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On The Regimen is an app designed by Online Fitness Coach Mike Vacanti which includes following:

1. Calorie and Macronutrient Calculators for fat loss, muscle gain, and body recomposition that have been tested on thousands of clients.

2. Food tracking, absolutely FREE of charge.

3. Different macros for training days versus rest days.

4. Secure storage for your progress pictures as you get leaner, stronger, and accomplish your fitness goals!

Oben Mike's Macros Bewertungen

  • durch Puuuups1992

    Simpel aber effektiv!!

    Eine super App mit den wichtigsten Funktionen!

  • durch Fredsonii

    Mike's the man! Love his app.

    I love this app. It helps me keep track of my macros and reach my goals more easily. I particularly like the design, the split into training/rest days and the comprehensive database. Mike's great on YouTube, too, very accessible and produces super informative and helpful content, so make sure to check him out. I appreciate the fact that he keeps it 100% real and tells it how it is.

  • durch brinniko

    Clean and easy

    Sweet little app, which has a clean and simple design. It's easy to use and super intuitive. By the way: Mike is the best! Check his YouTube!

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