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Über: Afro Snail is a developer of mobile application that develops application for both android and ios
Hauptsitz: New York, New York, United States.

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Produkt einzelheiten und Beschreibung von Afro Mobile

Are you looking for all your favorite programs in the palm of your hands? Afro Mobile, the King of Ugandan content, has got them all.

From the latest breaking news to the videos on demand you didn’t know you needed, live streams, music, sports, lifestyle, and entertainment, we have got it all on your travel, that commute, or just for your convenience.

Here’s more on why you need Afro Mobile:

You can Play, Pause, Rewind - and even SHARE any of your favorite shows from up to 15 TV stations, 50 radio channels, and 10 digital news outlets!

All this content? Yes, you guessed that right. It is all curated from a trusted and resourceful network of journalists across the Ugandan and international media spectrum.

Download Afro Mobile now and enjoy a world of limitless wonder.

Afro Mobile: The Future is Now!

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