Stash: Invest & Build Wealth Reviews

Stash: Invest & Build Wealth Reviews

Published by on 2022-04-20

Stash is a personal finance app that makes investing easy and affordable for
millions of Americans. By combining banking and investing in one app, Stash
helps you build wealth your way. Join the 5+ million people who know it’s
never too early to invest in yourself.# Get stock with #Sta...

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Stash: Invest & Build Wealth Reviews: 20 Reviews


Great idea; rough start

I had first invested through a promotion and was impressed with the app, features, accessibility, along with information and guidance for personal investment goals. I ran into an error the first few weeks where two deductions were made from the Stash system on my account, and a paper came in the mail to inform me my mailbox was full and not receiving mail when it was? So i called C/S: my email was verified and the deductions reversed. One week later, I had a notice to re-connect a bank account, and was offered a $30 promo to do it. First of all, I saw my checking account was still connected, but I made multiple attempts to connect with other accounts with Plaid and manually, to no success, and ultimately I had thought it was a temporary issue, I checked website status, everything was running according to the website. I gave it a couple days, then I had a notice that I needed to reconnect a checking account by midnight to get a now increased promotion of $40. I went at the account connecting process again and was given a message to contact Stash customer service. When I called, I spent nearly 20 minutes with a C/S Rep that was friendly enough but had no idea of the situation with which I presented, nor a hint of what was going on. I just hung up. I don't have time for a broken system that would not only require me to invest money but my time as well. I hope the bugs get ironed out and that this review will be helpful.



Update: I have been using the app now for about two years. I enjoy the freedom of picking my investments and moving money around. It does take a while for the selling window to take place if you want to withdraw money, which I rarely do. What I didn’t like was the customer service I received through email. I received several emails with a one sentence response that did not address my concern. I have referred several people so far to use the app, and the latest was advertised at receiving $20. I was told it was a $5/20 where my friend gets $20. I’m verifying later today that she received $20 as the agent stated. That was not what the ad states. So be aware if you refer, that the “Get $20” may not apply to you. This is a great app and I compare it to fantasy football. You can pick up and get rid of “players“ as your investments if you don’t like the way they perform. You can view past performance, and it’s easy to diversify. I knew nothing about investing when I got started but this makes it easier to get started and learn if you’re interested. I’ve also referred a few people and we all got our free money! When I started using this app a couple of years ago, I was working to repair my low credit score and save just a little bit of money starting with $5. Now my credit is great, and not only do I have a little savings, I am also now well above my original goal of an initial investment that I felt was a good first milestone.


Highly recommend for younger casual investors

This app is really good for people who might not know too much about investing. It will give you a little bit of training materials that will set you on the right path, it offers banking options, Retirement options, and access to the stock market with good breakdowns, great options. They offer bond packs that allow you to see what you’re investing in. They give you the option to immediately re-invest dividends into stocks that pay dividends. They give you a debit card that gives you stock in companies that you patron using the card. They give you access to many other features, The phone support is pretty good in explaining what’s going on with the system. Just be aware that moving money between accounts usually takes up to two business days, and likewise for selling stocks. I believe that’s due to legal procedures, but I’ve found it gives me time to consider deeply what I really want to invest in. The app is admittedly addictive, and pleasurable. It works great regardless if you’re always on it or If you invest and forget about it for a while. Make your money work for you. Put yourself in a better spot for the future. I wish I could opt in to a little more niche market options, Crypto for example. I don’t think this app was designed for that though.


A good habit of saving.

I started Stash about four months ago. I didn’t deposit anything for the first month and kinda just researched the app a little bit. The first thing i love about Stash is that it’s super user friendly. It’s easy for me to navigate and it’s beautifully built. The second thing i like about it, is that you can go at your own pace, whatever that may be. This app is meant for INVESTING which means “stashing” your money away and forgetting about it. Me personally, I’ve always tried to set money back in my savings and checking account and it just seemed like nothing ever grows. With stash, I’m able to put back an amount that is comfortable for me. They have a feature called auto-stash and i turned that on. I set my limit at $10 a week, noticed it was super easy and wasn’t losing any sleep over it, so i moved it up to $30. I did $30 for a few weeks and got excited so i bumped it up to $60 a week. For me, this is the perfect flow right now. It’s been three months of consistent saving, NO withdraws, and i purchased some ETF’s and Stocks in a few companies and my stash account just hit $1,000 with $104 being a return. This is a great way for you to save a little bit of money, and letting it grow over time. I give it 5 stars for my experience. I may leave another review when i hit 5k!! 😛


Beginner, I'm so excited about Stash!

Wow! I've started at the end of July and I feel very confident in this app. I've always wanted to invest. First I tried Merrill Lynch with my bank and they even called me, at first I thought I was opening just a retirement / savings account with them but they said I signed up for stocks which is very confusing since I thought it was savings. But I tried and really I couldn't understand nothing of that, I still haven't deposited anything because it's too confusing. So I researched other ways and this is when I found Stash. I started with $30 a week out my checking account then as of 2 weeks ago my only return was $2.35 and I had 4 ETFs but one seemed to not be doing so well, I know they say sell when market is low but as a beginner I don't understand all that but as it was not doing me well and the other 3 were better , I sold that one and put $10 out my stash account into the one doing extremely well. I feel very confident in my choices and as of yesterday I have a return of $4.35... In 2 weeks $2, that's amazing to me as it took me 4 months to get only $2.35. I'm still learning and I still want to open retirement and savings in stash as they offer both. I even got $5 for getting someone to sign up and it's $1 a month fee to stash :) no one can beat that! Win win!


Best decision

I am an average person with a job that barley pays over the poverty line. I realize that if I’m to build wealth with the little bit of money I’m able to get I needed help but didn’t know the first place to start. So when my friend suggested that I should get the stash app. I was hesitant at first because I didn’t know anything about investing or portfolios much less how to choose which stocks to buy or more importantly which ones not to. Since I’ve had stash I can say that I have a better idea of the process and all my questions have been answered and even questions that I didn’t know to ask. Stash has helped educate me and put my mind at ease when it comes to building wealth in the stock and investment world. To the Stash team I am grateful and appreciate the help and hard work that they put into helping me make smart decisions in regards to building wealth long and short term. Hands down the smartest thing I have ever done with my phone is download Stash! Building wealth is a difficult task but with Stash I started doing just that. They say every difficult journey starts with a single step and getting the Stash app was mine, it can be yours to so don’t worry and start building wealth it is the best thing you can do for yourself. It was for me.


Great learning tool for new investors

When I first started I had little to no success in the market. Basically, I knew nothing. But after reading about how STASH helps us retailers and using their education blogs I was able to start actually earning and grow my savings. So I am putting a regularly scheduled amounts into both a retirement plan and personal account along with any disposable income I have. Their is a “smart account that STASH manages it. Mine earns well enough but I’m optimistically cautious about that account. I rarely withdrawal any cash as it’s a savings account. I have learned so much from them that now I can look to more aggressive investments within the app for faster growth, high risk investments. I have even learned about crypto currency and trading in that world too. I haven’t seen STASH get involved with cryptocurrency but as a result of my education from the STASH I have been using their strategies in the crypto market with some success. I have enjoyed the last 2 years with this app and it’s my go to for most of my questions. I feel I still have much to learn and this app helps. I have recommended this app to many people and they have enjoyed it as well. Anyway that’s my two cents. Good job stash team!


Love it, Hate it

Love the stock back part of this app. Love getting paid early and not having to wait till “payday “ to get paid. The ability to purchase stocks is another plus. Hate their new thing, where when I go to buy gasoline, even though I make a pin purchase from INSIDE the store and not at the pump, they authorize, in addition to my purchase price, an amount equal to my actual purchase. Say I bought, $20 in gas, a couple sodas, and a candy bar. Total price $30, I pay inside for all of the purchase, then go pump my gas at the pump. Stash, charges my $30 for the purchase and another $30, which sits as pending for 8-10 days. Only work around I can find is to add money to a fuel card and use it for gas, or don’t need the extra $30 till they drop the pending. I should say, IF they drop the pending, for some reason, never explained, the last time they put something pending, they claim it’s the gas station doing it, yet it is only when I used Stash to pay, they took the pending off my transactions, but the money never made it back to my account and seems to have vanished into then air. If not for the hassles of changing to a different bank, changing direct deposits, etc, I would gladly not use Stash. Losing the stocks, etc would also be a disappointment and they have taken enough money already. Use the work around, make sure gasoline doesn’t show up in your purchase and you will be alright.


Just OK

Been using Stash for a few months now. It’s “ok,” but it’s night and day, compared to other investment apps. First, trades don’t happen in real-time and often get kicked back. I’ve had several trades reversed, even though my account has sufficient funding. Also, adding funds to Stash takes forever. The number of business days it takes Stash to make deposited funds available is overly lengthy and unforgivable. Whatever Stash’s reasons may be for creating such lengthy delays are irrelevant—it is, after all, the 21st century, and today’s technology makes it possible for fund transfers and deposits to post immediately (especially once a financial account has been added and verified). The thing is, based on my experience with a few other investment apps and accounts I have, these issues are likely easy fixes for Stash. The question is, why does Stash make it so difficult to accomplish these run of the mill actions? And if Stash is going to respond to this review, please don’t reply with any lame excuses, because the things I’m complaining about are smooth and seamless with every other investment app/account I use. And I have yet to try to sell any stocks in Stash, and am a bit concerned how long that might take. Bottom line, I think Stash “can be” a great investment tool, but not until and unless it provides for quicker, problem-free trades and account funding services. At present, it’s simply just ok.


I had money missing from my account.

I had been noticing that there were two instances in which I’ve seen money disappear in either my funds waiting to clear or my cleared funds in my investment account. The returns that they list at the top are deceiving and inaccurate. It’s also impossible to get a trade done before you loose money. I pulled out ALLL of my money as I tried over and over to get the issue resolved. Although the people answer for Cust service were very polite, I couldn’t get my problem solved. They all told me that they would need to have a manager call me back. All three times this happened and all three times no call back. Compare them with TD Ameritrade or Even SoFi. They sell fake crypto, but they’re very good bankers. STASH is just another spawn of Gree Dot Bank, the worlds worst predatory credit card company. Now they just steal outright because people just don’t trust backs anymore. I gave them one star because of their ‘Top Off’ feature and Stock Back. That’s it. I wouldn’t trust them with a larger investment balance. Some days about a year ago it took over a 24 hours for a trades to go thru. Now it takes 3 hours. I lost really big one time and that was the straw that broke the back. Theres simply no excuse for money to dissapear. The last person I spoke with was going to ask someone to audit the acct. I’m assuming they found something. I’m sure I’ll get a notice for a class action suit soon. I’m positive I’m not the only one.


Poor customer service

I’ve been investing with them since they started up a few years ago. I’ve been so impressed with them that I tell all of my friends about them and I even have taken advantage of their online banking services now as my primary bank. However, over the past few months I’ve encountered a number of technical errors with the stash app and have had to contact customer service on many occasions and each time the representatives have either not addressed the issue at all or just given me an answer that was different from the previous customer service rep indicating that they really don’t know what’s going on. It’s been about 3 months now that I’ve had the same technical error with the stash app. It took them 2 months to elevate the issue to their IT department who contacted me and I did what they said to do. Their solution was just to have me go to their online website and try to purchase my stocks that way... avoiding the app all together... So I logged into the website and purchased my stocks that way and finally it worked however, somehow the act of logging into their website completely locked me out of my Stash App. I contacted customer support and it’s been days and no response. These guys used to be great but obviously they expanded way too fast for their own good. They’re customer service and IT department aren’t trained properly to handle much of anything and they certainly aren’t on the same page. Get a grip guys. This is ridiculous.



Easy place to slowly build up a financial safety net overtime while overall serving a user better than a traditional bank. Three years I’ve used it so far. A nice place to put things on autopilot in the background. Plenty of information available all over the app. Downsides: Overall boring looking interface. Weak, cheap plastic debit card whereas acorns sends a heavy duty gem and Robinhood a sleek card with choice design. Very flimsy and uninspiring when compared to even the most basic of cards. Non-interactive platform. Your portfolio doesn’t instantaneously change with new market data. It changes just a few times a day. No excitement will come from watching it. Not even the automated smart portfolio moves instantly, only working within their trading windows. Not a fast moving platform at all. Meant to be gentle. Update 2022: I started investing with them in 2017. Smooth sailing. Lovely growth. Gradual. Twice in less than a month I’ve not been able to access my account on my phone. For whatever reason stash will occasionally give error codes “stash is cancelled” among other peculiar things. My phone automatically updates these apps, so I always have the latest version. I have to uninstall and reinstall. If this can’t get resolved I will probably transfer all holdings to another account and delete stash.



I used to enjoy app. Not quite as informative as other apps and transactions are a bit slower, but I did prefer it as my primary app to use. There’s a few catches however. Even after your stocks have been sold and cleared both waiting periods to be transferred back out of app, they will limit how much you are allowed to take in a 3 day period. Mind you, this isn’t funds waiting to be cleared from your external source of funding your stash account but rather stock sold and sitting cleared. Takes about 5 days. They’ll only let you take portions at a time. And even less if you buy any stock while trying to transfer money out. They will also lock you out of account and deny you access to your stock or funds. So invest knowing they may cease your money. I say cease, because if it’s cleared all their waiting periods and they bar you access, you may as well consider it not your money. Been with them probably about two years. It’s by no means the best free app out there. Kind of nervous to continue to use my stash debit card as I have my income direct deposited into that card. Thinking I may need to seek a different bank to be sure they won’t prevent me access to that as well.


Love the app, but a few things I’d like to see

I understand this app being more of an investment app and the options are amazing for ETFs. On the other hand, investing in companies single hand can be tough. I like seeing the ‘average price’ in which you are invested to the stock with multiple transactions. But with these transactions I do not see where the exact price you bought it for is at. Maybe I’m not seeing it somewhere, but watching the market on different apps and finding a good spot to buy ( on say a ‘low’) is difficult to monitor when you can’t see or depict how much you actually bought the stock for when you make a purchase. Along with this, an added ‘day’ part to the progress charts of the stock would be nice aside from just the: week,month, 6month etc. that would help track buying and selling for more frequent traders as they continue to “Stash” their money into different companies. But like I said in the beginning, I understand this is more of an investing app and not one to be of frequent trading. I like this app and will continue to use it for right now, but as trading becomes more frequent - I may have to move on to something else like E-trade or RobinHood. Other than that , it’s wonderful tool for learning and getting to know the basics for a well priced monthly fee. A great way to start investing.


Used to be one of the best

I used to love Stash, but they have become unbearable lately. Customer service is a joke, the back and forth through email because the agent doesn't read them and simply copy/paste replies is infuriating. For a financial service, the number of banks they do not accept is ridiculous! Stash has it's own bank, online, time to recognize that online banks are a thing, and start working with them better. There are always errors, whether connecting banks or cards. How can I not connect any of my 3 major credit card...? And speaking of banks, their own is all but useless. Doesn't allow fees to be withdrawn from certain portfolios, can't be used for custodial or retirement, there isn't much it can do, at all, and reasons... always under new updates that are ironing out issues. And why take away gifting to a custodial account, that was the perfect gift idea. It's so simple, what possibly went wrong with that? Majority of issues can't be solved by email, solution, call and wait on hold forever and finally deal with an agent who barely knows more that the ones emailing you to call or help. Oh, and customer service over the phone, 8:30am - 6:30pm... see any issues there? That's the average work hours for most people!!!! When do you think we will be able to call??


Love Stash

I joined Stash in 2016. They have made so many improvements over the last few years. In my opinion, this is a great app & bank for younger people to learn and get started investing. Using the Stash tools will teach not only the younger generation but anyone the basics and more of the stock markets and investing. The round up program is a great tool. The one I use is the stock purchase plan when using their debit. I also love the fractional purchase option. Set up a regular deposit weekly or monthly and purchase your favorite company without thinking about it. Before you know it your at 10 shares then 25 & up. Check in on your portfolio anytime. I gave Stash 4 stars just for the reason of there is some companies you can’t buy at this time but that seems to be penny stocks. Also Stash doesn’t have some abilities for the market like options, buying margins but I don’t think you need that on this platform as it’s more for newer investors. Also their transfers of money to your regular bank shouldn’t take 3-5 days as well as the sale of stocks the proceeds shouldn’t take as long as they do. It should be instant. But that is me being picky. I highly recommend Stash!


Potential for greatness but seriously lacking

it makes investing fun. But unfortunately the creators need to step up trading windows, clearance of bank deposits, and the promotional friend referrals. I still haven’t received any of my friend referrals even though I was literally next to them when they did and they started investing via the app. I cannot stand how long it takes yo clear a trade, there’s only four half hour windows a day so if you’re looking for a price to trade and it’s outside of that, forget it. Plus, it takes a ridiculous amount of time for cash to clear from the app to your bank. My bank is great at clearing deposits except with stash. It’s too slow, there isn’t an excuse for this, it needs to be fixed. It’s why I decided to never ever use the stash card, not worth the headache. It’s really unfortunate because this app really has a lot of potential. It’s really a clever idea and really smooth to use. But stash has to keep users happy, if they’re smart they will fix it and make necessary improvements. People have other options now. I intended to have my stash be my primary investment tool but now I feel I can’t trust them with my money (never good) and they don’t honor their promotions so I started using Stash as my secondary tool and only using it once in a while.


Pretty good service for starting out

Overall for the most part I’m pretty satisfied with Stash my only complaint is the lack of accessibility to stocks. Stash has roughly half of the companies listed on the NASDAQ available to it’s subscribers for investing. I have emailed in a few times regarding this issue and asked when specific stocks would be available in the portfolio. The only answer I get back is that they add new stocks daily. However, unless they also take some away daily I have not seen a growth in the overall size of the available stock portfolio to support that statement. I have not seen any of the stocks that I have requested become available either and it’s been at least four months since I last asked. I was forced to open a Fidelity account as well or miss out on some really good stock buys. Overall I do really like the app and how user friendly and easy it is to use. It is truly my preference for investing. Maybe if they ever get all of the stocks on the market available for purchase I will close my Fidelity account and go back to just using Stash. Right now though I can’t afford to miss out on all the money that they leave on the table.


Great Application

Everything about this app is designed for the user. The stock market or a bank operation this app will help you. The only problem I find is the customer service. It is almost perfect, they have trouble figuring out a bank account that has recently been emptied. For some reason instead of cancelling the transaction it takes forever to get your Stash account back online which is annoying to say the lest. The require more of the same bank info that you started the account with which ends up taking almost a whole month to unlock my account. This type of confusion makes me want to go somewhere else and do the same thing without all the waisted time. They never explain to the user if you use an account that has recently been drained due to bills or these trying times that they will lock your account all together and make you jump through hoops to get it going again.. I wish they would just say no try another account instead putting a freeze on your account. Seems a little unnecessary. Other than that it’s a pretty good app. I would recommend this app to some people that don’t mind jumping through hoops sometimes. Plus they charge you $5 bucks every time you wanna put cash onto your account card. Kinda Tacky!


Power house

This is the best micro saving app out of all the apps I have tried. I have utilized the resources they provide and have truly gained alot of knowledge and income. I have amassed quite a Nest egg for myself that I am extremely proud of. I absolutely love the stock back feature. Everytime I receive stock back from any purchase, I feel I am that closer to my goal. You get mostly pennies back, but they add up very quickly if you use your card often. A little bit does build into something monumental. Keep at it. I like the fact that you can talk to a live person if you need to. You can control how much you spend or save. You can see use it to build up your discretionary income that would have been sitting in a bank account drawing next to no interest. My best advice is give the site an honest chance. By that I mean use auto save, invest everyday so that you get used to saving if you are not used to the habit. You can use the referral feature and any promotions for free stuff to get free money. Swipe your card for all purchases as well as pay bills. Invest any spare change into any stocks. Read the articles and watch your money grow!

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Is Stash: Invest & Build Wealth Safe?

Yes. Stash: Invest & Build Wealth is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 275,893 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Stash: Invest & Build Wealth Is 26.8/100.

Is Stash: Invest & Build Wealth Legit?

Yes. Stash: Invest & Build Wealth is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 275,893 Stash: Invest & Build Wealth User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Stash: Invest & Build Wealth Is 26.8/100.

Is Stash: Invest & Build Wealth not working?

Stash: Invest & Build Wealth works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Stash: Invest & Build Wealth customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Stash: Invest & Build Wealth.

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