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About: Athabasca Basin Development is an investment company committed to building and investing in
successful businesses
Headquarters: Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada.


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1. ⁃ "The Albert app provides a personalized savings account and can look at car insurance policies and credit cards to find better deals.

2. Whether you want to pay off debt or book a dream vacation, Albert puts your goals in reach with automatic savings.

3. Combining human guidance with cutting-edge technology, Albert automates your financial life — so you can be free to enjoy it.

4. • Funds in your Albert Savings account are FDIC-insured.

5. • Funds in your Albert Investments account are SIPC-protected.

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Product Details and Description of Albert: Budget. Save. Invest.


Combining human guidance with cutting-edge technology, Albert automates your financial life — so you can be free to enjoy it. Build savings, meet bills, end the overspending cycle and develop your financial IQ, right from the palm of your hand.

Download now to see why Forbes, Huffington Post, The New York Times and others have recommended Albert.


Take your money to the next level with Albert Investments. Even if you have zero experience, you can put your money to work with commission-free investments.

Let Albert customize an automatic, diversified portfolio for you or mix and match to build your own.


Whether you want to pay off debt or book a dream vacation, Albert puts your goals in reach with automatic savings. We identify dollars you won't miss throughout the week, then set them aside for what's important.


Meet Albert Genius: a revolutionary feature offering guidance from our team of financial experts, or "geniuses."

Our geniuses are real people, not bots, with knowledge that covers most financial areas. They work alongside the app to improve your financial health and provide personalized advice.

Questions about investment plans? Meeting your bills? Paying off credit cards? Send us a text and we'll get to work.

Some topics our geniuses cover:

Budgeting • Credit cards • College savings • Insurance • Investments • Debt • Retirement • Student loans


We work in the background to spot unfamiliar charges, find extra savings and identify bills to lower. We send smart alerts in real-time, putting an end to financial surprises so you can stay on top of your money.


⁃ "The Albert app provides a personalized savings account and can look at car insurance policies and credit cards to find better deals. Banks are racing to catch up with such digital advances." — NEW YORK TIMES

⁃ "Dying for an app that takes the math out of budgeting? Albert would be the best choice for you." — FORBES

⁃ "For a clear picture of where my spending is going, access to advice and suggestions for where to improve, I'll definitely stick with Albert." — HUFFINGTON POST


• A custom financial plan

• Our on-demand support team of real financial geniuses

• Albert Savings: the cutting-edge feature created to help reach your goals faster

• Albert Investments: our commission-free service that helps anyone become an investor

• Smart alerts for rising bills, bank fees and new subscription charges

• Automatic account syncing puts all your finances in one clean interface

• Thousands of supported U.S. financial institutions

• 24-7 account monitoring for fraud and fees


• Your peace of mind is our highest priority.

• Albert uses cutting-edge technology to protect your most sensitive information.


• Funds in your Albert Savings account are FDIC-insured. Should anything happen to the member bank or company holding your savings, you'll be insured for up to $250,000 of your money in the account.

• Funds in your Albert Investments account are SIPC-protected. This is a more limited protection against the loss of securities and cash held at a member firm up to $500,000 in the event the firm fails. This does not protect the securities you own from going down in value if the market changes.

Albert Investments, LLC is a Registered Investment Advisor. Albert can only offer investment services to clients where Albert and its representatives are properly licensed. The content posted is solely to inform. Investments are risky: you could lose money, and past performance is no guarantee of future returns. Albert is only available to U.S. residents who are 18+. For more information, see our Form ADV Part II and our Terms of Use at

Top Albert: Budget. Save. Invest. Reviews

  • By Unique_Martha

    Great app

    I love this app, helps to save money and albert genius keeps track of your spendings. Confusing at first, Once you are familiar with what means what and how to work along with albert Genius. Just be curious and look around and be familiar of the app. They Work great with keeping up just answering your question the team goes beyond with great skills. Ask any personal questions and Be patient. Wait for your questions to be answered, and they will get right with you as soon as possible. they are more then likely Busy with other people. So be Patient. Albert genius is FDIC Safe insured savings account. When you sign up with genius you choose to pay what you think is fair, with a minimum fee of $4 per month or $6 per month. You choose what is fair. You can also go to There Albert Website, to see how Albert genius Works. Feel free to have the confidence to save with Albert. As much as they have Savings, they also have Investing options. Need help with buying a Home or Renting ask Away and they will Organize and help you with that. Paying to much for your bills? Ask away. For those who think it is a bad app i strongly Disagree. Sorry for miss understanding Just weren’t Curious enough. Look up information. Give it a try! 👌🏽 make a great choice, you wont regret it. Thank you Albert Genius.

  • By fendjdbd


    Let me just start off by saying I was skeptical about this app at first because of linking my bank account, but given that I live on my own and just moved to a new state, I needed to budget my paychecks properly as I was carelessly spending before. I downloaded this app with the intention to get my finances under control but didn’t realize all the benefits. So i downloaded it and payed the monthly fee, and it set up a savings account (rainy day fund) then forgot about it and deleted the app. THREE MONTHS LATER I’m checking my banking app and see that Albert had taken $10 out of my account then looked a little more and had seen they had been periodically taking money out. At first I was lied “WHOA HOLD UP WHAT IS THIS??” So I downloaded Albert again and checked it and it had SAVED UP ALMOST $300!! I was honestly so happy. As someone who had been living paycheck to paycheck and worried if I was gonna be able to pay rent every month because of my careless spending, this app has SAVED ME so much financial anxiety. I even created another savings account in the app for a car AND IT PREDICTS WHEN ILL ACHIEVE THAT GOAL! You can set up “smart savings” for any of the savings account which will take out what you can afford to save, which is a lifesaver! Safe to say I’ll be using this app probably FOREVER!

  • By Jessljgdadfhj

    Amazing app

    I was always too lazy to go to the bank or an ATM to withdraw cash to save for various things (vacations, emergencies, Christmas), and I didn’t want to create an actual savings account that would lump it all together, so I constantly had NO money saved because I didn’t have the discipline to not spend all that I had in checking. Albert is AMAZING! It lets me create as many folders as I want, for whatever I want. They have “smart savings,” where they automatically will save a certain amount of money for you each week and spread it across your folders, based on the priority you’ve given them. Then, you can also add funds as you’d like. Best of all, you can withdraw money whenever you need, without any fees. It does take a couple of days to post to your bank account, but that is the ONE, single thing about the app that I don’t love, and I can completely understand why it can’t be immediate. Love love love this app. I talk about “my Albert” to friends and family at least a couple times each week, and they know exactly what I’m talking about. And you can choose how much to pay for the monthly subscription, so if you’re super tight on money like I was when I first got the app, you can give just $5/month and have all of these great benefits.

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