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diese App is full featured *creature encyclopaedia* app that will help you become a true master of a specific series of games. It’s fast and easy to browse or search for all the information you could ask for, whether you’re just brushing up or you’re in the heat of battle and need to know the right move, right now. Catch ’em all You can track what creatures you’ve captured, including whether or not you’ve caught their rare shiny variants. Type Calculator It includes a type calculator, helping you get the edge in battle. Daily Quiz Every day diese App shows a new quiz, to see if you can guess creatures based on their silhouettes. I think fans of the anime will enjoy this a lot. diese App+ diese App is free to use but only shows information for the original 151 creatures unless you purchase diese App+ I hope you enjoy using diese App as much as I’ve enjoyed building it. Ben Disclaimer This app is not affiliated or endorsed by the creators, distributors, or the copyright or trademark holders of the series of games diese App relates to. The character names and information are trademarks of Nintendo. No copyright infringement is intended, this app is a fair-use reference for their works.

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