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Time your studying.

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Study Bunny: Focus Timer 1. Time your studying. Hit pause when you can't stay focused for motivational advice! 2. Earn coins. Buy items or music in the store! 3. Be productive. Use tools like the To Do list, Flashcards, and the customizable Study Tracker. For a detailed tutorial of the app please visit This webpage can be translated into any language. PLEASE read the FAQ within the app settings or on our website if you have any questions

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durch Xela Springer


eine süße Möglichkeit konzentriert zu bleiben.☺️ Jedoch fehlt mir die Funktion dass wenn man die App verlässt, ein Signalton kommt oder die Session unterbrochen wird.

durch Kartoffel357

Cute and Awesome

The app is pretty simple but it somehow improved my workflow significantly. The bunny looks too cute to cheat on it, it‘s simply impossible. What i don‘t like is the somehow sloppy design. The lines in the background get so thin that it looks like someone painted it in a bigger version and then shrinked it down. And I‘m often not that fond of the colour choices, maybe you should look into that. And I‘d suggest not to get too detailed, keep it simple. Quality over quantity :)

durch hudhud9797

Cutie app and game to motivate you studying

The app is sooo cute and love this little bunny like my pet.😍 The owner of the app is great and polite, I send them an Email with some suggestions and they reply back respectfully ❤️👍 Can’t wait for new updates 🌹

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