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Über: SNN Builders property development portfolio is diverse in scope and style, attracting considerable
interest from not just end consumers.
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SNN - IT Security News Network mobile app is the latest IT and Cyber Security News network and is available in the app store. It is developed by an app developer company in Malaysia which manages the IT Security Services and News app for users who manage their own security services. This app will offer fast alerts in the IT security news.

SNN - IT Security News Network offers you the latest and fastest moving trends in the IT Security services.

As IT Security threats is one of the most contagious technology related problem in the industry. It does not matter the size of business you are dealing with. Once your system is attacked by intruder (IT hacker), it may wipe off all your customer database, office data and any other important information. In the worst case, your personal and banking data will be compromised leading to financial loss and theft.

SNN - Security News Network is the latest mobile app offering a network of IT security industry trends, news on software and hardware, enhanced antivirus features and anti-security updates. This simple to use app form a network of valuable information about the IT security business in general as well as user knowledge and experience sharing.

SNN - Security News Network key features provides :-

-List of IT Security News

-Detail content about the IT security news

-News and information about antivirus, firewalls and other IT security tools

-News on Mobile Security such as viruses, malware, adware, spyware and hackers.

-Andriod Device and cyber Security news

-Spamming from hackers in general

Download this SNN - Malaysia IT Security News Network app for free and It will be updated and managed regularly to keep up with the ever moving trends about IT security service.

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