Stash: Invest & Build Wealth Reviews

Stash: Invest & Build Wealth Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-08

Stash is the personal finance app designed to help you achieve more financial
freedom. Join the 5+ million people who know it’s never too early to invest
in yourself.(#) INVESTING: Invest what you can afford. With fractional shares,
you can choose how much to invest. Choose from thousa...

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Stash: Invest & Build Wealth Reviews

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    Let me start off by saying this is not for short sellers it is for the most part a long term investing platform. With that being said I am up 6% on my personal portfolio and 3% on my Roth. I pay 3$ a month because I have two accounts but the amount of money I make every 3 months from dividends covers that easily. I started off putting in 10$ a paycheck now I am up to about 25$ a paycheck over the course of a year my balance is over 2k. Most of my portfolio is safe conservative stocks with high paying dividends. I do have one or two aggressive stocks that I have made decent amount from short selling, however , I do not recommend that for beginners. I also have the debit account that is partnered with green dot ( sunrise bank ) I get my paycheck direct deposited and I always end up getting it 3 days before everyone else at work. There are quite a few banks that offer this but not the majority. When you spend money using your debit card you get “stock back” instead of cash back. If you spend money at Walmart you get a percentage amount of money in Walmart stock. which is not a lot but it is still pretty cool. If you spend money at small businesses or other businesses that aren’t in their stock market, you get stock back in a mutual fund called “stocks worldwide” I recommend this app it is amazing!

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    A good habit of saving.

    I started Stash about four months ago. I didn’t deposit anything for the first month and kinda just researched the app a little bit. The first thing i love about Stash is that it’s super user friendly. It’s easy for me to navigate and it’s beautifully built. The second thing i like about it, is that you can go at your own pace, whatever that may be. This app is meant for INVESTING which means “stashing” your money away and forgetting about it. Me personally, I’ve always tried to set money back in my savings and checking account and it just seemed like nothing ever grows. With stash, I’m able to put back an amount that is comfortable for me. They have a feature called auto-stash and i turned that on. I set my limit at $10 a week, noticed it was super easy and wasn’t losing any sleep over it, so i moved it up to $30. I did $30 for a few weeks and got excited so i bumped it up to $60 a week. For me, this is the perfect flow right now. It’s been three months of consistent saving, NO withdraws, and i purchased some ETF’s and Stocks in a few companies and my stash account just hit $1,000 with $104 being a return. This is a great way for you to save a little bit of money, and letting it grow over time. I give it 5 stars for my experience. I may leave another review when i hit 5k!! 😛

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    Beginner, I'm so excited about Stash!

    Wow! I've started at the end of July and I feel very confident in this app. I've always wanted to invest. First I tried Merrill Lynch with my bank and they even called me, at first I thought I was opening just a retirement / savings account with them but they said I signed up for stocks which is very confusing since I thought it was savings. But I tried and really I couldn't understand nothing of that, I still haven't deposited anything because it's too confusing. So I researched other ways and this is when I found Stash. I started with $30 a week out my checking account then as of 2 weeks ago my only return was $2.35 and I had 4 ETFs but one seemed to not be doing so well, I know they say sell when market is low but as a beginner I don't understand all that but as it was not doing me well and the other 3 were better , I sold that one and put $10 out my stash account into the one doing extremely well. I feel very confident in my choices and as of yesterday I have a return of $4.35... In 2 weeks $2, that's amazing to me as it took me 4 months to get only $2.35. I'm still learning and I still want to open retirement and savings in stash as they offer both. I even got $5 for getting someone to sign up and it's $1 a month fee to stash :) no one can beat that! Win win!

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    Good concept, bad app, horrible customer service

    I like the fact that you can purchase partial shares with small amounts at a time, however, they keep offering these banking services and after you sign up and link your cards, you’ll never be able to see them again. They have all your info and give you no option to review or modify your choices. They’re also very bad at communicating changes, issues or due dates for offers. The app itself needs significant improvements, the FAQ is useless to me, and when I contacted customer service to ask where I could see all the banking options and services I signed up for within my account, customer service responded with instructions to update the app!!! Seriously??? Overall, this is a great idea, poorly executed and the way accounts have been managed is starting to make me paranoid about this not being an honest reliable company. I wonder if the earnings are also been manipulated because first; the values shown in the app are not real time (I look up the funds in other sources), so when you buy shares you’re not actually buying/selling at market price, you’re buying/selling at Stash price. Second, it seems like a lot of people start with earnings of 11-20% (great hook to keep someone motivated) that change to about 1-2% overtime. I could blame the market, but then again, you’re trading at Stash prices, not market, so I can’t trust what’s really happening to my investments. I think it’s time Stash gets some competition.

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    Great way to get your gears going!

    I’m a college student but I’m also a young individual that wants to contribute his part into the economy. I started back in July investing only $5 a week. I have been consistent with auto stash and sometimes stashing away another $5 here and there. Now I have $105 and have made 2.25 on it! It’s not much, and I’m not getting rich but I am making more than a savings account! What I like about it is that my investments are small and the cash isn’t readily accessible. This barrier allows me to forget about the money I have invested and just let it build up. Within a year, I’ll have at least over $260. And that’s still better than I’d be doing anyways when I’ve “tried to save.” I think it’s great! And I’ve also been consistent with putting money away in another savings account. And I’ve been better with money. This isn’t just about having an app you can make simple investments. This is about building positive basic habits that’ll we’ll be thankful for. This is only the beginning and once I graduate, I can really start buying stocks and investing for my future. Thanks for the app!

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    I love the debit card more than anything else

    Stash is a great app. But in my opinion I feel like unless you can invest in a very large amount of money it’s not worth investing the small amount unless you’re trying to make a savings, because any profit that you receive goes back to them for their one dollar fee which equivalents to $12 a year and on small investment that’s about all you’re pretty much profit for the year. I ended up pulling my largest investment which was around $100 which was holding a steady profit of about $4 dollars. I’m going to still hold onto the app since I left all of my stock back investment in there that way when I’m in a position to put a couple of thousand dollars in there then I will really see a difference especially for the investment account I picked, it’s a good one, which is also a big factor because you can lose big-time if you don’t choose carefully which business you invest in; which that was a learning experience for me because before Stash I didn’t know anything about investing, now I feel like I know enough to want to be an investor. With all that being said I absolutely love love love having the debit card I get direct deposit there and it’s great no fees with the bank I really do absolutely love the debit card.

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    Put my account in a negative balance don’t use

    Hello guys this is my first review of a app why my first this is the app that put my bank account in a negative balance so I am a beginner and wanted to make some money so I bought small invest of like 10 dollars they gave me 5 n I used 5 i then I decided I wanted to invest good money so I picked some stocks I would like in fortune so I put them in my portfolio it added up to 20$ I’m auto stash I set a schedule for 20$ to be taken out the next week I get payed then stash took money out my bank the same day but the thing is I only had 17 dollar in my bank account and it tried to take 20 but since there was not enough my bank charged me a 29 dollar fee which put me in a -17 dollar balance I am very sad about this so I call stash n try to talk to them the say that the 20 will go back to my back so I’m thinking it will all be okay then stash hits my nank again even tho I’m already in a negative balance they try to take money from me ;( n they put me in -46 dollar balance cause my bank charges 29 dollar overdraft fees since the money they wanted wasn’t there my bank did the overdraft fee again even when I turn off n everything in stash what I’m saying guys is don’t use stash it will take your money you won’t get it back till this day my money will never be seen thank you and hope you can understand my bank is still in negative balance ;( anyway thank you for reading my review bye.

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    Horrible Customer Service

    This app was great AT FIRST! Everything seemed fine, I invested in some stocks and had about $25 in my portfolio. Then I decided (since I felt a little more comfortable) to transfer $25 to my portfolio and reached $50 in my portfolio. I used my $25 to invest in some more stocks but the next day, all my investments were gone and my portfolio was back down to $25 and I actually lost money because all of my returns from the investments were gone. I called Stash and they said that the transfer was cancelled. I attempted to redo this like three times but every time “my bank” supposedly cancels the transfer. I don’t understand why this is happening and customer support didn’t help me at all. They just kept telling me that the stocks “were not mine” to begin with. So if they’re not mine, fine. I don’t want them to be anymore anyway. This app is a joke, I read reviews and more people are having issues like me. Someone suggested Robinhood so I’m going to try them now. Bye, Stash, I’m out! ✌️ By the way, I forgot to mention. Even after closing my account and selling all my investments, Stash still managed to charge my bank account $6 for I don’t even know what. But that’s funny how they can charge me for their BS but when I want to transfer money to invest, it always get “cancelled”. Seems a bit weird, right? This company is a scam. Seemed like a great idea but it’s poorly executed. Hopefully other companies are doing it the right way.

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    Great idea, horrible execution.

    I have been a Stasher for over a year and a Founder of their checking account. Recently Stash over drafted my Chase Bank account by duplicating an automatic transfer from my Chase checking account, and Stash admitted to their mistake. I tried to disconnect that external account and link another, but the app showed an error. Called customer service and they were also unable solve the issue and was referred to “operations”, which I assume is their tech support. Because I did not authorize this duplicate payment, Chase is in their right to charge me overdraft fees. Stash never returned my money, and on top of that have to pay the overdraft fee. The main appeal of Stash over other investment firms is the lack of fees and their auto-Stash, so if these don’t work there is no incentive to open a Stash account. Fortunately, other investment firms followed suit on Stash/Robinhood by not charging trade fees, so I can get much better service at the same price elsewhere. I agree with the core values and investment strategy of Stash, but technical difficulties are too common and too inconvenient for any working person to deal with, so I am closing my account and never returning to Stash again. Hoping I will get to see the money that was taken from me without my authorization. This is completely unacceptable, especially from an investment app that has only been good at hurting my returns.

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    It will take your money but won’t give it back

    I was happy with this app for the first couple years that I have used it. It has allowed me to save up a nice amount of money and gain some good experience with investing. However, my issue with it is this. My financial situation has changed recently so I decided I want to put a hold on the auto stash feature ( which automatically takes money out of your bank account and puts it into the app) as well as withdraw a cash balance I had in the app. First off, I could not put a hold on the auto stash feature, I have gone around and around in circles on the app trying to figure out how to turn the feature off. It could not be more confusing. Also, I could not withdraw the cash balance I had in the app. The app would “freeze” ( I don’t know how else to describe it) when I would try and finalize the transfer from the app to my bank account. I figured something was wrong with the transfer feature on the app, so since I couldn’t take money out I checked to see if I could put money in. Guess what?! That worked. The app will take my money no problem. But if I want to withdraw my money then all of a sudden it no longer works. I don’t think I am going to continue to use a service that will gladly take my money but will not give it back to me.

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    Like a Savings Account but better

    For someone who doesn't have a full stock portfolio and thousands of dollars to just gamble this investment app is absolutely amazing its like a savings account with a much higher interest rate , let it be known Dividends are amazing, Thankyou Stash for giving me the ability to invest in the stock market and similar things like it within the budget I can afford. I love that Stash is branching out into banking as well I probably wont do that right away but I may jump in on it later. Edit: Stash is definitely better than doing nothing with your money, but the monthly fee’s can get at you when you have smaller amounts of money, I love the diverse range of investments you can do, but I would like to see lower monthly fee’s , more direct stocks, and finally I would love to see Stash branch into the Crypto scene as they start to settle in a become more normalized. Not immediately, but to give it a chance. Honestly I love stash, but I’d like a different way of them making money, kinda like Robinhood. I love all the features Stash has like Rounding up, the Retirement plans, retirement plans for your children, the Debit card, ect. But these are the improvements I’d like to see.

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    Overall good app, but it could be great with a couple added features

    Overall, Stash is a good app, but it could be great with a few added features. The Stash app should offer the option to automatically reinvest dividends in the core account, not just the retire account. Also, it would be extremely convenient and helpful if it were possible to auto-stash $5 a week in one stock, but auto-stash only $5 a month on a separate stock or ETF. Because as of right now it seems one can only auto-stash as long as everything is on the same frequency of investing (I.e. once a month). It would be nice if one could invest in a certain stock once a week, and then invest in a different stock only once a month automatically. Lastly, it would be nice if one could invest in a certain set of stocks or ETFs one week with Autostash and then invest in a separate set of stocks or ETFs the next week with Autostash without having to manually switch out the stocks and/or ETFs you're investing in that week. For example, I'd like to invest only in stocks A, B, C, D, E, and F this Friday, and then invest only in stocks G, H, I, and J next Friday). Anyway, these are just a few features that I think could make the app really great.

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    Stash review

    Love this app. I’m a novice investor and love this app. I researched several. One I looked at let’s you invest, but you need at least the $$ it takes to buy a single share of a stock. That makes it tough to diversify (spread the risk) unless you’ve got a lot of money. Another invests in multiple companies for you, but you basically choose your risk level, and then your money is invested in their pre-chosen stocks and you just watch what happens. Although you can start with little money invested, it’s hard to learn anything with no control. Stash gives you the best of both worlds. For as little as $5, you can purchase a portion of any one of a number of stocks, or a number of ‘grouped’ stock choices. I started with only $10 per week. Didn’t even miss it out of my account. After a year and a half I’m up to $150 per week and loving watching my account grow. I’ve got several individual stocks as well as several ‘group’ investments. If you want to simply, easily and inexpensively learn things about the stock market, stash it the way to do it.

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    Was great until i needed help

    I had been using this app for about a year. It was great I even had a retirement account and the bank account with them. But it all came to an end when I needed customer service. There had been an issue with a debit stash had made so I called customer service (first and last time) the lady who took my call seemed unprofessional and when I asked her how to close my account her response was just to click Close Account which I responded by asking her if I could find that in the settings section her response “I think so”. What kind of customer service is that? She could not answer any of my questions and didn’t even know basic functions. I sent an email on Monday about instructions and how to close the account. Every day I only got an automated response telling be that due to high volume someone would get back to me shortly. Today is Sunday and still no response but luckily I just googled it and was able to figure it out on my own. This app is great for a do it yourself just hope you NEVER have to contact customer service or you will be disappointed. Honestly if customer service had been a little better, more informed and just actually provided customer service I wouldn’t have closed my account and would have stayed because I actually enjoyed the app. Very disappointed

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    Just hope you don’t need customer service.

    I started using the app and had relatively good impressions at first. A few weeks in I received an email offering $5 for every $100 deposited in a Stash debit card. I proceeded and did an initial $200 deposit on the card. I never received the $10 that was promised as per the promotion. After contacting customer service and providing screenshots, the original email, etc. they finally agreed that it was a mistake on their part and that the money would be added. That was weeks ago and nothing has been added to my account. Furthermore, my emails are now being ignored. I’m not nearly as worried about the $10 as I am about the company in general — I started a Roth IRA and weekly autoStash... probably not a great move trusting big amounts with a company who struggles mightily with straight-forward, easily fixable customer service issues. I’m considering taking the penalty and withdrawing the IRA now before I’m stuck. I’m pretty positive this $10 issue isn’t going to be resolved, and I’m clearly in the right...I only got the debit card bc their promotion offered this cash incentive. Is what it is. But if there’s ever an issue with the thousands I have in their trust, it’s probably going to be a nightmare. Do you DD and be careful with these guys.

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