boys and girls: • Learn English, German, French and Spanish with over 150 words. • Preschool games for kids to discover seasons and learn about plants and birds • Coloring games for little kids. • Baby puzzles with funny sounds. • Jigsaw puzzles for kids 2 to 4 years old. • Memory games for kids to develop cognitive skills. Learning games and puzzles designed to help preschool kids develop motor coordination, memory, and preschool skills. Our apps have games without wifi. Visit us: Email us: [email protected] Like us: Follow us:

Top Toddler game for 2,3 year olds Reviews

  • By Jeffrey Nix

    Nice app for kids

    I purchased this app a few days ago for my 3 years old boy. We had the free version for a while and my son keept on playing it every weekend when he had his screen time. The free version is quite short, like an intro to the full version. He likes the gardening activities and now he is very happy that he can color more eggs. As a parent a like the app from a several points of view : first it is a true educational game for kids, second, the app is safe, it has no adds or any other in-apps, third, the design si suitable for kids. Good job!

  • By Lynn Lafrance

    Cute kids app

    I have 2 little boys, 2 and 4 years old. They bought enjoy this learning game. My little is so happy to play with the memory games and get the tools and also the coloring game. For the 4 year old it is a good starting point to understand how nature changes, he likes doing the activities and he even planted some seeds in his flowerpot :). It is a great app for toddlers and preschoolers.

  • By Mad Max 63

    Fun Game and a Very Good Value

    This game is a lot of fun, even for adults. It helps reduce stress. **Also, this app. is not mercenary like so many others: It doesn’t require additional money to enjoy, accept once after the initial download. It’s a very minimal fee and it lasts forever, like apps used to, without any monthly or annual renewal charges!

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