MindDoc: Depression & Anxiety Reviews

MindDoc: Depression & Anxiety Reviews

Published by on 2020-12-15

MindDoc is a leading monitoring and self-management app for mental health
disorders like depression, anxiety and eating disorders. HOW IT WORKS - A
dynamic monitoring recognizes symptoms of mental disorders - Receive
personalized recommendations based on your answers - Helpful insigh...

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MindDoc: Depression & Anxiety Reviews

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    Beautiful App!

    I’ve struggled with Bipolar 2 disorder which I only recently was diagnosed with. Therefore, I’m still trying to understand my experiences and my condition. My psychiatrist encouraged me to keep a “mood” journal, and referred me to this app. All I can say, is thank you Moodpath. You’ve helped me immensely in terms of keeping track of my thoughts, emotions, feelings, and everything in between. I highly recommend using this app to keep track of your emotions and daily experiences. The app even offers some “courses” and tools to help with different coping strategies (which I have yet to try), but the fact that the option is available makes the app that much more worth a try. Although some of the courses aren’t free to utilize, I anticipate myself signing up for Moodpath Plus for those extra features soon. I wish more people know about this company, because the creators seem to really care about people struggling with any kind of psychological problems. And even if you don’t, it’s still interesting to see how in depth Moodpath assesses your everyday experiences! Again, thank you so much for helping me map out and organize what I’m feeling every day.

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    Good for the most part

    I’ve been using this app for around 2 weeks and waited to write a review until I got the first result. This app works good as a mood tracker and the idea of repeated assessments every few weeks is a good idea, because your emotional state changes from time to time. I also like the feature where you can write down your thoughts after you answer your daily set of questions. The only things I would say is I wish the questions were less repetitive and generic... like they were basic depression/anxiety questions and depression/anxiety manifests itself in a variety of ways in different people & a lot of the questions repeated themselves over-and-over again and only sometimes id get a different question. Also on questions instead of just yes and no there should be a “Not applicable” option as well... for instance I’m young and there were questions such as “do you have a deceased sex drive?” And I’m not sexually active so it’s non applicable to me, but that wasn’t an option. Lastly I wish the results of the assessment took into account the severity of the symptoms themselves instead of just the number of symptoms. I feel like you can have a lot of depression symptoms but they might not be that severe or you can 1 or 2 and those happen to be bad symptoms, yet it would tell you your depression is mild if that makes sense. But overall I think this app is good.

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    Okay but one major drawback

    This is great for doing exactly what it says on the tin: tracking my moods over time, especially as connected or reacting to events. The only thing that drives me nuts is that it dumps my journal entries as I’m trying to write them because the phone rang or because I was distracted for a second. (Since I have to set aside what I was doing to make an entry, I can’t be absolutely sure nothing will cause me to stop writing or need to check something else.) it’s really infuriating because I tend to write a lot and like the opportunity to ramble and cover all the middle ground that questions leave out. The questions are kind of a different irritation because they rarely apply to me. They’re very generic and always yes/no. They don’t apply to someone with lifelong social problems or an unemployed person or an artist, etc. So I have to try and adapt them, like I do everything else and it gets tiresome. The journal is the only part I don’t have to adapt, but that’s only when my entry doesn’t crash and get lost. Oh and when it crashes the screen that comes back is my keyboard, but the type field is gone. I can type all I want but nothing will happen. I can’t say I’m done, I can’t go onto the next thing or anything. The only thing I can do is close the app completely. That trashed the whole entry and brings up the questions from the beginning. Super annoying.

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    aspects are great! Others need work...

    This app is exactly what I was looking for in the area of keeping track of my mental health, however- there are quite a few things I’d like to mention before I’d recommend this to anyone. Let’s start with the emotions you can mark as how you feel, there is rarely emotions for what I’m feeling, insecure, selfish, the list goes on, and I don’t know about anyone else but my physical state has a large effect on my mood, being sore, or having a headache and so much more should be options to choose as either experiences or emotions, I’m somewhat shocked how that was overlooked. And speaking of experiences, the options you have to choose from are very few... and rarely, once again, do they ever have what I’ve experienced that I feel has had an effect on my mood, sometimes I have a wonderful dream and I’m in a better mood, sometimes it’s a nightmare, sometimes going for a nice walk boosts my mood something indulging in sweets boosts my mood yet, I have no way to keep track. However I love everything about the calendar system of keeping track of your emotions through the 2 weeks. It’s really opened my eyes to everything that I’ve missed that majorly effects my mood so if you’re looking for a simple tracker, and I summary of your results, I would recommend :)

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    Time Constraints

    After trying several similar, but less thorough and successful apps, I discovered Moodpath. It works great for me and for the most part I’m extremely happy with it. My main issue is the rigidity of the journal time constraints. I frequently go to bed late and consequently rise late as well. By the time I’m up the morning journal time is over and I get the “you missed your morning questions” message. Does it really matter if the journaling is done in the morning? For me, at least, I’m just happy to write three times a day and Moodpath helps facilitate that. Getting a “you missed morning, etc., does not. There may be some reason it’s important they be in those actual time periods, but it feels artificial and rigid to me. Another issue is my phone was misplaced for a couple of days, so Moodpath was not filled in. This message was something along the line of, “your pages or something needed to be reset”. After filling in the pages for a couple months, it was alarming to read. It seemed a bit dire, even though it’s not ideal to skip a few days. I suppose this response makes more sense than my above concern, but for me, I wish there were a Moodpath lite or something similar-I’m being somewhat tongue in cheek, but a little wishful, too.

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    Fantastic mood tracking app

    This is great if you want a more complex and detailed summary of your moods. I love the positive reinforcement when you're doing good at answering how you're feeling frequently. The insights are usually helpful and interesting, and there's a lot of other information in the app. The fact that you can type a journal entry with every mood you enter is great and has been really helpful for me when I'm feeling frustrated or sad or excited. A few improvements I would suggest would be an edit button you can click for a short amount of time after you click the check mark to submit your mood. Sometimes I'll finish and then a few minutes later want to add something I forgot. A snooze button on the notification would be great so that it can ask again in a half hour or so. I also with you could add an event to the calendar such as when you're starting a new medication to help track your mood compared the the medication easier. Overall though a very beautiful and helpful app; I have told my therapist about it to recommend it to other people.

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    Incredibly helpful and insightful

    I’ve only been using this app for about 3 days and haven’t even completed my first round of assessments, but I already find it very useful. Part of the reason why I personally haven’t been successful in keeping other mood logs/journals (whether digital or on paper) is because I‘m less inclined to do any of that if I’m experiencing a really bad depressive episode. But Moodpath makes it super easy to track your emotions and experiences, and I feel like even in the middle of a bad one I’d probably still be able to at least answer these simple questions. I love being able to track my behavior and emotions because it gives me back a sense of management over my anxiety/depression, and that’s what I’ve gotten so far out of this app. Also, I realize that it doesn’t take the place of professional therapy and counseling, but I think the app is a great way to at least get a snapshot of your mental health and learn some useful tools for coping with daily stressors for those who can’t afford professional therapy (myself included).

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    Great app, but needs to fix a bit of bugs

    I really like this app. I basically use it as a journal. It’s a great way for me to keep track or my mood and what I was doing at the moment. However, I have encountered a few bugs that I would appreciate if they got fixed. Firstly, the notifications are a bit glitchy. Sometimes I get a notification and it immediately disappears, leaving me with little time to react to it. Since I don’t have my phone on 24/7, I sometimes get the notifications and not notice them. I’m not sure if it’s because I have it set so they don’t go away until I swipe them off. I’m very forgetful, so I’d appreciate the notifications working. And secondly, another bug I encountered is when writing an entry (in the thoughts), and leaving the app by tapping on another notification makes it so either: 1. It makes it do all the questions again or 2. Doesn’t let me write on the entry anymore, forcing me to close the app and redo everything again. This is a bit bothersome if I already wrote a lot of things in the entry. I would love for those bugs could be fixed, as it’ll make a better experience when using the app.

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    Helping me after experiencing an emotional abuse relationship

    This app has helped me tremendously. I wouldn’t take it to diagnose anything severe and would recommend seeing an in person therapist for severe depression or other disorders, (I think it would be hard to pinpoint the symptoms spec) but it’s insightful algorithm asks different questions based on your responses and even provides help for people having suicidal thoughts. It has been a tremendous relief and friend for me during a really tough time in my life. It’s helped me track my emotions, (without any annoying ads or pointless advice) it easily pushes you into being more mindful, and gives simple beautiful and easy to follow videos that are calming and has ultimately inspired and fueled my desire to keep improving myself and find an in-person psychotherapist. I’ve dealt with depression since the age of 15, and I’m on medication. But it’s been really helpful learning to be mindful, and learning more about self growth. I’ve always wanted a good mood tracker and will continue to use this. ♥️ thank you for your help.

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    Helps my counsellor and I track my mood

    Recently I’ve been diagnosis MDD. It was all very hard and I had a few episodes after. When I was first diagnosed I had taken the test to see how severe the depression was, I scored 22/27 so pretty bad. Once I got the app and tracked my mood and good things were happening and now that I am slowly accepting the help I need and the support I need when I recently took it again with my counsellor because I don’t take anti-depressants I scored a 13/27 so I went down quite a lot. I know that I will never get rid of my depression. It will be with me till the day I die. But It’s very positive seeing and reassuring all the progress you make and even better when you right down what causes you to feel the way you do because when you are feeling the lowest level of very bad you know what causes it and when you are ready you can do something that causes you to have a very good day.

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    Please Read

    I do not recommend this app for people who might show symptoms of bipolar depression because in the three times it asks you questions a day and you are in different mood swings you answer very differently. In my experience I was already diagnosed with depression and anxiety by my psychiatrist and I got this app as a way to track my moods. Because I answered differently, the app seem to level out my moods as stable and proceeded to say that I show no symptoms of depression. That is not true and I would not use this app as a credible source. I think going to a medical health professional is best because also if you have anxiety in a similar way to me and you listen to this app with 100% seriousness, you may have more feelings of self guilt and self doubt. A common answer for me was answering Moderate as how I was feeling and when this app would send notifications in those moments where I was in a dark place I did not want to answer the questions to begin with so it did not accurately reflect my thoughts and feelings. So my advice is this is not for people that have severe mood swings because I feel like this app levels out extreme happiness and extreme sadness as normal when in reality it is still a mood disorder.

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    Not for me

    I see it’s working for others and that’s great! I found that the questions were repetitive. I’d like to see some more advanced AI here where the app remembers what things you struggle with and what you don’t. Kind of reminds me of going to the dr office and they always make me fill out the depression and asthma screening sheet even though I’ve been diagnosed with clinical depression for over ten years and asthma for over seven. The questions are very vague in my opinion and not necessarily related to my illness. For example, “Do you find it hard to make decisions lately?” Well yes, I’ve always been indecisive person. So constantly being asked this is just a bit annoying. It’s a little less personal than I’d like it to be I suppose. The list of emotions to chose from when charting your mood are not nearly as many as I’d like to see. Hate to compare another app here but Sanvello does a great job of this. Depression isn’t just sadness, it can be anger, apathy, boredom, loneliness, etc. I do, however like the literature and guides in the discover tab. Very helpful when you don’t know exactly what you’re feeling and for trying different methods to alleviate the bouts of depression and anxiety attacks.

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    Less Functional After Update

    Part of what I really liked about this app was that it made it so much easier to track my moods than any other method I’ve tried before. Their basic selection of emotions that were previously available made it much simpler and took away the problem of trying to come up with just the exact right word, which would take forever and on bad days made me skip the process entirely. Previously, Moodpath alleviated that problem while also allowing me to add any other particular emotion I may have been feeling strongly about in the moment simply by typing it in. This update has ruined that. It is not effective to make people scroll through an endless list of emotions that you can’t even perform a search within. The process is now so laborious that I’ve completely abandoned that part of the app, this making it only half the service it had been before. It’s greatly disappointing that the developer took away one of the best features and stripped away functionality for seemingly no reason.

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    This is a really great app and an amazing Idea, the only problem is that the timing of the questions is not customizable. I wake up at 8, so I get questions around 8, 12, and 5.. but that means that HALF MY DAY goes without questions (6pm-1am). This is bad for me because on the days that I have very low (or very high) moods it usually happens late at night. Also I have had multiple of my inputs show as “missed” hours or days after I answer the questions and add a mood which is frustrating. Lastly I wish the app gave me more consistent notifications, sometimes they are early by an hour or late by a couple of hours and sometimes I don't get notifications at all .. personally I find this very stressful because I know I cannot rely on a notification to remind me to log my mood. Overall this is a great app. I highly recommend it for everyone even if you do not have any serious emotional turmoil lol. The meditation and resources are an added bonus however I haven’t used then.

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    Teen severely depressed

    im only 15 years old and have struggled with these mix of emotions from being suicidal and hopeless and struggling with self harm, my parents refuse to get me counseling because they believe im not actually depressed, its just mood swings from being a teenager but i always knew something was really really wrong with how i saw life and myself. therapy apps cost money that i dont have and i have no friends to talk too and talking to staff at school will just draw back to my parents. i found this app just while scrolling on the appstore and decided to download it but i thought there was a catch. there wasnt. no money is involved in this unless the Plus but plus really isnt even necessary. ive used it for a month and my results came back saying i was severely depressed. and somehow getting a notif from this app to answer questions makes me really happy.

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Is MindDoc: Depression & Anxiety Safe?

Yes. MindDoc: Depression & Anxiety is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 27,055 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for MindDoc: Depression & Anxiety Is 63.6/100.

Is MindDoc: Depression & Anxiety Legit?

Yes. MindDoc: Depression & Anxiety is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 27,055 MindDoc: Depression & Anxiety User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for MindDoc: Depression & Anxiety Is 63.6/100.

Is MindDoc: Depression & Anxiety not working?

MindDoc: Depression & Anxiety works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 1 Comments

By Aubrey
Feb 08 2021

I'm really bummed because i've been using this app for a long time and it has stopped asking me the daily questions. i've tried deleting the app, restarting my phone, etc. but nothing seems to be working. im unable to answer any questions so it's no longer tracking well

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