FitCam : Movement as Medicine

FitCam : Movement as Medicine Software


Über: AI Powered fitness trainer and workout tracker
Hauptsitz: Brooklyn, New York, United States.

Wie es funktioniert

1. FitCam was built by a multidisciplinary team of A.I. deep learning engineers and smartphone vision experts, and our technology is based on specialist research provided by Biomechanics and Sports Medicine researchers, specialized in Sports Medicine and Rehab, Master Sports training & Sport Biology.

2. FitCam is a revolutionary workout companion, our mobile A.I. technology is tracking, recording and providing deep analysis of your workout sessions with no equipment necessary other than your iPhone.

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Produkt einzelheiten und Beschreibung von FitCam : Movement as Medicine

Embark on your FitCam journey! Build healthy movement habits using our revolutionary technology to alleviate back & joint pain so you can enjoy a healthier life today.

Chronic Pain is a consequence of sedentary lifestyle and affects 1 in 2 adults in our modern societies: cars, smartphones, desks and seats are our own worst enemies.

Start your journey with VERY EASY movements, learn to breath and become aware of your posture, discover the power of your CORE, unlock your FLEXIBILITY, and begin building STRENGTH, MOBILITY and explore LOW IMPACT CARDIO in the more advanced levels of the Journey.

The FitCam Journey will adapt to your evolution and continue to motivate you as you unlock your body’s full potential!

FitCam was designed by doctors and kinesiologists for you to achieve immediate results and build long lasting healthier habits. It is built on the following 4 pillars:

1. A personalized at home exercise program with 50 weekly 5 min classes and 100 workout videos.

2. A personal coach to help you master key movements to keep you healthy & motivated

3. Our A.I powered, medically validated MOTION GUIDE Technology to ensure you are exercising with the right form

4. A streamlined activity dashboard with monthly targets and a unique indicator: your FitCam Score

The FitCam MOTION GUIDE is an innovative Pain Relief Connected Technology:

With the camera of your phone, the FitCam MOTION GUIDE analyzes and corrects your form, posture and movements in real time while fully respecting your privacy. It’s like having a physical therapist in your pocket available to you anytime!

What is included in the FitCam Journey:

- A diagnosis of your current musculoskeletal health and your goals

- A personalized Journey including 9 thematic levels with progressive classes adapted to your conditions and goals

- A “Real Human” personal coach that will help you stay motivated and give you recommendations for long term success

- 50 classes and 100 videos including practice videos and theory videos built by our medical team and kinesiologists.

- An innovative live interactive MOTION GUIDE that gives you personalized tips and cues to keep you motivated and make sure you exercise properly

- A “FitCam Score” reflecting your recommended daily exercise input

- A scientifically validated Biomechanics analysis of your form and posture with advice on how to improve

- A fun and challenging social experience that will keep you motivated: see your progress, follow leaderboards, earn badges, share with your friends

- Integration with Apple Health to record your activities and keep track of calories

FitCam was built by a multidisciplinary team of Sports Medicine researchers, Kinesiologists, Biomechanics and A.I. Deep Learning engineers. We work with psychologists and behavioral scientists to help our clients build long lasting exercise habits to improve their musculoskeletal health and get rid of chronic pain.

This is only the beginning of the Journey, we are continuously improving FitCam and we look forward to hearing from you with your questions, needs, or suggestions! Write us at [email protected]

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