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Stay on top on all the defense tech and gadgets! News, videos, reviews, releases, future plans and more! Land, Naval, Air, Cyber, Policy, Simulations, anything you're looking for you'll find here! The top sources of the web all in one awesome app!

Features include -

- A news summary covering defense stories from all prominent sources ! Clean feed with no repetitions.

For each story - see all sources that covered it with a simple tap !

- Push notifications for prominent stories and/or your chosen topics making sure you're up to date, even when you're busy (optional)!

- Videos, product reviews, demonstrations, news releases and much more - brought to you from the leading Youtube channels!

- Your very own news feed - choose the topics you want to follow and/or the topics you want blocked! Don't bother yourself with news that don't interest you!

- Join the community! Post stories or polls, comment on stories, share articles and videos, and tag articles!

- Built in Read-it-later - mark stories for later reading inside the app!

- Block source - filter out of your feed any sources you don't like!

iPhone only features -

- Collapsed mode - an effective reading mode! Skim through the news and decide what you want to read, save or share!

Enjoying the app? Not satisfied? Whatever it is - we’re waiting to hear from you. Please write us what’s on your mind to [email protected]

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