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Über: Inspiring families to capture and share meaningful life experiences
Hauptsitz: New York, New York, United States.

1. Wie funktioniert es?
2. Was ist LifeArk?

Wie es funktioniert

1. LiNA is a the #1 digital diary designed to help mindful parents share family history and valuable life lessons with their children in a safe, private and meaningful way.

2. LiNA's guided questions help capture and share life lessons and everyday life experience in an elegant and private family setting.

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LifeArk helps parents save everything they want to share with their children in the future.

Life is complicated and the internet is a dangerous place for children to navigate alone. Help your kids approach the internet from a place of knowledge, instead of awe. Share life stories that influence your kids for years to come in a safe and private family setting, away from the algorithms and noise of big tech social media.

Plant the seeds of a rich and lasting future relationship by giving the gift that is your heart with LifeArk.

What is LifeArk?

LifeArk is a life-education app that puts parents at the center of their child's life-learning. Dedicated for the relationships in life that matter most, LifeArk is a timestamped vessel for the thoughts, influences and experiences you want to share with your children in the future, so that your children grow up informed, confident and ready to take on the world with a sense of family and self. 

How LifeArk works:

• Use our composer to capture everything you want to share with your kids in due time - from life stories to family history, favorite books, movies, playlists and more. 

• Upload photos, videos and create written posts that convey your love and life experience

• Access over 200 professionally curated questions to create a living map of your true personality outside of being a mom, dad, or grandparent 

• Set the age at which children access specific posts

Every parent wants their child to grow up healthy, informed and confidently ready to take on the world. 

• Build a lasting, rich 360 degree relationship with your child that never stops growing

• Assure your kids have an appreciation for your unique journey through life, and a foundation of knowledge and life lessons to which they can always return

• Help your child navigate the world - always be their compass

The benefits for kids

• Strong family bonds and knowledge of family history are the most important indicators for childhood success. 

• Your kids grow up confident, educated, with a sense of family and self, empowered to make informed life choices

• A source of knowledge which your children can access throughout life

Early Reviews!

"When a GREAT idea to benefit the future of humanity is actually realized."

"Thoughtful and intuitive design with engaging modules that keep you coming back to create diverse, interesting,and genuinely memorable content. Recommend to all parents and anyone looking to share their private lives without the boasting of conventional social media.”

“Beautiful design and solves a real problem: how do you pass down thoughts and feelings to your loved ones?”

"As we navigate these potent and transformative times, we must also update the programs and systems that no longer serve us. While many of us use Facebook to catalogue our important life moments, haven't you thought to yourself - there has to be a better option? Now there is."

"In our increasingly global world where grandchildren live thousands of miles away, the ability to create a cross-generational channel is extremely timely. This app offers such a solution in a very elegant and well thought-through manner.”

Privacy and Storage

• LifeArk is a self-curated parental encyclopedia where children access your thoughts, advice, recommendations, and relive the experiences that shaped your life.

• We do NOT run ads or share your data with any third-parties.

• Your content is precious and stored on encrypted AWS servers. Posts are shared only with whom you choose, when you choose.

Subscribe for unlimited storage, daily prompts and reminders, and to create individual timelines for every member of your family. 

Let us help you start the journey towards a meaningful and lasting relationship with your kids - reach us at [email protected] to schedule an on-boarding with a member of our founding team.

Terms of Use:

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