How to Cancel PUBG

How to Cancel PUBG

Written by on 2022-09-15

We have made it super easy to cancel PUBG MOBILE subscription
at the root to avoid any and all mediums "Tencent Mobile International Limited" (the developer) uses to bill you.
Now let us get into the crux of this guide.

How Easy is it to Cancel PUBG?


Complete Guide to Cancel and Delete PUBG MOBILE

A few things to note and do before cancelling:

  1. Check the Terms, Service policy or Privacy policy of PUBG to know if they support self-serve subscription cancellation or account deletion:
  2. Subscribing to a plan and not cancelling it manually will result in the plan auto-renewing.
  3. Cancelling a subscription during a free trial may result in losing the trial account.
  4. You must always cancel a subscription at least 24 hours before the trial period ends.

How easy is it to cancel or delete PUBG?

It is Very Easy to Cancel a PUBG subscription. (**Crowdsourced from PUBG and Justuseapp users)
If you haven't rated PUBG cancellation policy yet, Rate it here →.


How to Cancel PUBG MOBILE Subscription on iPhone or iPad:

  1. Open Settings » ~Your name~ » and click "Subscriptions".
  2. Click the PUBG (subscription) you want to review.
  3. Click Cancel.

How to Cancel PUBG MOBILE Subscription on Android Device:

  1. Open your Google Play Store app.
  2. Click on Menu » "Subscriptions".
  3. Tap on PUBG MOBILE (subscription you wish to cancel)
  4. Click "Cancel Subscription".

How to Cancel PUBG MOBILE Subscription on a Mac computer:

  1. Goto your Mac AppStore, Click ~Your name~ (bottom sidebar).
  2. Click "View Information" and sign in if asked to.
  3. Scroll down on the next page shown to you until you see the "Subscriptions" tab then click on "Manage".
  4. Click "Edit" beside the PUBG MOBILE app and then click on "Cancel Subscription".

How to Cancel PUBG MOBILE Subscription on Paypal:

To cancel your PUBG subscription on PayPal, do the following:

  1. Login to .
  2. Click "Settings" » "Payments".
  3. Next, click on "Manage Automatic Payments" in the Automatic Payments dashboard.
  4. You'll see a list of merchants you've subscribed to. Click on "PUBG MOBILE" or "Tencent Mobile International Limited" to cancel.

What to do if you Subscribed directly on PUBG's Website:

  1. Reach out to Tencent Mobile International Limited - the company behind PUBG directly: Get all PUBG's contact details here

  2. If the company has an app they developed in the Appstore, you can try contacting Tencent Mobile International Limited (the app developer) for help through the details of the app.

How to delete PUBG account:

  1. Reach out directly to PUBG via Justuseapp. Get all Contact details →

  2. Send an email to [email protected] Click to email requesting that they delete your account.
  3. Check PUBG's Privacy/TOS/Support channels below for their Data-deletion/request policy and contact them:

    *Pro-tip: Once you visit any of the links above, Use your browser "Find on page" to find "@". It immediately shows the neccessary emails.

Delete PUBG MOBILE from iPhone:

To delete PUBG from your iPhone, Follow these steps:

  1. On your homescreen, Tap and hold PUBG MOBILE until it starts shaking.
  2. Once it starts to shake, you'll see an X Mark at the top of the app icon.
  3. Click on that X to delete the PUBG MOBILE app.

Delete PUBG MOBILE from Android:

  1. Open your GooglePlay app and goto the menu.
  2. Click "My Apps and Games" » then "Installed".
  3. Choose PUBG MOBILE, » then click "Uninstall".


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Reviews & Common Issues: 5 Comments


Good mobile game for the pro and casual player.

From the beginning of my this app mobile journey (season2) I’ve enjoyed the game and played it constantly. Despite bugs and players who use cheats to ruin games it’s a fun experience. The communication aspect and team battles are spectacular! There were some concerns I wanted to bring to the developers attention if they do see this review. Crates.. okay so I know this has been a topic expressed by YouTubers and casual players as well, the chances of getting a legendary and mythic apparel is so low is almost impossible! I know this is a main way for the company to make its money but I don’t believe it’d hurt to up the odds of at least getting a legendary. Another issue is the bronco type vehicle in Miramar keeps wanting to veer one way and keep going which is NOT a side affect of using boost but a bug which affects gameplay. Another bug is in vikendi in the garages sometimes the zima will be partially in the ground which i haven’t seen recently but I have seen it. The last thing I though I would mention is the motorcycle/tree glitch of so the glitch is when your going fast and your run into a tree or crate the motorcycle will literally be inside of the tree or crate and you’ll blow up. Anyway thanks TENCENT, LIGHTSPEED&QUANTUM for the amazing game!

By cam 8c

Great game but

It’s a great game you guys made Great but there are some flaws in it when you go get killed or you get Shot at it starts to lag a lot or freezes up In the game it’s to easy to hack there’s was this one guy who shot through a hill and he was popping up on the board and a whole bunch And I went to report him And the report signed would not pop up and also you can see people with a digital outline Around them and sometimes the mic will not work when you have it is a great game but it pisses me off when there’s so many flaws in the game and please update the iPhone Graphics because that’s how you can see the digital outline because the graphics are not good on iPhone 6 There’s only two choices and they don’t make much of a difference if you could please add HD and all the other choices and that would be perfect And when I go to load the game sometimes it just freezes up and won’t load And I know there is a bots in the games Because you shoot at some of them and they laydown are usually counter three or four of them every matchIf you could please fix it that would be great and the backpacks I have a level one backpack and it said halfway full and I picked up a level II and it said it was full and can we get a kill cam

By StevoWorksAtVEVO

Almost amazing

I’ve played this game for quite some time now and I have loved the gameplay aspect of things except these few things, 1: bots, it’s cool that they have bots in the game so you get better but, they are so easy to kill, I’ve had 15 kill games and 10 of my kills we’re bots. I wish that the bots would put up more of a fight then just firing one or two shots at me and I’m not a beginner player I’ve played this for 1+ months and have had 40+ wins and I still see bots in my games. 2: graphics, as much as I love this app mobile I have to admit the graphics are pretty bad. I’ve lost games before because I can’t see players because of the graphics this is something I want the developers to look in to the most. 3: money, we all know one of the only ways you can get skins is if we spend money on the in game currency I wish there would be more options for the currency you earn from playing games, like if you win you would get 10 (or a reasonable amount) if UC. 4: matchmaking, I have hit the find people with my language button to many times to know that 11/12 times I’m going to play with someone who doesn’t speak my language and I wish they could select the right people but that’s just my suggestion. Thank you for your time.

By AP1022007


I enjoy playing the game so much. I can’t really mention any issues I’ve had personally except maybe hackers. You can see them jump in the air from the ground, up past the wrecked plane on spawn island within seconds among other things. I applaud everything else regarding the game development and cool updates. One thing I think that may be beneficial, is a way to change your status when in the lobby. For example: if I’m in the game but I need to jump into a training session to adjust my specs, but I don’t want to go through all of my online friends and individually message them to tell them what I’m doing AND also don’t want them thinking I’m just rejecting their invites, I could change my status to something default like “BUSY” or “Do Not Disturb” or have a 15-20 character custom message like “BRB guys!” or “Give me 10 mins!” or “training room 10 mins.” I have tons of friends losing their minds that I’ve rejected their invites, when in reality I’m just busy and didn’t close out the app so it’s showing me as Idle. There may be reasons why this isn’t implemented already!! I may just be late to the party. But if it’s worth a try, I’d love to see how it changes my gaming experience personally. Again, thanks for such a great game! - AP

By JaguarsPaw

Best game conceptually and as implemented

The very essence of this game is absolute fairness of the challenge: the most important feature of the game which will make it immortal legend among all other games (on the same scale as Original Doom 1-2 or MK 1-2-3) is that ALL PLAYERS ARE 100% Equally Treated and no artificial advantage is given to anyone! That is - how it Must be, and how developers envisioned this masterpiece of game art. Now, there’s always a way for crooked minds such as are cheaters and those who use PC and emulators and play on ultra HD screens with keyboard and mouse to gain unfair advantage over mobile users (such as author of this letter). It is sad that it’s our reality. If only it would’ve been possible to address this one single annoying issue - then experience of players around the world would be flawless perfection! I just wanted to hear from the team of developers whether it is possible or completely impossible to even hope that such distinction of platforms used by players can be made. Don’t get me wrong: I am not against emulators per se, just it would be absolutely fair for everyone if based on information about which device is being used, players would be connecting to appropriate servers. Hope to hear from you, the awesome and wonderful team of this app

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