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Introducing Dayful, your ultimate daily routine planner that helps you cultivate new habits and maintain them long-term. With a simple and intuitive design, Dayful makes it easy to achieve your personal goals every day. Why Dayful? Dayful stands out by allowing you to log your activities several times a day. This helps you keep a closer eye on your progress and stay motivated throughout your journey to better habits. Free Features: - Track Up to 4 Habits for Free: Start with up to four habits at no cost. - Track based on count and timer - Multiple Updates Daily: Record your achievements multiple times a day — not just once. - Customize Your Experience: Choose from a variety of fun colors to personalize your habit tracker. - Daily Notes: Keep a journal every day to note down your thoughts and progress. - Set Reminders: Set multiple reminders for each habit to keep you on track. - Protect Your Privacy: Secure your data with a passcode and biometric options like FaceID/TouchID. Enhanced Usability: - Home Screen Widget: Quickly view your habits right from your home screen without opening the app. - Smart Integration: Effortlessly sync your progress with iCloud for safekeeping and easy access across devices. Streak Tracking and Historical Insights: Dayful takes your habit tracking to the next level with comprehensive streak tracking and detailed historical insights. Here’s how Dayful helps you stay informed and motivated: - Track Your Streaks: Easily monitor both your current streaks and your longest streaks. This feature keeps you motivated by showing how far you’ve come and encouraging you to beat your own records. - Monthly Grid Overview: Get a bird’s-eye view of your habits with our monthly grid overview. This layout allows you to quickly see which days you succeeded and where you have room for improvement, making it easier to analyze patterns and adjust your efforts. - biDetailed History for Each Routine: Dive deeper into each of your habits with a detailed history. Track your progress over time and understand your journey with each routine, helping you to make informed decisions about how to proceed and improve. Become part of a supportive community that motivates you every step of the way. With Dayful, you're not just tracking habits; you're building a lifestyle. Download Dayful now and turn every day into a success story! Term of use https://indiegoodies.com/dayful/terms Privacy policy https://indiegoodies.com/dayful/privacy

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