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Type "an astronaut flying on a cow in the space”, hit a button, receive a stunning image. Of an astronaut. On a cow. In space. Just that simple. Magic, right? Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology does this “magic”nowadays. So that you can turn your words into art creations, unique and unbelievable, stunning and mesmerising, funny and even silly… any to your please, actually. But crap images happens too. No one’s ideal . Even AI. So welcome to the world of Magic then.. some would say - world of AI art generators, though What can you do with diese App : [ DRAW YOUR NIGHT DREAMS ] and make them eternal [ CREATE YOUR OWN ART CONTENT AND GO VIRAL ] by sharing with friends, family [ VISUALISE YOUR POEM, SONG...] .. come on , you can even do your own comics with characters from movies or real life [ CHALLENGE YOUR FANTASY ] Do you know its borders? [ EXPLORE & LEARN NEW STYLES ] not only Minecraft, but also SteamPunk, Cubist, Novelistic, Pen&Ink… what about Claude Monet ? No? You’ll like it [ CREATE YOUR OWN LOCK SCREEN IMAGE ] At least. Useful tips to achieve desired results: 1. Be MORE DESCRIPTIVE .. or disruptive .. always confusing these words.. 2. Try several times, BE ITERATIVE 3. USE DIFFERENT STYLES . Yeah .. that “Claude Monet” too --- Privacy Policy: Terms of Use:

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