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Published by on 2022-09-16

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Reported Issues: 8 Comments

By Mona Chowdhury
Nov 25 2022

I’m a premium member and and predictions aren’t working keeps saying “try again later” and my secret chats have disappeared. How frustrating.

By Jessica M
Nov 17 2022

App was frozen for days, erased it to re-install and it won’t download from the app store, just stays loading without anything happening

By Ioanna Vorria
Jul 20 2022

I'm having problems with the "insights" part of the application.
It hasn't been working for a long time, it keeps saying "nothing here yet" and I haven't been able to see anything there for the past 1-2 yrs

By Christina
Jul 03 2022

For the last weeks the app won’t save any data. It just freezes after opening the app for a few seconds. It’s very frustrating.

By Courtney Richey
Jun 28 2022

I'm a premium flo member and it didn't back up my data when I got a new phone. Be a premium member for a few years. Hope this can be resolved. I'm not pregnant and need my LMP date. Thank you

By Ali
Jun 08 2022

Won’t even open. All my data is there. Hope it works again soon.

By Anita Mwelwa
Jun 04 2022

Flo keeps crashing

By Genevieve Hicks
May 04 2022

The app refuses to open, it just whirly gigs noting ‘checking for updates’ but goes nowhere. I’ve restarted my phone and it didn’t fix it. On iPhone you can’t uninstall an app, it just removes it from your Home Screen so I’m at a loss of what next to do. Find a different tracker app I guess??

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