Widgets & Wallpapers: MyScreen Reviews

Widgets & Wallpapers: MyScreen Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-30

Only in MyScreen! A unique opportunity to fully customize your screen with
Wallpapers and Keyboards! Packs of beautiful icons and awesome Widget sets are
definitely a match made in heaven. Try them out to give your Home & Lock Screens
a total makeover and customize them the way you like!...

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Some things don’t work

I recently downloaded WidgetsWallpapers and I though it was gonna be really cool” I finally found an app to make my phone look cool inside and out”. When I try to use the Home Screen pack it doesn’t work, it takes me to google and asks me to change stuff that can’t necessarily be changed from the said spot. Either it’s because I’m using an iPhone or I need to get the premium to use widgets and the Home Screen pack which is kinda misleading when it’s an app that changes the appearance of many things. It’s understandable to have to earn money from such a useful app for people who are organized and creative but I don’t understand why it wouldn’t work just because of those two possible reasons. I loved WidgetsWallpapers when i first tried to make an animated photo from another app, that’s the main reason I downloaded it in the first place but I don’t see it worth all the praise when it says you can use widgets and change other things when they won’t work. I just don’t see it as anything more than what it is. It just changes the way you can make lock and home screens and the way your keyboard looks. 50/50 outcome.


Just one thing!

I love WidgetsWallpapers it is absolutely astonishing. Other then a small ad on the screen for a photo every now and then it’s awesome, most Live Photo apps do not let me save without a membership or paying every week or month. I love it how it automatically goes to your photos/videos as well. When I put it on my lock screen I tried it out and it worked. I was so happy and surprised. So I tried a watermelon one because it reminds me of my father (nothing bad happened to him) we always eat watermelon together. So I put it from my home screen. It worked but when I tried to hold down it did not work. It thought I was sliding to see more apps, is there a way I can fix this? Other then that don’t change a thing I love your app. Thank you for everything you guys do! I will soon buy things from you guys. I love your guys photos that you put up and everything. Thank you really, all I need to know if I need to perhaps have a new upgrade maybe that I don’t see or you guys need to change something. Once again thank you. Sincerely, Olivia


Really bad app

Honestly I don’t get why WidgetsWallpapers has so many good reviews. Every time you try a new background an add pops up! If you don’t buy the premium version you can only customize one background and don’t have all the options for backgrounds. You also need to have nearly perfect WiFi for it to work and still everything takes a little too long to actually load. Also I don’t believe a lot of these are real videos/ pictures and it shows. A lot of the animations are weird, slightly cartoonish, and I don’t get them. Like who wants their background to be a hand holding a vase/ jewelry? Or a puff of smoke, or a tennis ball in front of a bad background? There just not cute, aesthetic, or understandable. Finally, maybe it’s because I don’t have the premium version but the backgrounds I saw in the add were not the same as the options I had to choose from. The only reason I’m giving it two stars is because some options are cool and it’s easier to use WidgetsWallpapers then go into tiktok, making a slideshow, saving it as a Live Photo, speeding it up in Snapchat, making a new tiktok using the faster version, saving it as a Live Photo again, and then making it my screensaver. ( which if done thoughtfully and correctly can take up to an hour)


Doesn't work for me but there is another good thing.

For me, the picture that I download from WidgetsWallpapers is animated (it is in live) when I am in photos, but when I put that picture in my locked/home background, it is not animated, But the other good thing is that WidgetsWallpapers has an animated background keyboard! It is not the best keyboard of all but at least is animated. To activate it, go to Settings>[the name of WidgetsWallpapers]> keyboards and then activate the languages you want (the languages you activate will be separated keyboards). Also, there will be an option that says ”Allow full access” but it is not necessary for the keyboards that you activated to work correctly. If you want to reorganize your keyboards in the little globe next to the space bar, go to Settings>general>keyboard>keyboards and then click ”edit” and then drag the 3 lines from a keyboard and put it wherever you want (just if you want to reorganize your keyboards in case you don't like how they organized when you activated them). Also, I say all of this (the 2nd paragraph) for the people that didn't know all of that.



So when I got WidgetsWallpapers I was so exited I can finally have moving wallpaper. I was so excited to finally do it. But when I got on WidgetsWallpapers it first every child which I don’t want to get a free trial so then I decided to try it. It didn’t really work out because when I tried it it wouldn’t go on my iPad. Even when I clicked live wallpaper it still didn’t do anything move or anything. Then I tried just customizing my wallpaper still nothing it was just a blank screen that just had a design on it not moving. So it’s an OK app because you could still have cool wallpaper but if you want moving you should not get WidgetsWallpapers because it’s a total scam if you’re on an older version of the iPad . So you should not get WidgetsWallpapers if you’re on an older version of an iPad because it just took up all my storage from nothing. Hopefully you guys can help WidgetsWallpapers get better because it’s terrible from what I’m using it on so hopefully this helps you guys make WidgetsWallpapers better but it’s a terrible terrible terrible app hopefully you guys understand why not to get this house. I think you should not get up I say live wallpaper older iPad well not really anyone because some work but not this one hopefully you guys understand. Bye.


You need to read this before getting this app

If you’re like me, you just wanted WidgetsWallpapers to make cool live backgrounds. If you’re a kid, also like me, your parents will never let you play 30 dollars a year for a live wallpaper app! When I first got WidgetsWallpapers I was excited on how much it offered, and then less excited for how little it offered. I made one background, but I messed up and wanted to redo my background after u had already saved it, but after I deleted it from my camera roll, it still wouldn’t let me create a new background, I think it’s unfair to children who don’t have the money to pay for an app once a year, but still not be aloud to make more than one background. Another thing is, is that you can’t add or edit anything about the background after your in the screen ready to save. If you go back it deletes all of your progress. WidgetsWallpapers has false advertising because you can barley do anything without pro, this is just like all the other apps in the world. If you want more users, I suggest that you either change the price of pro, or you give more free options. The only reason I’m even giving you two stars is because there were no ad problems, but I’m still very upset.


Plz read before downloading!

Okay, so I saw an ad for WidgetsWallpapers and I thought it would super fun to have with the iOS 14 customization cuz I had started caring a lot more about how m to phone looks. The ad showed cool features that I was rlly excited about and it seemed like a free app so I downloaded it. When I opened WidgetsWallpapers I was kind of disappointed. To e first thing that popped up was the premium for $20 a year. That is a good deal, but not everyone can buy things like that. I kept using WidgetsWallpapers without premium, but I didn’t get the cool features I saw in the ad at all. The ad didn’t say anything about a premium. I tried to make a background for my phone, but all I could do was choose a Live Photo. The ad showed the ability to write 3D words and have a background that moved as you rotated your phone. That seemed super cool but I couldn’t even use it. Since I was already happy with my background and I couldn’t do what I was expecting I could do, I deleted WidgetsWallpapers . I think WidgetsWallpapers would be good if you don’t have a background and are trying to find a cute background, but don’t download this because of an ad you saw unless you are willing to pay $20 a year.



This is the best live wallpaper app I’ve found that doesn’t make you pay. I love it so much! There’s sooo many cool live wallpapers and also there’s widgets, homescreen packs, keyboards and other stuff than just wallpapers on there. It’s so cool and you should definitely get it! It’s awesome and I promise you will not be disappointed. You can surprise your friends with your new live wallpapers and they’ll be like “woahhh” 🤩 So get it and you’ll love it also! Thanks to whoever created this! I know creating apps can be pretty hard and take a long so to make something this great, I’m sure was not easy! And 1 thing I love a lot about it is that 1 and sometimes 2 new live wallpapers come out and some go along with holidays that we are celebrating at the time, which is really awesome! So every morning I can look forward to seeing what new live wallpapers there are for me to use! Thank you again!!!! Love it! ❤️ - Q


Just a couple things!

Overall I think WidgetsWallpapers is a great app! There’s just some minor issues— well some of them aren’t issues just recommendations :). First, the custom keyboard! It’s amazing but autocorrect doesn’t work.. I’m not sure if this is good or bad 😂 , it works sometimes but it doesn’t work when I need it to. Also I have no clue it’s capital letters.... Caps lock doesn’t work on this, either. Next, the wallpapers! If your like me you don’t really have ideas for your backgrounds, or you just don’t have any good live Photo’s. I personally like the backgrounds just one thing, 60% of the photos cost money. You can also just watch a add or share it to get one free it still bugs me. Another problem is you have to have bassicly perfect wifi, this can get really annoying. Another thing is that every 3-5 taps a add pops up. I really am a cheapo so I don’t really wanna spend money on WidgetsWallpapers because I’ll end up deleting it, eventually. 👀 overall WidgetsWallpapers is pretty good! Hope this review helped you :)


Love it!

Hey! 😁😁😁 I just wanted to say, great job on WidgetsWallpapers 👋🏻👌🏻👍🏻 It’s so fun AND you can still get great wallpapers without having to pay for premium! I actually got one of my favorite wallpapers from it. I only have a few complaints. Before I start, please know that this is NOT supposed to be mean. These are simply friendly comments on things I have noticed that need an update or two. 1. There have been a few bugs… WidgetsWallpapers has glitched out on me many times, and I wish it wouldn’t! I love it and use it a lot, but it’s hard to use if it keeps crashing. 😞❤️ 2. It’s kind of glitchy? Every now and then, WidgetsWallpapers with “glitch”, and my screen will become really ‘laggy’, and sometimes when I try to get a new wallpaper, WidgetsWallpapers with suddenly have a black screen, but I can still hear the ad playing in the background! Please fix! 🤕👍🏻 3. MY BATTERY! NOOOOOO~ WidgetsWallpapers drains my battery quite a lot when I use it, and it *does* take up quite a bit of my storage…. I wish this didn’t happen, because I love using my phone, and every time it dies, so does a little piece of me. ⛈🙃 And that’s all. I would really appreciate if the developers would see this message and fix the bugs, because I’ve recommended this to several friends and they have all deleted it because of these bugs. MUCH LOVE! ❤️❤️



Ok. Let me say, WidgetsWallpapers has a LOT of really, REALLY cool wallpapers ect. But I just can’t figure out how to make it MOVE. Every single time I go into WidgetsWallpapers and download the wallpaper I want, it saves, I go to photos, press the arrow at the top, and select “Save as Video”. Then, I’ll go into settings, select wallpaper and press Live Wallpapers. Then I tap on the “moving” wallpaper I want, and set it as my Lock Screen, but it’s just a still picture. I’ve googled how to do it, and more, but I just can’t figure it out. I’ve downloaded FIVE of these type of apps but NONE. OF. THEM. WORK. Also, I’m on an iPad, so that might be the problem. Anyway., you might be wondering why I gave my review 5 stars. It’s because I’ve read some other reviews and people have gotten there wallpapers to move. If anyone can let me know how to get it moving, I’d appreciate that.



This was really good! I didn’t want to pay for it because this is an unnecessary item to pay for. When I set the live wallpaper, it didn’t move at all, and I’ve attempted it many times. I added the widgets, and they were very cool. I tried to search for instructions on how to set the live wallpaper but failed. I’ll keep on trying, but overall, WidgetsWallpapers is pretty good for people who like to customize their devices. I’ve kept adding more to my reviews numerous times, But I keep accidentally pressing away from the review which deletes all of my writing. I wrote so much! I gave up and I just want to say don’t email me or anything of that sort. I don’t really know how it works because I don’t really write reviews, but just in case you guys email the people rating your app, I’m going to say it.


Why you should download live wallpapers

WidgetsWallpapers is so fun you have icons, widgets, Home Screen packs, and live wallpapers , and just wallpapers!! You can explore WidgetsWallpapers so many times it never gets old!! I have changed my Home Screen so many times I can’t even count how many times I have changed it!! WidgetsWallpapers is so fun!!! I love everything!! I love that WidgetsWallpapers is not fully premium!! I love WidgetsWallpapers!! I got all my friends to get live wallpapers they love it!! You can create your own wallpapers!!! I love how it takes like 5 minutes just to put on your wallpapers and icons also widgets. SO EASY!!! I recommend WidgetsWallpapers for everyone! WidgetsWallpapers is so simple and easy! You can get premium but is just as fun as being non premium.!!!! WidgetsWallpapers is amazing please download WidgetsWallpapers today!! Bye🍒!


Doesn’t work

I love WidgetsWallpapers! It worked so well. My only complaint is that when I used it as a wallpaper it never really became live. Just the picture. I’m not sure if that’s because I’m on an iPad Air 2, or if it’s just WidgetsWallpapers , I tried looking it up on my phone but I couldn’t even find WidgetsWallpapers on it. I also tried holding my finger on the screen when I had the wallpaper downloaded on it but it still just wouldn’t work. Other than that I love WidgetsWallpapers. Even though it’s not live for me, the pictures are way better that anything you could look up quickly on the internet. I also love how many pictures there are! There so many to choose from, almost to many 😂! I don’t know why people are complaining because you can get really cool wallpapers just for watching an add. Now if you can watch an add for these wallpapers, well, that shows your patients level, don’t it.


Would be 5 stars but a few minor things

This is a great app I like most of the backgrounds and haven’t not liked one yet but there is 3 things that aren’t good about it. First the abstract backgrounds are way too bright I have epilepsy and my eyes couldn’t take the first few. Second the ads are in the way of the wallpapers. I don’t have a problem with the ad it’s just right in the middle of the screen blocking it and it gets annoying. Third is the lag. This one isn’t that bad but on the abstract ones and when you just keep swiping it starts to slow down and the ad lags a little bit so you can’t close it. But it’s not that bad if you just go slow and look at it I just sped through. But overall it’s just a great app and I would love to see an option to lower the brightness of the neon lights in them and new wallpapers this is a great app though I would recommend it


Doesn’t work..

So I got WidgetsWallpapers thinking “ it would be really cool to have a moving background! “ but when I got it there was like a bijillion ads. So when I got through the ads it asks me if I want premium, of course I said no I’m only a minor. So when I was looking I saw this red one with the moving heart and lines, it made me think of gaming and I enjoy that. So I tapped on it, I downloaded it and I did the things it told me to do for the background, it made me feel a bit odd because it shows instructions for when you are making a normal background, not a moving one. So I still did it and when I put it as a background it doesn’t move, a waste of time but I am still keeping WidgetsWallpapers because they have cool backgrounds, unique ones, but I love drawing and I can’t find any art ones, please add those. I do recommend if you are looking for a new background but not a moving one.


Works Fine with Quick Adds

For the handful of crybabies WidgetsWallpapers works fine. It asks you to pay every time you open a wallpaper but it about 5 seconds so tolerable. I downloaded 5 live wallpapers and they work great. There’s also a free trial so can avoid the adds if you want. I also get a kick out of the people that need to start by telling everyone what awesome top of the line phones they have. Who cares! Just right your review. People want something for nothing. The quick adds aren’t that big a deal and if you can afford a $1,800 phone you can buy WidgetsWallpapers . If you can’t get the wallpapers to work you shouldn’t have a $1,800 phone anyway. My only complaint is there could be more live wallpapers to choose from. Great app though and keep up the great work.


A few issues(and how to use in case u don’t know)

Ok so basically the few issues are that they are missing a few important app- some you can’t even delete form your home screen! Like contacts and Apple store ( not App Store Apple Store) Or target so maybe if the owner could change that, that would be great. HOW TO USE IT: (some people may have a struggle because it’s a bit confusing) ok so basically you go on WidgetsWallpapers and find which you might want I’m going for some of WidgetsWallpapers icons, you find the one you want then press the plus bottom, it’ll take you to safari and at the top of your screen you press the ‘share’ botton and then scroll down to ‘add to homescreen’ and press that and get off safari..it’ll be on your Home Screen! Thank you for reading! And please make a few improvements.


Pretty impressed

Even though my iPad doesn't support live photo wallpapers, this is impressive. WidgetsWallpapers doesn't crash, yes it has many advertisements, I would say its not that bad. There is a subscription that you need to get to access some of the wallpapers, but you can watch an ad for it. and the ad's aren't that long either! They also have many other kinds of wallpapers and I say they have good organization. I gave it 4 stars because of the ads and how many of the wallpapers are premium, but again you can watch an ad for those to get it. I also like how they have keyboard customization and each wallpaper has it's own lock screen and home screen. It's also helpful that there is a button to download all of the parts of the wallpaper. (keyboard lock and home.)


Love it, except one thing…

Don’t get me wrong, I love WidgetsWallpapers, I choose a new wallpaper from it everyday and it’s the only app I use for wallpapers. There is just one thing tho. I think there should be game wallpapers, like for example, Sneaky Sasquatch. It would be pretty easy, just take pictures of different areas (No offense to the Sasquatch creators, but no sewer picture.) And when you are done taking the pictures, you can place them on different areas, like for example, The Port on the top right, Race track on bottom left, the Ski Mountain on bottom right, *takes deep breath* the Island in the top left, and of course, the campground in the middle. Now I just want to say thanks to all the readers who read all this, and shoutout to the devs of Sneaky Sasquatch, and maybe the devs of WidgetsWallpapers might put this in.


Good but...

I love WidgetsWallpapers, I really do. There are so many amazing wallpapers. From cute to awesome to amazing to mind blowing. I love it! There’s a ridiculous amount of ads. I would really appreciate WidgetsWallpapers so much more if you got rid of all the ads. Truth is, everywhere I scroll to find new wallpapers is another ad after ad after ad. But even after that, WidgetsWallpapers is amazing. And then there is one more problem, everything is on premium. Though I do enjoy that you get to watch another ad for amazing live wallpapers. But even though I watch that ad for a wallpaper, doesn’t change the fact that I don’t like the ad amounts. So, in conclusion if you guys could change those things, (the amount of things on premium and the amounts), it would make me give it five stars.


Unusable without Upgrading to a Paid WEEKLY Subscription

I’ve NEVER written a review before, however I felt it was necessary. I downloaded your app after seeing an ad on Facebook and thought it was interesting that you could change your keyboard as well. I just opened it ( for a total or 3 minutes) to have your ‘Upgrade Now’ banner pop up over 8 times! Every time I tried to swipe over to see what your app even offered it would pop up and sit there for 3-7 seconds before allowing me to exit out of it. I have no idea what your app offers or if it even works because your pop ups have made it impossible to look through it. And a ‘free’ 3 day trial and then $7.99 WEEKLY subscription is outrageous! How do you expect to get people to upgrade if they can’t even look around in your app?! Or are you hoping they click the upgrade ad just so they can look around and then forget that it’s only a 3 day trial so you can scam $32 a MONTH off of your customers??? Absolutely ridiculous.


The Ads are a bit much

I usually don’t write reviews but here we go. Ok so when I was first looking through WidgetsWallpapers , it was great! I swiped around, trying to look for the neon ones, however, after I clicked on a category and clicked on the picture to see what it would look like live, but it wouldn’t let me exit out, or at least it didn’t give me enough time to figure it out. I tried swiping back, hoping to get to the category screen when 3 ads popped up back to back. I’d touch the screen and then there was an ad (this happened twice), I’d swipe once to get to the end of the pictures and then there’s an ad (this was the 3rd ad). It let me swipe twice before the fourth one came up. Please keep in mind that this all happened in about 1-2 minutes of being stuck without an exit. Overall, it’s not a bad app, however the spacing of advertisements was not the greatest.


It is ok

The only thing about WidgetsWallpapers is that I have a iPod touch and the pictures would work on WidgetsWallpapers but it would not when I tried it. Another thing is that when I tried to put the theme on my keyboard and that did not work either!😢 I hope you follow what I said about WidgetsWallpapers. You might have a different perspective and/or electronic so it may work for you! But in my opinion it did not work sadly I will be deleting WidgetsWallpapers once again please let me know if you fix WidgetsWallpapers and make the bugs go away or make it so any other iPod touch or other Devices work with WidgetsWallpapers. Thank you for your time!🙃🙂😊


Love it!!

If you like to change up your wallpaper like me almost every holiday of just monthly or even weekly then Wallpapers is a great app for you it has live wallpapers regular wallpapers animals popular all wallpapers are just amazing but there are a lot of adds............................................................................................................................................................................................................................……….............................................................................THERE ARE ADDS LIKE EVERY THREE MINUTES!!!!!!😩😩 But I'm ok with it since most of them are cool if I deleted WidgetsWallpapers I would wait like 30 mins and then get it back so if you can not live with adds I do not recommend WidgetsWallpapers but if your ok with adds constantly the I do recommend it!!!


Cool but doesn't work

I got WidgetsWallpapers yesterday and I got a really cool key board color and cool backgrounds. When I put the wallpaper on I press and hold the screen and it doesn't work. Another thing is that why do you want to make people pay for more stuff!! Just saying to the person who made WidgetsWallpapers please tell me why it is not making it live. Please tell me because the whole point of WidgetsWallpapers is to make it live!! Thanks for your help if you even respond to me💙 Ps I love the wallpapers though. Keep doing what you are doing besides what I said this is a great app. And please help me because I really want these pretty wallpapers. Ive even looking for a good live wallpaper app and I think this is the one. Ps I have and ipod touch but I done think that matters! Thanks again for all you are doing for me you made a perfect app😀


Wonderfully Amazing

I always love to change up my phone constantly with new wallpapers, icon skins, etc. WidgetsWallpapers not only gives great quality wallpapers but has a vast spectrum of choices to flip through. No matter what kinda mood or color you are into at the moment, you will definitely find not only just one wallpaper, but multiple ones that fit your style. The cherry on top of WidgetsWallpapers is how easy it is to navigate & save the wallpapers to your device. If I could, I would rate this 10 outta 5 stars (: And I would recommend WidgetsWallpapers to literally anyone who wants to get rid of the dull default stock iPhone wallpapers & add some personality to their phone.


Luckily I’m patient

So let me start off saying that I don’t usually write reviews but I thought it would be a good idea to share my opinion on WidgetsWallpapers. I'm a decently patient person but WidgetsWallpapers kinda pushed my buttons. Every other time you scroll you are asked to get a premium subscription. I could deal with this usually but it takes an unnecessary amount of time to let you exit it. Also, the number of pop-up ads are pretty ridiculous. It is a good app and does what it's supposed to do but it lacks an understanding of the attention span and patience of the average human. I hope that The number of ads is reduced in the future because I understand that some ads need to be there but maybe not every time you tap your screen 🙃


This is a cheat app!

I REALLY REALLY HATE WidgetsWallpapers!!! I hate WidgetsWallpapers because it stole my apple iTunes gift card from my bd! The way it stole my money from my apple iTunes card is that I payed $7.99 to have a trial for 3 weeks. So once I payed WidgetsWallpapers it told me you have you allow them to go through your pictures and photos! And so I deleted WidgetsWallpapers because I do not want them to go through my pics and stuff! And I got so mad cause I wasted $7.99 to buy a wallpaper from this company! You should be ashamed of yourselves for making people pay and then force them to let them go through there pics! I would be! So please don’t download WidgetsWallpapers because all it does is just still your money and force you to them give permission to go through your pics right after you purchase stuff! FYI! I would give them no stars for a rating if I could! Cause WidgetsWallpapers is really stupid!


False Advertising

So after purchasing a new iphone x special edition platinum gold plated +, after getting dirt on the screen of my old one, i wanted to get a snazzy look to my inexpensive new phone. I searched around for awhile and came across an ad for a holographic hd 8k 520fps background app. My interest was spiked, i decided to download this application, i was pleasantly surprised by an elegant welcome screen, however, after being introduced to this featurous app, I was extremely disappointed because unlike what was advertised, my background wasn’t actually 3D and it wasn't making my phone have birds flying out. I tried a couple of different backgrounds such as the moving yacht and gold plated diamond encrusted splooge backgrounds, but no avail. This is quite a disappointment... P.S. This is a joke, but you cant set the moving wallpapers as your background WidgetsWallpapers doesnt work as intended


Too many ads

I know this kinda doesn’t make sense but I’m giving it one star because I couldn’t even get to a single background because ads kept on popping up I was testing...or trying to test if it would work because I’m on iPad but I could even see what the first one looked like because and ad popped up and when that went away as soon as it started to play it ugh! ANOTHER ad popped up and when that away a free 3 day trial thing popped up and when I pressed cancel aka X ANOTHER ad popped up! There were more ads then there are at a movie theater! I mean this just ridiculous so I stopped (because I was about to slam my iPad) took a deep breath and tried again then the free trial thing popped again and then another ad popped, up I’d rather play fortnight! (Witch I hate) and I don’t see why it’s only for types of iPhone! That’s not fair! 😡😡🤬😡😡😡😡🤯


To long wait

WidgetsWallpapers has amazing picks but I have not even downloaded it yet I have seen the picks on my sis phone but it has now took two days for it to download so much it’s not even downloaded it yet it might take three days if it doesn’t download today! This is just incredible just because it can take this long to wait I have been waiting more then u can imagine I have never waited almost three days before even though it can give your wallpaper a big time upgrade just for that to wait almost three days it’s incredible it is not even halfway through to downloading. Don’t download WidgetsWallpapers unless you’ll be prepared to wait three or two days or more!

Is Widgets Wallpa Safe?

Yes. Widgets & Wallpapers: MyScreen is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 236,636 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.5/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Widgets & Wallpapers: MyScreen Is 28.8/100.

Is Widgets Wallpa Legit?

Yes. Widgets & Wallpapers: MyScreen is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 236,636 Widgets & Wallpapers: MyScreen User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Widgets & Wallpapers: MyScreen Is 28.8/100.

Is Widgets & Wallpapers: MyScreen not working?

Widgets & Wallpapers: MyScreen works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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